New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

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A still from the Black Mirror episode “Hang the DJ”, an episode featuring dating apps.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me An … Algorithm?

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer February 23, 2018
Should NYU jump on the inner-university matchmaking service train? Here's what it will take to make it happen.
Miss Lily’s, located at 109 Avenue A, offers unlimited cocktails and flavorful twists on brunch classics.

Boozy Brunch, College Wallet

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer December 4, 2017
Brunch is a New York favourite. Especially if it includes good food and delicious drinks. Here's a list of great places to enjoy your next bottomless brunch!
Coffee For Dogs

Coffee For Dogs

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer November 20, 2017
Coffee that dogs could drink is surfacing on the market. But what is it?
A studio photo of several dishes. A two credit course offered next semester in Steinhardt is Digital skills in Food Media.

Insta-Worthy Food Problems

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer November 20, 2017
Instagram and other social media platforms have completely changed how we see food.
San Marzano is an East Village favorite and offers a number of different pasta plates for nine dollars.

NYC Pasta Under $10

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer November 6, 2017
Do you love pasta but cannot find cheap Italian spots? Look no further! Here is a list of pasta spots that have pasta under 10 dollars
Grab some spooky candies from Dylan’s Candy Bar by Union Square to complete your Trick-or-Treat experience this Halloween.
One of the several Magnolia Bakeries is on the LIRR concourse in Penn Station. It’s first store opened at 401 Bleecker Street. The bakery chain is known for it’s cupcakes.

Ghoul Over Halloween Treats

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer October 30, 2017
Check out some great Halloween treats that you can get in New York!
Check out some suggestions for low-cost birthday activities. (Photo by Sam Cheng)

Choose Your Own (Birthday) Adventure

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer October 13, 2017
Birthdays can sneak up to you when you have things to do. Here's how to spend your special day based on your school.
GO CUBES,: a Coffee alternative in gummy form

Time Saving Coffee Cubes for Busy Students

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer September 21, 2017
With new drinks popping up everywhere, it is only natural that new forms of coffee are being created. The newest coffee type we have is coffee cubes.
For five days, Starbucks released a limited edition drink, the Unicorn Frappuccino, that delighted social media users. The drink was color-changing, flavor-changing, and caffeine-less.

Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino vs Dragon Frappucino

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer May 1, 2017
No magical creatures were harmed in the making of these drinks.
Brothers and co-founders David and Adam Nag created a coffee brand, CLR CFF, that offers clear coffee to protect teeth from staining.

Clear Coffee: Unnatural or Amazing?

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer April 25, 2017
The company CLR CFF has just arrived to shake up the way you see coffee. This coffee brand not only lacks vowels but also coffee’s traditional color.
The chopped cheese sandwich is supposed to be New York City’s version of a famous destination sandwich. The sandwich includes ground beef with onions, melted cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and condiments.

Sandwich Politics: Chopped Cheese

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer April 17, 2017
Like most major American cities, New York has its fair share of signature dishes and treats. But chopped cheese is the one spreading from its origins in Harlem and the Bronx to the rest of the city.
Katz Delicatessen is a famous deli on the Lower East Side that was brought over by Jewish immigrants. The menu includes classics like pastrami sandwiches and matzo ball soup, along with some unconventional options like tongue sandwiches and chopped liver.

When Katz Met Delicatessen

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer April 10, 2017
The order-up eatery in the Lower East Side represents a timeless deli culture that was brought over by Jewish immigrants and became popularized at the turn of the century.
The Third North Courtyard Cafe, like many other NYU dining halls, is a buffet style dining hall. As a result, students may take large amounts of food, which is a concern for obesity rates.

Is Bigger Food Better?

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer April 3, 2017
With smoothie bowls, unicorn foods, and purple bread dominating the trends of this past year, a new food trend has emerged: giant food.
Halal food carts are available at almost every corner of busy streets in Manhattan. Such authentic street foods, among troll foods and unhealthy bowls, are predicted to trend in 2017.

Where to Find 2017 Food Trends Near NYU

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer April 3, 2017
New Yorker recently released their food trend predictions for 2017. Keeping their predictions in mind, we decided to make some predictions of our own.
The three new Ben & Jerry’s cereal milk ice cream flavours: Frozen Flakes, Cocoa Loco and Fruit Loot. The ice cream company organized a party at Grand Central Terminal to celebrate the flavors  release.

