How to Spend Your First Fall in the City

Sweater Weather: How NYU Students Are Making It Better


Sarah Patt

Leaves change color in Central Park.

Joyce Shin, Contributing Writer

Grab your dark-washed denim and turtlenecks, the leaves are reddening and the air is freezing. For many NYU students, this autumn will be their first in New York City — and they have much to look forward to as it’s not just the weather that changes, it’s the city. On the other side of this excitement are the returners who have already been through the process of layering up and sipping on apple cider.

These more senior students have valuable advice to share on the best fall activities so that the city can be as magical as any inaugural New Yorker would hope.

“I try to go running three to five times a week,” said Tandon senior Sandesh Bhattarai, who is a New York native. To enjoy the fall foliage, Sandesh recommends Prospect Park and Central Park. “Try to stay in Brooklyn at Prospect Park since there are more trees in the area.”

Another tip for when the weather inevitably becomes less inviting and more biting: “The hot chocolate at Chocolateria in Brooklyn is the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had,” Sandesh explained.

Yet not all first-years are in need of advice. Some students, like LS first-year Saige Tapper-Young have recommendations of their own as they are wholly used to the climate and culture of fall in New York City.

“I’m used to the weather, the four seasons,” said Tapper-Young, who moved to NYU from Connecticut this semester. Tapper-Young is originally Jamaican, and said that the cold weather isn’t ideal for her body. As a result, she’s developed a strategy: pile up on sweaters.

“When I go to visit my mother, I need to go get more sweaters.”

As a dancer, Saige plans to start off fall this upcoming Sunday at a barre class, a mix of ballet and fitness, with a friend. Staying active and sanitary, she says, are vital in avoiding the sickness that often plagues the autumn season. “Wash your hands, drink out of your own things — just make sure to stay sanitary,” she said. That’s how you keep the cold away.

Though many students seem concerned by the overlap between fall season and flu season, there are first-years like Heather Pai, a Steinhardt student from Georgia, who are happily anticipating the drastic shift in climate because of the lack thereof in their home states. “I need to get bigger coats, jackets and boots.”

Tandon first-year Grace Kim, originally from Fort Lee, New Jersey, spends many of her autumn days in New York and recounted the many ways she enjoys fall in the city.

“I love to go apple picking in upstate New York,” she said. Apple picking is her favorite fall activity but she spends most of that time strolling through parks and visiting local cafes. Her fall cravings include pho, lattes and hot apple cider.

Alongside Grace’s renewed food cravings, she’s excited to switch up her style this season. She already has a go-to look planned for this season. “I have these combat boots with heels,” she said with a sparkle in her eye.Whether first-year or last-year, NYU students love to enjoy New York City fall. This season, make sure to try some of these students’ favorite activities, stay healthy, try fashion over function when dressing up for a day in the cold and throw back some mugs of steaming cider.


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