New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A white-and-blue cup of hot chocolate with cocoa powder in it. It is on a wooden table and on the cup it reads, “happy holidays” and maman.

Staff Recs: Holiday drink orders

From cozy lattes to spiced wine, here are WSN’s recommendations of drinks near campus that will get you into the holiday spirit.

With how cold it is outside, a festive drink is the perfect pick-me-up to keep you toasty. While sitting in class or walking along West Fourth Street, students almost always have...

A barista wearing an apron, a black beanie and white plastic gloves operates a cashier’s kiosk inside of a coffee shop. A shelf of snacks is in the background.

Sammy L. Coffee brings warmth to Third North

Latte artist Sammy Lin blends aroma and art through espresso at his newly opened cafe.
Don Ahmad, Contributing Writer February 2, 2023

Having just stumbled out of a plane coming straight from the murky atmosphere of Saudi Arabia, the weather this semester hit me like a truck. Looking for comfort in the cold,...

A physical installment of a cup of light milk boba tea with orange bobas.

The art of milk tea literacy

A guide to bobanatomy, so your milk tea orders can be informed and elegant.
Linsey Liao, Staff Writer December 7, 2022

If you’ve ever walked into a boba or bubble tea cafe and felt completely bewildered by the overflowing menu plastered on the wall, you’re not alone. As students living in a...

The outdoor dining area on the street outside a cafe with its doors and windows decorated with flowers. A flag with text “MAMAN COFFEE. BAKERY. KITCHEN.” hangs above the entrance.

Lattes and no laptops: Unplugged cafes in NYC

The best coffee shops in the city where you can unplug and chill out with friends — plus a coffee and a treat.
Jasmine Venet, Staff Writer October 13, 2022

I can’t remember the last time I went to a coffee shop without my laptop in tow. At first, going out for coffee was a relaxing outing that allowed me to enjoy an overpriced iced...

Leaves change color in Central Park.

How to Spend Your First Fall in the City

Sweater Weather: How NYU Students Are Making It Better
Joyce Shin, Contributing Writer October 2, 2018
Grab your dark-washed denim and turtlenecks, the leaves are reddening and the air is freezing.
City of Saints in the Big City

City of Saints in the Big City

Michael Muth, Contributing Writer November 20, 2017
City of Saints is an adorable coffee shop close by Third North Residence Hall. Check it out!
For five days, Starbucks released a limited edition drink, the Unicorn Frappuccino, that delighted social media users. The drink was color-changing, flavor-changing, and caffeine-less.

Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino vs Dragon Frappucino

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer May 1, 2017
No magical creatures were harmed in the making of these drinks.
Deja Brew: The difference in coffee drinks

Deja Brew: The difference in coffee drinks

Faith Gates, Deputy Features Editor March 22, 2017
Coffee comes in many different forms, but they all taste different. Read about the differences in coffee drinks to help you order the perfect coffee drink.
The End’s colourful but expensive Unicorn Latte.

Unicorn Latte: Worthy of Money or Just Instagram?

Yasmin Gulec, Dining Editor January 23, 2017
Every month, a new food takes over our Facebook feeds, and this month it is the Unicorn latte. Excited by the magical name and a love for anything Instagram-worthy, I decided to find a place in New York where I could get a taste of this magical drink.
Staff Recs: Best Seasonal Beverage

Staff Recs: Best Seasonal Beverage

WSN Staff November 4, 2016
Feeling cold? Need some warming up? Unless you ask our News Editor, the WSN Staff has a boatload of perfect warm seasonal drinks to perk you right up.
Recent studies have discovered that coffee consumption actually has many benefits.

A Grande Disappointment: Starbucks Underfills Your Lattes

Yeho Hwang, Contributing Writer March 28, 2016
Starbucks is a favorite go-to coffee spot for many NYU students, but turns out the popular shop may be cheating its customers by under filling its lattes.
Presstea serves up coffee deal

Presstea serves up coffee deal

Vanessa Haughton, Contributing Writer February 3, 2015
Presstea offers customers a weekly pass for unlimited coffee.