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A photograph of a model looking into the camera, wearing blue eyeshadow, an amber tweed jacket with a ruffled white collar and chunky buttons, and a matching bow.

Victor de Souza brings the past to the present at NYFW

At his New York Fashion Week show, Victor de Souza proved that fashion is not a set of decisions, but a “quest for what everyone’s not doing.”

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A model walking down a runway lit with orange light, wearing a sparkly orange top, a long sheer orange skirt with a slit, cream-colored boots and slicked-back hair.

Madonna says, ‘Express yourself.’ Son Jung Wan agrees

Son Jung Wan’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection mixed ’90s edginess with modest minimalism, venturing into futuristic space-glamor.

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A model stands at the forefront of the image, wearing a black patterned blazer and black skirt. Two models wearing black dresses and orange blazers stand to the left. A third model is a child and stands in between the other two. To the right is another model in a black-and-white outfit.

NYMD: New and old brands alike reimagine the future of menswear

During New York Men’s Day, labels explored new definitions of menswear and gender-neutral clothing, breaking conventions with bold colors and audacious designs.

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Two models stand in front of a blue and orange backdrop. A model with white facial hair wears a beige jacket and is holding a black handbag on the left; a model wearing a patterned blue shirt and black pants with orange patterns stands on the right.

Spring’s on the way at New York Men’s Day

The New York Men’s Day showcase for Fall/Winter 2023 displayed a strong mix of outerwear and prints, emphasizing that seasons don’t need to dictate fashion.

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A makeup artist doing makeup for a female model.

Richie Rich makes a fun, nostalgic comeback to the NYFW runway

In his new collection “Richerette,” the Club Kid icon expresses his undying love for fashion.

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A model walks down the runway with a brown woven fleece hat, a patterned top and skirt set, a beige jacket stitched with a Bathing Ape N.F.T. and white borders, high black socks, green leg warmers and black boots.

Meta-Vivienne meets the Metaverse

Vivienne Tam transcends reality with her latest, NFT-adorned collection at New York Fashion Week.

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A woman walks forward, wearing a crimson red dress with a silver triangle on the torso. To the left, photographers and audience members look on.

Flying Solo: A cultural fashion collective unites

Collaborative collections at the shop’s New York Fashion Week runway show offered glimpses into global fashion.

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A model walks down the runway sporting a black conical hat, a red velvet skirt, and a black blouse with structured, feathered sleeves.

CHOCHENG makes waves at Fashion Week

“Glamour and humor can get you through everything,” designer Cho Cho Cheng said of her Fall/Winter 2023 collection shown at Spring Studios.

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Model dressed in a purple tulle hat, brown coat with purple ruffles, and patchwork jeans designed by Paradoxvestedrelics, Yxen, and Kids Destroy.

IMPACT and VERS exhibit local talent

The collaborative New York Fashion Week event integrated fashion with music to create an immersive, innovative show.

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A flash photograph of a model with slicked back black hair getting fitted in a sparkly red blazer.

Mark Badgley and James Mischka bring elegance to the table

Badgley Mischka debuted their new eveningwear collection at New York Fashion Week in a sea of velvet, feathers and sequins.

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A model wearing a blue sequined dress holds a martini glass.

Markarian manifests Old Hollywood glamour at Fashion Week

The brand’s fourth in-person show celebrated cinematic whimsy in the West Village.

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Patricia Zajacova, Anika Elle Hartje and Nadal de Vries wearing gray, silver and white dresses.

Andrew Kwon enters his evening wear era

Kwon has extended his work beyond the aisle with “Reverie,” his first evening wear collection.

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A model walks down the runway in a long green dress with a low neckline.

Frederick Anderson’s new collection brings fashion into an elevated era

Frederick Anderson’s newest Spring/Summer 2023 collection reflects on finding beauty in reconnecting with the world.

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Emerging menswear finds footing at New York Men’s Day

Genderfluid treatment of clothing on menswear runways leaves little to be desired.

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A room with three mannequins in the spotlight.

Revolve caters to a constantly online generation

Revolve Gallery curated a New York Fashion Week experience tailored for the new generation of consumers and influencers.

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