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A barista wearing an apron, a black beanie and white plastic gloves operates a cashier’s kiosk inside of a coffee shop. A shelf of snacks is in the background.

Sammy L. Coffee brings warmth to Third North

Latte artist Sammy Lin blends aroma and art through espresso at his newly opened cafe.
Don Ahmad, Contributing Writer Feb 2, 2023

Having just stumbled out of a plane coming straight from the murky atmosphere of Saudi Arabia, the weather this semester hit me like a truck. Looking for comfort in the cold,...

Artist Antonio Garcia, who has black curly hair and is wearing a striped shirt, gray pants and orange shoes, sits on the ground in front of the Washington Square Arch, with a selection of his paintings displayed around him. To his left is a canvas with a dark purple background depicting two human-like figures, the one on the left being bright pink and the one on the right being light purple. To his right is a canvas painted light red with a smeared texture depicting a multicolored cow-like creature.

Q&A: Antonio Garcia discusses artistry at Washington Square Park

Artist Antonio Garcia threads human behavior into his patchwork and drawings.
Don Ahmad, Contributing Writer Oct 31, 2022

Growing up between the Midwest and California, I moved to the East Coast to experience what most kids dream of — New York City. Magical? Sure. Chaotic? Count on it. Much like...