New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Two models with pink eyeshadow look into the camera. One is wearing a ginger wig, the other a blonde wig.

Frederick Anderson creates a mélange of blues, grunge and rock and roll

For his Fall/Winter 2024 collection, designer Frederick Anderson fuses country and grunge styles as an ode to American music.
Sara Sharma, Deputy Culture Editor February 16, 2024

A group of models in different red, white and black outfits pose in front of a white backdrop.

Bishme Cromartie blends streetwear and avant-garde design

From “Project Runway” to New York Fashion Week, Cromartie makes waves with his signature aesthetic: “street garde.”
Shiphrah Moses, Identity & Equity Editor February 15, 2024

A model walking down a runway with a red dress that has a blue protruding hand and cat.

Abstract constructions and sleek streetwear take on NYFW

The second day of shows at Global Fashion Collective presented worldwide innovation and high contrast in design.
Emily Genova and Dharma Niles February 13, 2024

A group of models walks down a runway in a line. At the front of the runway, a model opens a black and white checkered cape to reveal a blue ruched mini dress with red stars.

Cultural commentary meets couture at first day of Global Fashion Collective

A fusion of worldwide attire and casual streetwear reigns supreme at Global Fashion Collective’s NYFW shows.
Juliana Guarracino and Alexa Donovan February 12, 2024

Three pairs of models stand together in a horizontal line wearing cream, red and murky blue outfits respectively. The models are wearing clothes from CLARA SON.

WSN at New York Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2024
September 15, 2023

Global Fashion Collective showcases cultural couture from across the world at NYFW

Global Fashion Collective showcases cultural couture from across the world at NYFW

Global Fashion Collective’s New York Fashion Week shows spanned two days, bringing established voices in fashion from around the world to New York City.
Nikkala Kovacevic, Julia Diorio and Payton Selby September 13, 2023

Global Fashion Collective presented 17 international designers who showcased their visions of home, place, beauty and time through their New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024...

A group of attendees wearing various dresses pose for a photo in front of a sign that reads ” Rise at Forbes.”

‘I’ll remember it forever:’ Rise fashion empowers survivors and honors bodily autonomy

Rise’s third annual Survivor Fashion Show celebrated resilience. 
Juliana Guarracino, Deputy Culture Editor September 13, 2023

Rise, a nonprofit organization founded in 2014 to protect the rights of sexual assault and rape survivors, hosted its third annual survivor fashion show on Sept. 11 at Forbes on...

Flying Solo NYFW at Canoe Studios in New York City. September 9, 2023. Manhattan, New York, New York. (Danny Arensberg for WSN)

Flying Solo embraces the unconventional at NYFW

Fashion collective Flying Solo showcased daring designs from across the world at its Sept. 9 shows.
Bruna Horvath and Adrianna Nehme September 12, 2023

The Fashion collective Flying Solo hosted seven NYFW shows at Canoe Studios on Friday, Sept. 9, showcasing the designs of over 80 creatives from around the world. Known for their...

Illustration of a white pleated skirt and a pair of pastel pink ballet flats against an off-white background decorated with pink flowers.

Spruce up your spring with style: A spring fashion guide

Stay cool even on hot days with these style tips for the spring season.
Ishani Paul, Staff Writer April 17, 2023

With the sunshine returning to New York City, the big black puffers and heavy fur coats are getting pushed to the back of our closets once more. It’s finally time to fold away...

An illustration of a girl wearing pink clothes with frilly sleeves. Her fingers touch one another inside of a planetary shape. Behind her is a purple expanse with white planets and stars.

Beyond NYU: Designing sustainable style

Olivia Cheng created her clothing brand, Dauphinette, after a trip to France. Despite having little prior design experience, her clothes have now appeared at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and at New York Fashion Week.
Adrianna Nehme, Deputy News Editor February 23, 2023

Stern alum Olivia Cheng, now a designer, founded her own sustainable clothing brand, Dauphinette. Despite starting without design experience or connections, she now creates garments...

The end of the Badgley Mischka show, when all the models came out on the runway to pose around a group of chairs.

New York Fashion Week

February 22, 2023

A full body flash photograph of a model standing backstage, wearing a light blue, velvet, bow-shaped top and long, pleated, black velvet dress.

Mark Badgley and James Mischka bring elegance to the table

Badgley Mischka debuted their new eveningwear collection at New York Fashion Week in a sea of velvet, feathers and sequins.
Olivia Liu, Beauty and Style Editor February 22, 2023