Frederick Anderson’s new collection brings fashion into an elevated era

Frederick Anderson’s newest Spring/Summer 2023 collection reflects on finding beauty in reconnecting with the world.

Brooke D’Addio, Contributing Writer

In a world full of confusion, angst and frustration due to the pandemic, designer Frederick Anderson’s new collection is a gem in a fashion world finally out of the house. Inspired by his journey of rediscovering the beauty in life, Anderson launched his Spring/Summer 2023 collection “The Garden Party” on Sept. 12 at Moonlight Studios as an invitation to explore the inner workings of his mind.

The event opened with a slideshow showing images of police brutality, pride marches and wildfires. 

“It’s time for us to take ownership of where we’re going,” Anderson said. “I started with those images because that’s what we’ve been bombarded with for such a moment right now, trying to find beauty is where we are now.”

The show was visually split into two parts — the first of which brought shape and texture to the forefront. The outfits during the opening half featured neutral tones to draw attention to the detailed textures present in fabrics, including tweed. Anderson also implemented skillful crochet work in both his form-fitting and loose designs, becoming something that seems to be a new staple in his work.

The other half of the show featured looks that paid homage to Anderson’s evolution as an artist, implementing his earlier designs with today’s trends. Low-waisted pieces married with his signature lace embellishments, along with garments featuring pops of color, loose structure and movement that graced the runway. Mariama Camara, the head of Mariama Fashion Production and longtime friend of Anderson’s, said the graceful combination of his past and present techniques reflects how he stays rooted in what inspires him most.

“This is definitely one of the most beautiful collections he has ever done.” Camara said. “His design has definitely evolved and gone to a new level, but there are a few pieces I always see and love. His choice of material this year is really luxurious, and the color.”

Anderson has made his mark among current designers, leading the fashion world with the trends of today infused with the elegance of his crochet adornments. From delicate lace form-fitting dresses to modern loose-fitted crocheted tops paired with low rise tweed pants, Anderson’s collection remained diverse while still clinging to the theme of growth, evolution and rebirth.

“The growth comes through the process, not the other way around,” Anderson said. “I don’t look at it like ‘Oh, I’m going to Sri Lanka’ and do a collection. I think of it more like where am I now? Where’s my thought pattern? Where am I going right now? Where do I feel emotionally? My clients love me because they know I’m taking them with me on my journey.”

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