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Sammy Tavassoli

Sammy Tavassoli, Deputy Under the Arch Editor

Sammy is a Gallatin sophomore studying a combination of neuroscience and literature. In her free time, she enjoys Japanese horror films, 90 Day Fiancé, and coming up with biology-related pickup lines. Follow her on Instagram (@salmon_ravioli) if you want to nerd out or just chat~!

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Illustrated by Sammy Tavassoli.

Masters in Extracurriculars

Graduate students discuss being a part of all-university extracurricular activities and clubs in between their first and second graduations.
Sammy Tavassoli, Under the Arch Deputy Editor May 8, 2020

In graduate school, everything but academics seems to drift away. The student body in each department shrinks, social circles narrow, interests specialize and opportunities to...

(Staff Illustration by Sammy Tavassoli)

The Challenge of Navigating an Intersectional Identity as a Queer Student of Color

Students discuss the tools they use for self-acceptance when their queer identities clash with the cultural norms they associate with home.
Sammy Tavassoli, Under the Arch Deputy Editor Mar 30, 2020

After En Chyi Goh first came out as queer to her mother, they never spoke about it again.  For Goh, identifying as queer, a slur now broadly reclaimed by the LGBTQ+ community,...

Stern first-year Priyal struggled to communicate with her former roommate because the latter always went to the RA and RHD without first talking to Priyal about any issues. (Animation by Sammy Tavassoli)

Coming Home to Xenophobia: Racism in the Dorm Room

First-year international students share how cultural and communication differences made them seek out Bed-for-Bed roommate exchanges.
Sammy Tavassoli, UTA Deputy Editor Feb 20, 2020

When Korean-Canadian CAS first-year Sandee Park would rather take her midterm over and over again instead of relaxing in her dorm, it’s obvious something is horribly...

Home is Where the Stomach Is

Home is Where the Stomach Is

How culturally authentic food has become many students’ primary token of home and a way for them to reconnect with their native cultures.
Sammy Tavassoli, Staff Writer Nov 22, 2019

As Thanksgiving break nears, many NYU students will soon flock from their dorms to home, eagerly awaiting a weekend free of academic stress and filled with their parents’ cooking....

A Class of Their Own: Defining the Stereotypes Surrounding NYU’s Programs

A Class of Their Own: Defining the Stereotypes Surrounding NYU’s Programs

Students discuss how school reputations burden them with expectations to meet and cliches to disprove.
Sammy Tavassoli, UTA Sep 23, 2019

A Tisch student enigmatically takes a drag on her cigarette as she belts her latest solo with the accompaniment of 50 of her acting cohorts on the corner of Broadway. A Stern...