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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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Flying Solo embraces the unconventional at NYFW

Fashion collective Flying Solo showcased daring designs from across the world at its Sept. 9 shows.
Danny Arensberg
Flying Solo NYFW at Canoe Studios in New York City. September 9, 2023. Manhattan, New York, New York. (Danny Arensberg for WSN)

The Fashion collective Flying Solo hosted seven NYFW shows at Canoe Studios on Friday, Sept. 9, showcasing the designs of over 80 creatives from around the world. Known for their ethos of collaboration over competition, the collective creates a space for designers to fearlessly present their collections to the world. With designs featuring everything from dog masks to morphsuits, the unconventional took the stage at Flying Solo, grounding the brand as a space for playful creativity.

The venue was expansive and bright, featuring an all-white interior and large windows with a sweeping view of the Hudson River. Though the venue was initially calm as attendees settled into their seats, the showings of designers’ newest works quickly brought an invigorating energy to the room.

Chilean-based designer Bekanvas’ dog-themed collection was the highlight of the first show. Though the brand’s decision to solely feature canine vignettes may have been unusual, it was well executed. Bekanvas’ newest collection stayed true to the brand’s signature usage of bright and eclectic patterns, with models wearing dog-shaped masks, purses and prints.

The following collection, presented by Canadian-based designer Famluxy, was underwhelming, and felt out of place in the show’s otherwise dynamic lineup. The pieces, consisting mainly of hoodies, white t-shirts and polo shirts, lacked any noteworthy features beyond a simple crown design on the center of the clothes — which the brand failed to integrate in a unique way.

Dale James the Brand turned many heads during the fifth show of the day, when models stepped out on the runway dressed in black morphsuits. The morphsuits allowed for a varying presentation of James’ pieces — a black button-up was almost imperceptible as it blended into the already dark silhouette, while other pieces contrasted in a more striking manner. The more heavily patterned shirts, however, were tacky, and failed to live up to the initial intrigue the morphsuits brought.

Designer Sneha Milan also showcased her brand, Sneha Milan Couture, during the fifth show. Milan’s designs featured an abundance of geometric shapes, contrasting colors and floral patterns, which she said were inspired by her love for nature.

Milan said that the show, which was Sneha Milan Couture’s runway debut, marked a key moment for her brand. She is looking forward to sharing her designs once again at this year’s Paris Fashion Week.

In an interview with WSN, Milan shared her experience studying business in Canada and how, along the way, her passion for fashion emerged.

“I had a few art and fashion courses, and obviously once I started them it just felt really good,” Milan said. “I didn’t pursue fashion then, but a few years later, it came back and it was a dream that just stuck with me.”

Flying Solo’s diverse presentation of designers gave audience members a taste of free-spirited collections from around the globe, while creating a space for unity amongst fashion lovers.

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Bruna Horvath, Deputy News Editor
Bruna Horvath is a first-year majoring in journalism and English. She was born in Brazil but has lived in Colorado for practically all of her life. When she’s not writing, she’s probably updating her Goodreads, making oddly specific Spotify playlists, visiting Barnes and Noble or ordering an iced mocha.
Adrianna Nehme, Deputy News Editor
Adrianna Nehme is a first-year in the Liberal Studies program. She is from Chicago, Illinois, and enjoys taking long walks along Lake Michigan for fun. When she is not reporting, you can find her exploring new places to eat around the city. You can find Adrianna on Instagram @adrianna.nehme.
Alex Tey, Editor-at-Large
Alex Tey was previously WSN’s editor-in-chief. She is now at large. Watch out!
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