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Fashion Week

Maria Sharapova and Laura Brown sit under a parasol on a tennis court on a rooftop with a large audience in front of them. The downtown Manhattan skyline is behind them.

Glam Slam serves style at New York Fashion Week

With Glam Slam, performance wear doesn’t have to be conformance wear.
Olivia Liu, Beauty & Style Editor Sep 28, 2022

The intersection between fashion and tennis came to a crescendo at Glam Slam, the first joint endeavor of powerhouse agencies IMG Fashion, and Spring Studios.  IMG transformed...

Models stand on the side of the runway with Nikita Shah.

First-ever South Asian New York Fashion Week reclaims origins

Amid protests prior to the runway, South Asian New York Fashion Week pays homage to South Asian heritage through design.
Roshni Raj, Culture Editor Sep 22, 2022

Pleated cottons, flowy chiffons and lightweight silks — mainstays of South Asian fashion — were carefully draped on models as they got ready to close out the first-ever...

A model walks down the runway in an off-the-shoulder white mini dress with metallic gold floral embellishments. Two long cape-like trains are attached to its back.

Markarian’s latest collection gives a contemporary twist to classic styles

Taking inspiration from the Renaissance and the ’80s, Markarian’s SS23 collection is fit for modern, eclectic royalty.
Camila Ceballos, Multimedia Editor Sep 21, 2022

Looking back on the past can be disastrous in fashion. Historical trends ranging from the 1500s neck ruffs to the 2000s velour tracksuits must stay buried deep. Yet, Markarian...

A model walks down the runway in a blue dress with purple tulle sleeves.

Making a sustainable IMPACT beyond the runway

Celebrating green fashion, 15 eco-conscious designers disrupt NYFW’s detached environment with a strong IMPACT.
Roshni Raj, Culture Editor Sep 19, 2022

Walking into any big-box retail store, you probably have no idea about the who, what and where behind your favorite pieces — IMPACT NYFW strives to change that. IMPACT,...

Emma Gage standing on a themed pink picnic table.

Melke combines playful wearability with crafty sustainability

Got Melke?
Joey Hung, Editor-at-Large Sep 19, 2022

Melke, named after the way Midwesterners pronounce “milk,” was founded in 2020 by Minneapolis native Emma Gage. Gage is a two-time winner of the Kate Spade and Company...

A group of models walk down the runway, one in a green dress, one in a black-and-white dress, one in a black dress and one in a red dress.

Pamella Roland celebrates two decades of shimmering success

Empowering women with princess silhouettes and ostrich feathers, Pamella Roland comes home to timeless classics.
Linsey Liao, Contributing Writer Sep 14, 2022

In the heart of Hudson Square, Pamella Roland launched her Spring/Summer 2023 collection.  A full two decades have passed since the designer debuted her first collection...

Patricia Zajacova, Anika Elle Hartje and Nadal de Vries wearing gray, silver and white dresses.

Andrew Kwon enters his evening wear era

Kwon has extended his work beyond the aisle with “Reverie,” his first evening wear collection.
Maureen Zeufack, Contributing Writer Sep 14, 2022

Under the bright flash of rapidly firing cameras and atop a plush red carpet, Korean American designer Andrew Kwon debuted his third collection “Reverie” at the Baccarat...

A model walks down the runway in a long green dress with a low neckline.

Frederick Anderson’s new collection brings fashion into an elevated era

Frederick Anderson’s newest Spring/Summer 2023 collection reflects on finding beauty in reconnecting with the world.
Brooke D’Addio, Contributing Writer Sep 14, 2022

In a world full of confusion, angst and frustration due to the pandemic, designer Frederick Anderson’s new collection is a gem in a fashion world finally out of the house....

Gowns are shown on podiums in a large maroon room.

Jane Morgan’s ‘In My Style’ tells a brilliant life story in sequins

Given the rarity of living as precisely as one dresses, Hollywood star Jane Morgan’s collection of performance dresses dazzles through time.
Con Xie, Contributing Writer Sep 13, 2022

From an outsider’s perspective, New York Fashion Week appears to be the heady, clout-encrusted rush of influencers filing into coveted seats, collecting brand-named goodie...

Models wearing clothes in shades of yellow, green, and red walk down anOnlyChild’s New York Fashion Week runway.

Maxwell Osborne is anOnlyChild

On Maxwell Osborne’s first public runway of anOnlyChild SS23, an understanding of what it means to be an only child.
Kaja Andrić, Contributing Writer Sep 13, 2022

Named by The New York Times as one of the “It” Boys of New York Fashion Week in 2014, designer Maxwell Osborne debuted the very first public runway of his fashion brand,...

A room with three mannequins in the spotlight.

Revolve caters to a constantly online generation

Revolve Gallery curated a New York Fashion Week experience tailored for the new generation of consumers and influencers.
Lieko Dadaille, Contributing Writer Sep 13, 2022

It was the third and final day of Revolve Gallery at New York Fashion Week. With more than 20 rooms featuring several designers, the Los Angeles based retail company’s initial...