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Natalie Chinn

Natalie Chinn, Under the Arch Editor

Natalie Chinn is an editor for Under the Arch and is a CAS junior double-majoring in Journalism and Anthropology, with a minor in documentary film. Born and raised in the Seattle area (Washington — the state), Natalie loves her kombucha, orcas and evergreen trees. Do not be alarmed if you see her in the park wearing Birkenstocks and socks. It is a look. And if you see her dressed in normal people clothes, it’s probably because she’s going to her internship at NBC New York. Follow her on Instagram before she deletes it: @nataliechinn.

All content by Natalie Chinn
Natalie Chinn

Natalie Chinn

May 7, 2020

WSN was my home for my sophomore and junior years. As someone who came from the First Year Away program, I felt lost when I got to New York. But WSN welcomed me with open arms...

A view of NYU Florence campus from Villa Natalia. (WSN File Photo)

The First Year Away

I spent my first year abroad in Paris through the Liberal Studies First-Year Away program. I called it an adventure. My brother called it a glorified holding tank.
May 6, 2019

Tisch sophomore Megan Jeter sits with her emotional support animal Phoebe on the floor of her room in Alumni Residence Hall.(Photo by Katie Peurrung)

The Secret Life of Emotional Support Animals

Puppies and bunnies and kitties, oh my! Getting emotional support animals approved to live in NYU housing is a lengthy process, but for these students, having an ESA at school makes all the difference on their mental health.
Feb 21, 2019

There are days when Noah DeFranceschi’s anxiety runs so high that he struggles to leave his dorm room. But since getting an emotional support rabbit last July, he has a new reason...

(Photo by Katie Peurrung)

Anesu Nyatanga | Love Actionably

Dec 6, 2018

As members of SHADES trickle into the LGBTQ Center’s lounge for their biweekly meeting, Anesu Nyatanga invites them to grab an empanada and make themselves comfortable in...

Junior Travis Schmidt is the Chief Campus Manager at The Black Sheep NYU – which recently cut its writing staff. (Photo by Natalie Chinn)

The Black Sheep Is in Limbo After Pivot to Video and Memes

Even without a writing staff, this NYU satire publication still has a voice.
Nov 5, 2018

The Black Sheep NYU is in limbo. The digital satire publication’s writing staff was recently cut by The Black Sheep Online’s national headquarters in an effort to focus content...

Jennifer Lila Trowbridge, an NYU Anthropology professor and PhD candidate in Anthropology, has done extensive field work as a forensic anthropologist in Colombia and Guatemala. (Photo by Natalie Chinn)

Working With Bones, Bringing Peace to the Dead

When your profession revolves around skeletal remains, you develop a unique connection with the deceased.
Oct 29, 2018

South America has had more than its fair share of mass violence, and NYU professor and doctoral candidate Jennifer Lila Trowbridge works intimately with the remains of these disasters.  Although...

Spitzer stands in the doorway of his roommates room. (Photo by Katie Peurrung)

How a Stern Senior Escaped His Burning Building

Oct 9, 2018

When Stern senior Ari Spitzer moved into his apartment in June, he wanted to install an AC unit in his window facing First Avenue. “You shouldn’t put it there because of the...

First-Years and Seniors Compare College Experiences

First-year and senior NYU students answered a set of the same questions. Hear how the answers differ between the two years.
Oct 4, 2018
First-year and senior NYU students answered a set of the same questions. Hear how the answers differ between the two years.
The Astor Place Starbucks appeared twice in the Sex and the City movie.

Sex in and of the City

Spend a day in the world of Sex and the City by visiting these nearby spots featured in the show.
Sep 6, 2018
Spend a day in the world of Sex and the City by visiting these nearby spots featured in the show.
Tsuru Ton Tan, a Japanese noodle restaurant, is located on 16th Street.

Where to Dine on Your Parents’ Dime

Sep 4, 2018
Wondering where to take the parents for dinner during their visit? Here's a selection of our five favorites.
The 2018 NYU Welcome Week poster.

