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(Staff Photo by Ryan Walker)

Black in Fashion Council showroom spotlights new Black talent and sustainability

In partnership with NYFW: The Shows, the Black in Fashion Council showroom has returned to feature Black designers and their creations after previous successful seasons.
Bianca Brutus, Contributing Writer February 15, 2022

Following successful past seasons, the Black in Fashion Council returned to New York Fashion Week on Feb. 12 with a new slate of up-and-coming Black designers. Since its debut...

(Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

#TeamKhangle’s Fall/Winter 2022: Chaos, but you wouldn’t know it

Khangle closed out VIP Pageantry with a second look at the haute couture Dreamer collection and the launch of the ready-to-wear Louiso collection.
Alexandra Chan, Editor-at-Large February 14, 2022

Blue and pink lights set the stage on the fifth floor ballroom of the Times Square Marriott Marquis Hotel. A vaguely reflective white material covered the T-shaped runway as...

(Photo by Camille Harvell)

Better than the average NYFW show, Rubin & Chapelle lowkey popped off

Modern but not boring? A shockingly pleasant surprise!
Joey Hung, Editor-at-Large February 14, 2022

Rubin & Chapelle’s new store — also the location for its New York Fashion Week showroom — opened a month ago at 964 Madison Ave. in the Upper East Side. Founded in 1997...

(Photo by Jack Hyler)

New York Men’s Day presents emerging menswear and genderless designs

Five designers showcase new collections at the morning presentation of New York Men’s Day, updating and expanding on menswear in new and exciting ways.
Tess Tamar, Contributing Writer February 14, 2022

The dissonant sound of techno-pop and house playing simultaneously filled the entrance hall of Canoe Studios on the morning of Feb. 11. Five designers were showcasing their menswear...

(Photos by Catherine McMahon)

Flying Solo: NYFW Spring/Summer 2022

Catherine McMahon, Contributing Photographer September 16, 2021

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(Photo by Ishaan Parmar)

Chuks Collins goes through a style metamorphosis

Designer Chuks Collins presented a Spring/Summer 2022 collection influenced by butterfly cocoons and African prints.
Tess Tamar, Contributing Writer September 15, 2021

  Upbeat music and velvet walls set a celebratory mood for British-Nigerian designer Chuks Collins’ Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Before the presentation, waiters...

(Staff Photo by Ryan Walker)

Deity New York’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection screams femme fatale

Cheryn Ryoo, Contributing Writer September 15, 2021

  As the lights began to dim, an orange glow illuminated Deity New York’s runway and a haunting siren song filled the room.  Bishop’s maiden show began with...

(Staff Photos by Ryan Walker)

Global Fashion Collective II S/S 2022

Ryan Walker, Social Media Editor September 15, 2021

[unusual]   SAINTJESUS Carlton Jones SARAL ZENS Blue Tamburin Read more of WSN’s New York Fashion Week coverage here....

(Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Imperial Legacy brings I ❤️ NY gift shop to NYFW

Imperial Legacy showcased two new collections at NYFW, but neither impressed.
Joey Hung, Beauty & Style Editor September 15, 2021

  It was giving Dixie Cups. Desigual. Fifth grade “About Me” collage. Imperial Legacy, founded by brother and sister Marcus and Faith Smith in 2008, presented two...

(Photos by Justin Park)

TASOU is the rising star of avant-garde athleisure

The Active Self Spring/Summer 2022 collection explores comfortable fashion, fashionable comfort.
Victoria Maung, Contributing Writer September 14, 2021

  Chuks Collins proves athleisure isn’t just a trend — it’s a staple. The Bronx-based Nigerian designer of The Athletic Side of Us demonstrated that athleisure...

(Photos by Celia Tewey)

Tiffany Brown Designs redefines purple at NYFW

Amid the chaos of New York Fashion Week, designer Tiffany Brown brings guests a lavender gust of calm.
Con Xie, Contributing Writer September 14, 2021

  Tiffany Brown of Tiffany Brown Designs is known for her fitted and breathable ensembles. She uses a different color for her collection each season based on the color's...

(Photos by Ishaan Parmar)

Naked purple metallic cultural significance, anyone?

Nic Leblanc, Contributing Writer September 14, 2021

  Global Collective, a label comprising emerging designers from around the world, hosted their Spring/Summer 2022 fashion show at New York Fashion Week on Sept. 11....