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A group of protesters in Foley Square at the Civic Center. On the right, a black banner with the names of trans people of color painted in white. In the center behind a row of people is a banner with blue, white and pink details. On the right, a lady stands with a trans flag tied around her shoulders like a cape.

Photo: Opinion: It’s time to give trans people respect, agency and autonomy

Mar 23, 2022

As transphobic bills have continued to pass through state legislatures, it’s more important than ever to advocate for and protect transgender youth. (Photo by Finley Muratova)

An illustration of a white postcard with a red stamp in the top right corner. On the postcard are the words “letter to the editor” in a cursive style. Behind the postcard is a closed gray envelope.

Letter to the Editor: An open letter to President Hamilton

In this open letter, a Russian-Ukrainian NYU senior writes to NYU president Andrew Hamilton to ask for his assistance with enriching the NYU Student Emergency Fund to support students affected by the war in Ukraine.
Finley Muratova Mar 5, 2022

Dear President Hamilton, Hi. My name is Finley Muratova. I’m a Russian-Ukrainian NYU senior, a student journalist and the child of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dmitry...

DOXA was founded by Higher School of Economics students in 2017 as a independent, student-led magazine covering current events, politics and HSE-related issues. Last week four DOXA editors were arrested when their Moscow office and apartments were raided by police. (Photo by Finley Muratova)

Letter of Solidarity: Washington Square News stands in solidarity with Russian journal DOXA

A week ago the Moscow office of Russian student magazine DOXA was raided by police, and several of the editors were arrested. Washington Square News would like to express its support for DOXA, from one student newspaper to another.
Finley Muratova , Editor-at-Large Apr 22, 2021

The Russian government’s rights violations, censorship and police violence stopped being news a long time ago. The international community has adjusted to hearing about yet another...

Non-Binary Alphabet

Non-Binary Alphabet

An alphabetical exploration of the non-binary experience.
Finley Muratova, UTA Senior Reporter Sep 18, 2019

(Illustration by Sophia Di Iorio)

171 Years of Black History at NYU

WSN’s Finley Muratova went through Bobst’s archives on the history of black clubs, students and faculty at NYU to highlight moments since the university started, admitted and employed them.
Finley Muratova, Under the Arch Deputy Editor Feb 28, 2019

From the graduation of the first black student from NYU in 1848 to the first black professor hired in 1934, the history of black students and faculty at NYU is rich and filled...