NYU Revamps 2018 Welcome Week

Aug 26, 2018
NYU Welcome Week is back and this year, it's twice as long. It's basically Welcome Month
NYU President Hamilton speaking at the welcome reception for the students from Puerto Rico on January 25th, 2018. A number of these students are now asking Hamilton to extend the program.

NYU Denies Visiting Puerto Rican Students Additional Semester

May 2, 2018
President Andrew Hamilton responded to HMAP Students Initiative's request to continue HMAP for an additional semester.
At the release party for Survivors Magazine, two attendees look over the new issue. The magazine uses photography as a way to increase awareness of sexual assault.

Survivors Magazine Honors Survivors of Sexual Violence

Apr 30, 2018
Survivors Magazine gives survivors of sexual violence a space to heal.
From left to right: Alex, Mariana, Sophia and Jamaris sing “Salimos de Aquí” by Fiel a la Vega while hanging out.

Photo: Returning Puerto Rican Students Face Uncertainty

Apr 29, 2018

From left to right: Alex, Mariana, Sophia and Jamaris sing “Salimos de Aquí” by Fiel a la Vega while hanging out.

NYU President Hamilton speaking at the welcome reception for the students from Puerto Rico on January 25th, 2018. A number of these students are now asking Hamilton to extend the program.

Visiting Students from Puerto Rico Ask Hamilton to Extend Program

Apr 27, 2018
HMAP Students Initiative published a letter early this morning calling for President Andrew Hamilton to extend the Hurricane Maria Assistance Program for an additional semester.
An underground tunnel in Fort Totten, located on a peninsula in the northeast corner of Queens.

Abandoned Places Revisited

Apr 24, 2018
Grab your adventure buddies, it’s time to go exploring!
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was revealed as NYU’s 2018 Commencement speaker.

Not All Students Are Fawning Over Trudeau

Apr 23, 2018
Justin Trudeau is coming to town and students are not happy about it.
An NYU Student tables for Refugee Week 2018.

Students Raise Awareness on Refugee Crisis

Apr 16, 2018
After a service trip working with refugees, four NYU students organized Refugee Week to spark discussions surrounding the global refugee crisis. Refugee Week is April 16-20.
Carol Shoshkes Reiss is a co-organizer of March for Science New York City 2018. She is a professor of Biology, Neural Science, and Global Public Health at NYU, and the co-director of the NYU Science Training Enhancement Program (STEP).

NYU Leads March for Science

Apr 2, 2018
This year, NYU is organizing the March for Science New York, which will take place on April 14.
Sleep on This Conspiracy

Sleep on This Conspiracy

Apr 1, 2018
The mattress firm is always empty. How do they make money?
Columbus Circle is a traffic circle located at the southwest corner of Central Park.

Explore With Me: Upper West Side

Mar 28, 2018
Come explore with us in the Upper West Side.
Founders Hall

Founders Hall

Feb 22, 2018

Address: 120 E. 12th St., New York, NY 10003 Cost per semester: $7,125 Low cost: Not available Rooms available: Doubles Nearby subways:  L, N, Q, R, W, 4,...

Although these macaroons were cute in presentation, they didnt live up to Fengs culinary expectations.

Now Presenting: Food

Jan 29, 2018
Good food comes with more than flavor and taste, now presentation is expected to be just as critical. When the flavors don't match the stunning visuals, is it still worth it?
Storefront of Obscura Antiques and Oddities, featuring a taxidermied rabbit. Located in the East Village, Obscura is one of several unique antique stores around NYU.

Calling All Antique Freaks

Jan 25, 2018
Antiquing is a great way to find new treasures for your room. Here's a roundup of the best antique shops in Manhattan.

Festive tapestries are one way to decorate your dorm to celebrate Christmas.

Easy Dorm Room Decorations for the Holiday Season

Dec 6, 2017
Need some festive cheer in your dorm room? Here are some fun decorations for the holidays (that abide by residence hall policy).
There’s only one word to describe going home for the holidays: stress.

Smile and Nod: Surviving the Holidays Like a Pro

Dec 5, 2017
Surviving the holidays at home — a how-to guide.
Bubble tea ice cream from Bar Pa Tea, located on 85 Kenmare St.