New Ben and Jerry’s Flavors Fail to Impress

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer March 20, 2017
Ben & Jerry's recently released three new flavours inspired by some classic cereals. Read on to learn whether they lived up to the hype.
Most people only drink tequila on a night out, but evidence shows that it has major health benefits.  Tequila can extend life expectancy, induce weight loss and even cure the common cold.

Are Tequila Benefits Fact or Fiction?

Drew Lederman, Contributing Writer March 6, 2017
Recently, tequila has been lauded for the connection between natural sugars from the agave plant used in tequila and weight loss and decreasing blood pressure.
For many, eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant seems like an unrealistic goal considering the often astronomical prices.  Thankfully, Tim Ho Wan, the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world, is located nearby at 85 Fourth Ave.

Michelin-Starred Food For College-Sized Wallets: Tim Ho Wan

Drew Lederman, Contributing Writer March 1, 2017
Ever wanted to go to a Michelin Star restaurant but were short on money? Now is your chance to feast on delicious dumplings at Tim Ho Wan.
Oscars Are Still Problematic

Oscars Are Still Problematic

Drew Lederman, Contributing Writer February 27, 2017
While the Oscars may be more diverse this year, the award still has an immensely white-washed past to counter it's current progress.
To reduce bloating and to gain more energy, try eating Gluten-free food,  available at all the dining halls.

I Tried…Eating Gluten-Free at NYU Dining

Drew Lederman, Contributing Writer February 27, 2017
Our writer tried to go gluten-free on dining hall food this week.
Food delivery apps such as Seamless and Postmates have increased in popularity drastically over the last few years.  If people continue to value convenience of delivery over the social aspect of restaurants, the food industry may be in trouble.

Will Takeout Take Out Restaurants?

Drew Lederman, Contributing Writer February 22, 2017
Takeout and delivery services like Seamless are incredibly convenient, but what do they bode for the future of the restaurant industry?
No matter how awful a date was at the time, we can now look back at it and laugh — hopefully.

Dinner Date Horrors

Drew Lederman, Contributing Writer February 21, 2017
The worst dinner dates can become the best inside jokes and conversation pieces. Here's a list of dinner date horrors that will have you cracking a smile.
Are Boobs Finally Mainstream?

Are Boobs Finally Mainstream?

Drew Lederman, Contributing Writer February 21, 2017
Why can’t the world think of the female form as functioning outside the sexual sphere?
Cupcake Market, at 74 E 7th St., serves various cookies shaped like famous pop figures. Its definitely worth a visit if youve ever been curious about what Kim Kardashians crying face tastes like.

Eat Your Way Around Each Dorm: Cookies

Drew Lederman, Contributing Writer February 15, 2017
Cookies can cheer up any bad mood, and luckily there are many places to get delicious treats around campus. In the inaugural edition of Eat Your Way Around Each Dorm, delve into this delicious dessert.
For those who need a boost in energy but dont like the negative side effects of coffee, tea is an excellent option.  There are many places near campus that offer a vast selection of natural energy boosters.

6 Tea Places to Keep You Awake and Warm

Drew Lederman, Contributing Writer February 13, 2017
As a college student you need that extra burst of energy. For those who don’t like coffee, it can be hard to find energizing drinks that are also warm to fight off that winter chill. Here is a list of the best places around campus for tea awake and warm throughout the winter season.
Sugartooth Tours will satisfy the sweet tooths of many. Those who participate will take a tour around six dessert places in New York City.

Valentine’s Day Dessert Tour is Sweeter Than Sugar

Drew Lederman, Contributing Writer February 8, 2017
Valentine's Day is all about celebrating all types of love, and there is no better way to celebrate it than with candy. If you want to get creative this Valentines Day, spread the love by bringing a special someone, a friend, or just yourself, to Sugartooth Tours’ Valentine's Day dessert tour.
At 160 2nd Avenue, Nicoletta serves a fresh Midwestern perspective on classic Italian cuisine.

Nicoletta Puts Midwestern Twist On Italian Classics

Drew Lederman, Contributing Writer February 6, 2017
At first glance, the mix of the American midwest and classic Italian fare seems like the ultimate disaster, but Michael White's Nicoletta Pizzeria in the East Village manages to marry the flavours of these two distinctly different regions in menu items such as midwestern pizza and soft-serve gelato