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Fashion Week

Gowns are shown on podiums in a large maroon room.

Jane Morgan’s ‘In My Style’ tells a brilliant life story in sequins

Given the rarity of living as precisely as one dresses, Hollywood star Jane Morgan’s collection of performance dresses dazzles through time.
Con Xie, Contributing Writer Sep 13, 2022

From an outsider’s perspective, New York Fashion Week appears to be the heady, clout-encrusted rush of influencers filing into coveted seats, collecting brand-named goodie...

Models wearing clothes in shades of yellow, green, and red walk down anOnlyChild’s New York Fashion Week runway.

Maxwell Osborne is anOnlyChild

On Maxwell Osborne’s first public runway of anOnlyChild SS23, an understanding of what it means to be an only child.
Kaja Andrić, Contributing Writer Sep 13, 2022

Named by The New York Times as one of the “It” Boys of New York Fashion Week in 2014, designer Maxwell Osborne debuted the very first public runway of his fashion brand,...

A room with three mannequins in the spotlight.

Revolve caters to a constantly online generation

Revolve Gallery curated a New York Fashion Week experience tailored for the new generation of consumers and influencers.
Lieko Dadaille, Contributing Writer Sep 13, 2022

It was the third and final day of Revolve Gallery at New York Fashion Week. With more than 20 rooms featuring several designers, the Los Angeles based retail company’s initial...

Emerging menswear finds footing at New York Men’s Day

Emerging menswear finds footing at New York Men’s Day

Gender-expansive treatment of clothing on menswear runways leaves little to be desired.
Chad Evans, Contributing Writer Sep 13, 2022

Mounting momentum for both bolder and more varied looks in the menswear market, the opening showcase of New York Men’s Day goes beyond rigid conventions. Held over two sessions...

One model poses in a green collared shirt and white pants with fishnets underneath, while looking to the right while the other models relax in the background.

New York Men’s Day offers a glimpse into the promising future of modern vintage menswear

Paving the way for innovative, contemporary menswear, up-and-coming designers debut their collections.
Amber Loza, Contributing Writer Sep 12, 2022

On the afternoon of Sept. 9, six different designers partnered with New York Men's Day to bring their new talent to Daylight Studios. Sipping on complementary Dēlongi espresso...

From left to right: A male walks in a pink shirt and shorts; a female model walks in a light green gown; a female model walks in a polka dot dress

Cotton candy & candy canes in Son Jung Wan’s delectable designs

Son Jung Wan’s 11th NYFW collection flaunts eccentricity.
Lieko Dadaille, Contributing Writer Sep 12, 2022

The Son Jung Wan 2023 Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear collection was a flurry of neon pink, cyan and lavender gowns, mini-dresses and well-coordinated tops and shorts. While the...

Designer Patricia Bonaldi stands on the runway as the fashion show audience takes pictures of her.

PatBO blends signature Brazilian flare with mid-20th century glamour

While showcasing tropical, vintage and Haute couture, Patricia Bonaldi stays true to her vibrant originality.
Sofi Cisneros, Contributing Writer Sep 12, 2022

Brazilian designer Patricia Bonaldi took her audience back in time to the glitz and glamour of the ’60s in her brand PatBO’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection at the Surrogate’s...

Two models pass each other, one wearing a white dress and the other wearing a black two-piece striped suit; A model walking down the aisle wearing a gray ensemble.

Flying Solo show features 25 designers challenging social norms

Flying Solo’s collaborative Spring/Summer 2023 collection confronts conventional representations of culture and gender to create social impact.
Payton Selby, Contributing Writer Sep 12, 2022

The crowd that formed around Flying Solo's neon-lit New York Fashion Week runway wore clothes just as diverse as the debuted collections. The 25 designers highlighted on the...

Woman walks down the runway in a ruffled olive dress.

Deity New York showcases the Manhattan woman

Renee Bishop’s Deity New York SS23 collection captures the essence of New York City through fashion.
Roksaneh Salartash, Contributing Writer Sep 12, 2022

Hot pink lighting illuminated the lively Moonlight Studios runway as attendees waited in heavy anticipation for the Deity New York Spring/Summer 2023 collection. Suddenly,...

Models walking down runway.

Bosideng’s down jacket dystopia

With a futuristic flair, Bosideng’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection was all things puffer.
Audrey Abrahams, Contributing Writer Sep 12, 2022

Bosideng, the largest down fabric clothing brand in China, has been an innovator in outerwear technology since 1975. In recent years, it has been pushing into the world of luxury...

Models pose in outfits as a runway show ends. A woman in a pink-and-black tracksuit holds a dog in a pink dress. A woman in a blue dress holding a dog in a similarly blue outfit, a woman in a dark blue dress and a dog in a similarly colored outfit, and a woman in a yellow dress holding a dog dressed in gold and blue.

Funari debuts eco-friendly line for canines

Catwalk? No, dogwalk.
Katherine Heglie, Contributing Writer Sep 12, 2022

Funari combined lifestyle and fashion in its Spring/Summer 2023 collection for the New York Fashion Week show, featuring colorful, edgy and modern designs for both pets and their...

Models walking the Deviate runway.

Deviate amplifies resilient dreams and repressed doubts

The Tucker sisters behind Deviate reach the “Land of Dreamers” in their new Spring/Summer 2023 collection.
Gabrielle Kwon, Contributing Writer Sep 12, 2022

Detroit-based brand Deviate brought streetwear to a new level in its Spring/Summer 2023 collection by establishing itself as an amalgamation of art, fashion and community....