Staff Recs: Best Seasonal Beverage

WSN Staff

We had our seasonal recipes two weeks ago, and this week, WSN Staff gets nostalgic all over again as we pick our favorite seasonal beverages. Kick back with a glass of any of these, and maybe pretend that we’ve got some cool fall weather coming our way.

Apple Cider

Apple cider is delicious. It’s good at any temperature — cold, hot, lukewarm because you accidentally left it out on your desk … I spent the other day looking for it at a harvest festival, but they only had pumpkin cider, which hardly compares. Instead, I got some at Chelsea Market. I also don’t know why apple cider is so much better than apple juice, but it is. New York has a decent selection of apples, but don’t you dare try to convince me that New York apples are better than Washington apples — they aren’t. — Anna Letson, Multimedia Editor

Hong Kong Milk Tea

Mainstream milk tea, often paired with overly-rubbery boba pearls, has nothing on a classic Hong Kong milk tea. A punchy blend of black tea is brewed and combined with condensed milk to create the best drink in the entire universe. As the daughter of a Cantonese man who literally sells tea for a living, Hong Kong milk tea was one of the defining tastes of my childhood. I remember when my dad and I would get lunch in Chinatown every Saturday — after being seated in the tiny Cantonese restaurant, he would walk next door to buy two cups of hot Hong Kong milk tea for us while we waited on our orders of roast pork, Chinese broccoli and crunchy noodles. Hong Kong milk tea warmed our bellies as we talked about classes, family and baseball as the fall wind whipped around outside. — Emily Fong, Opinion Editor

Peppermint Lattes

I’d like to first assert that anything with peppermint is a godsend, but especially peppermint lattes. During blustery, frostbitten winter days, the espresso and steamed milk heat you up while the mint perks the senses that the cold has dulled. It warms without making the drinker sleepy, and what’s more, it’s argued that peppermint aids in memory retention. What better aid for your woes could exist? It’s a cure-all for any problem besides a broken heart, and I’d argue that it could help with those, too. — Hailey Nuthals, Arts Editor

Cold Brew

Girl, I’m sipping tea — iced and hot — year round, so I feel like I’m cheating if I say any form of tea. However, a seasonal beverage I absolutely love is cold brew. I can’t handle caffeine very well, but I love the taste of cold, black coffee. Coffee shops worldwide seem to have taken the most unique and delicious drink, then made it even better. My tastebuds honestly just dance when they think about cold brew. The only downside of the drink is that I’m on edge for the rest of the day … and then the rest of the season … and year. — Diamond Naga Siu, News Editor