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Noams and Trafton at Pride Fest in 2019. They performed a remix of Trafton’s song Hyperreal. (Photo Courtesy of Alena Spalenska)

EDM, Beyond the Festival

Electronic Dance Music has exploded around the world into a genre that is prolific, diverse and welcoming. But confined by the physical restraints of New York City, NYU EDM enthusiasts and artists have had to rethink some of its traditions.
Ali Zimmerman, Contributing Writer Oct 6, 2019

If you attend a DJ Kali rave, you can expect to arrive at an unassuming warehouse somewhere in Brooklyn. Enter, and you’ll find yourself thrown into a crowd of 300 college...

Tisch drama sophomore Journey Brown-Saintel stands in Washington Square Park with the asexual flag wrapped around her body. (Photo by Sara Miranda)

Ace-ing It in New York

These three NYU students identify across the spectrum of asexuality and share their stories, experiences and struggles with being their authentic selves in modern Western society.
Anna-Dmitry Muratova, UTA Senior Reporter Sep 29, 2019

Swipe right on Tinder, Badoo or Bumble. What’s next? Maybe meet them at a bar or ask them out through a text. You’ll make small talk once you arrive and awkwardly nibble...

A Class of Their Own: Defining the Stereotypes Surrounding NYU’s Programs

A Class of Their Own: Defining the Stereotypes Surrounding NYU’s Programs

Students discuss how school reputations burden them with expectations to meet and cliches to disprove.
Sammy Tavassoli, UTA Sep 22, 2019

A Tisch student enigmatically takes a drag on her cigarette as she belts her latest solo with the accompaniment of 50 of her acting cohorts on the corner of Broadway. A Stern...

A view of NYU Florence campus from Villa Natalia. (WSN File Photo)

The First Year Away

I spent my first year abroad in Paris through the Liberal Studies First-Year Away program. I called it an adventure. My brother called it a glorified holding tank.
Natalie Chinn, Under the Arch Editor May 6, 2019

SPS junior Charlene Ren is an international student from Shanghai. Since she didnt want to get a tattoo she would regret, Ren began by using tattoo stickers. (Photo by Emma Li)

Asian Students Get Inked and Break Barriers

Despite the strong stigma around tattoos back home, Asian students are embracing the art.
Emma Li , Contributing Writer Apr 22, 2019

Twenty-one-year-old singer and songwriter Leah Dou has an international fan base — and a face tattoo. While the design is simple — a single line running from her lower lip...

A trash bin overflows with food scraps, containers and papers in Kimmels seventh-floor student lounge. Some of these items could be recycled. (Staff Photo by Katie Peurrung)

Busting the Myth About NYU Recycling

Where does the garbage chute actually lead?
Anna-Dmitry Muratova, Deputy Under the Arch Editor Apr 22, 2019

Compost, landfill and recycling bins litter NYU’s Washington Square campus. Whether separated or joined, each is decorated with appropriate signage and coloring — green for...

Steinhardt sophomore Ainura Kudaibergen holds her vlog camera and a YouTube-branded notebook, which she fills with video ideas. She has been posting to YouTube since 2012. (Photo by Katie Peurrung)


Joel Lee, Under the Arch Deputy Editor Mar 4, 2019

(Illustration by Sophia Di Iorio)

171 Years of Black History at NYU

WSN’s Finley Muratova went through Bobst’s archives on the history of black clubs, students and faculty at NYU to highlight moments since the university started, admitted and employed them.
Finley Muratova, Under the Arch Deputy Editor Feb 28, 2019

From the graduation of the first black student from NYU in 1848 to the first black professor hired in 1934, the history of black students and faculty at NYU is rich and filled...

Brian Cheng is a Tisch sophomore, studying Film & TV. He was born with cerebral palsy and had been using a wheelchair to help him move around his entire life. For Cheng, navigating NYUs Washington Square campus can be challenging when it comes to older buildings with worse wheelchair accessibility. (Photo by Katie Peurrung)

Overcoming Inaccessibility

Due to the lack of appropriate infrastructure, navigating around the NYU campus while using a mobility aid can be a challenge for students.
Anna-Dmitry Muratova, Under The Arch Deputy Editor Jan 28, 2019

Brian Cheng’s decision to attend NYU was not based exclusively on his academic successes or the school’s reputation. When the time came to apply for college, Cheng’s main...

Gallatin junior Nina Lehrecke looks out at the Tappan Zee Bridge from her house in Rockland County, New York. Nina commutes to and from NYU at least once per week. (Photo by Sam Klein)

The Long Way Home

After moving out of Manhattan as a high school senior, Nina Lehrecke has embraced her three-hour trek to school.
Sam Klein, Deputy Multimedia Editor Nov 19, 2018

A recreation of the poster held by Steinhardt senior August at a recent trans rights protest. (Photo Illustration by Tony Wu and Rachel Buigas-Lopez)

Trans Students Can’t Be Defined, Despite the Memo

The recent government memo regarding how gender should be officially described proposes a strictly biological definition.
Anna-Dmitry Muratova, Staff Writer Nov 12, 2018

Sweating and panting from a rehearsal with his dance crew, Keith walked over to his bag to dig out his phone. He had a five-minute break to check if he had missed anything from...

The newest Seastraws addition, silicone straws. (Courtesy of Seastraws)

NYU Bought a Semester’s Worth of Sustainable Straws From This Student-Run Company

The university backs Seastraws, a student-run company seeking to reduce the amount of plastic in oceans, by providing their straws in select dining halls.
Yasmin Gulec, Under the Arch Editor Nov 5, 2018

Antonio DiMeglio was walking back to Founders after a cannoli-filled trip to Little Italy. As the setting shifted from classic Italian restaurants with checkered tablecloths to...