Bar Pa Tea Bubbling with Flavor

Nov 27, 2017
Bubble tea can be served as a hot or cold drink. But have you ever tried it as ice cream? Bar Pa Tea offers delicious bubble tea ice cream with amazing flavors.
School scenes in Gossip Girls were filmed in The Museum of the City of New York.

Gossip Girl Spots IRL

Nov 13, 2017
Gossip Girl fanatic? We are too. Check out some of the most iconic filming locations all over NYC.
With the confusing weather ahead, students find it difficult to know what to wear. Lately New York has seen some rainy and cold days and many are yet to come.

Jack Frost Playing Games in NYC

Nov 10, 2017
As the weather transitions from summer to fall, students are coping with varied temperatures.
NYU Tandon is home to a new Future Labs incubator, aiming to help tech startups transform into successful companies.

Tandon’s Future Labs Supports Tech Startups

Oct 30, 2017
NYU Tandon's Future Labs is a private-public startup incubator that nurtures tech startups for two years.
Since Amazon bought Whole Foods on Aug. 28, prices have significantly lowered. If you’re a student with an Amazon Prime membership you may be in luck for future changes to come.

Students Still Avoid Whole Foods

Oct 23, 2017
There has been changes in prices in the products sold at Wholefoods due to Amazon.
NYU MFA (multi-factor authentication) is a feature rolled out by NYU ITS that adds an extra layer of your security to your NYU NetID. By requiring you to approve a login attempt on your smartphone, it makes sure that in case your password is stolen, your NYU account is still safe (unless your phone is stolen as well.)

I Tried… Multi-Factor Authentication for a Week

Oct 19, 2017
NYU students will have to start using multi-factor authentication before logging into NYU related sites starting Nov. 6. Here's what it's like.
NYU’s  Martin Luther King Jr.’s scholars program offers students scholarships to students who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills and have a passion for social justice and equality. Patricia Carey, who founded the program, sat down with WSN staff to discuss the MLK scholarship and future plans.

MLK Scholars: Service and Leadership Collide

Oct 10, 2017
The Martin Luther King Jr. Scholars Program offers scholarships and programming to NYU students who demonstrate a commitment to service and leadership.
Located in Midtown, Koreatown is only one street on W 32nd St. between 5th and 6th Ave. called Korea Way. You can find anything ranging from half-and-half fried chicken to korean beauty products.

Explore With Me: Koreatown

Oct 2, 2017
Explore Koreatown with us!
Although the Emmy Awards have a nomination for Contemporary Design, the awards ceremony still lack a department that acknowledges the designers and their creative fashion pieces.

Costume Design Awards Absent From Emmys

Sep 25, 2017
Because of the character-defining influence that costume designers have on television series, they should receive recognition at the Primetime Emmy Awards, rather than the Creative Arts Emmys.
Black Seed collaborated with Tong Noodle House to create a new limited edition item, a Szechuan peppercorn bagel with Tong’s chicken salad.

Limited Edition Bagel: Little Tong

Sep 18, 2017
With its reputation of being one of the best bagel shops in the Lower East Side, Blackseed is offering new limited edition bagels for a month.
Nicole Bell S/S 2018

Nicole Bell S/S 2018

Sep 14, 2017

Chic, confident and sexy – designer Nicole Bell knows what bold, 21st century women want their clothes to say. Her Spring/Summer 2018 collection, inspired by a recent visit...

CMEP recently brought in a new therapist for the NYU public. Dr. Jonathan McClain wants to provide a place for students to feel comfortable discussing their identity.

CMEP Welcomes NYU Students Home

Sep 11, 2017
The NYU Center for Multicultural Education and Programs provides a welcoming space for students of color on campus. Unique programming and open dialogues, like this semester's new series "CMEP in the City," help students feel at home on campus and in New York City.
Videmus Omnia S/S 2018

Videmus Omnia S/S 2018

Sep 9, 2017

Yun Qu unveiled her dark side with her debut collection. Qu, the creator of the new label, Videmus Omnia, found inspiration in gothic romanticism, which she used to develop...