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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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NYU seniors face their graduating year in the midst of a pandemic. Every senior has a different outlook on what they envision the fall 2020 semester to look like.  (Staff Illustration by Chelsea Li)

Senior Year: The Pandemic Edition

NYU seniors reflect on their last year of college during a pandemic.
Ria Mittal, Contributing Writer September 8, 2020

To some, senior year is the much-awaited transition from a lifetime of structured schooling to real life adulthood. To others it’s a dreaded time of uncertainty and pressure....

A sign outside of Matto Coffee. The small shop is featured on our list of 5 or Less Eats that aren’t pizza. (Staff Photo by Alex Tran)

5 Under 5: Eat for $5 or Less Around Campus

Turns out that you don’t have to starve to save money!
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer March 9, 2020

It’s hard to be a young college student in New York City for a lot of reasons. First on my list though, is the fact that food can be so damn expensive. None of us can afford...

The Fried Chicken Sandwich and Phat See Eiw are both served by Uncle Boons. This new Asian-fusion restaurant is located in Little Italy. (Photo by Ria Mittal)

Doesn’t Get Finer Than Thai Diner

Turns out french fries go with literally everything.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer March 2, 2020

I am the biggest fan of Thai food. Any Thai takeout place, restaurant and lunch special worth talking about has been tried and tested by yours truly. So when I heard that the team...

Ria Mittal steps out of her comfort-zone wearing her roommate’s “comfy” outfit on Day 1. (Photo by Ria Mittal)

I Swapped Wardrobes With My Roommate for a Week

Ria vs. Pants: the ultimate showdown.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer February 27, 2020

My roommate, Minori Parelkar, and I are polar opposites in many ways but especially in our personal styles. I dress super feminine and pretty “basic”, while she is bold and...

I did a food swap with Steinhardt Senior Malvika Lele. Unlike the hormonal teenagers diet I had, she ate like an actual adult human. (Photo by Ria Mittal)

Coke v Kombucha: I Swapped Diets With A Friend For A Day

I, with the diet of a hormonal teenager, did a food swap with a friend who eats like an actual adult human!
Ria Mittal, Contributing Writer February 12, 2020

You know how in “Home Alone,” when Macaulay Culkin’s character realizes his parents aren’t around and he can do whatever he wants so he just drowns himself in a sh-tload...

The interior of The Little Shop is characteristic of a typical New York bodega. However, an unsuspecting door leads to a secret speakeasy with drinks and a food menu. (Photo by Ria Mittal)

More Than Just a Little Shop

Hidden behind this Seaport bodega, a vintage speakeasy with vibrant drinks.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer February 10, 2020

Imagine craving Doritos on a night out and not having to leave the building to get them. I know that sounds like a dream, but thanks to The Little Shop in the Manhattan Seaport...

by Chloes Chicky Chicky tenders have everything but the taste of our lovely snack. (Staff photo by Alex Tran)

Chicky Chicky or Icky Chicky?

Hopeful vegan gets disappointed by fake chicken.
Ria Mittal, Contributing Writer February 3, 2020

Moving to New York as a vegetarian with an array of allergies, by CHLOE. was my saving grace. It’s basically a sanctuary for anyone who’s vegan or vegetarian. They offer a...

The new year means resolutions in both beauty and style. (Photo by Elaine Chen)

2020: The Year of Fashion Risks and Hydrated Skin

Students reflect on their New Year’s resolutions for fashion and skincare.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer January 30, 2020

“New year, new me.” We see the same phrase spam our social media feeds every new year. But as we enter 2020, the stakes are so much higher. Screw “new year, new me.” This...

Every year, Macys holds a Thanksgiving Day Parade, a free event popular among students staying in the city over break. (Via slgckgc/Flickr)

NYU Students Reflect on Spending Thanksgiving in New York

It’s the city that never sleeps, not even on Thanksgiving.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer November 27, 2019

Many Americans associate Thanksgiving with family, fun and food. Every year, near the end of November, people from all stages of life try to make it back home to celebrate with...

The Little Havana sandwich, sold in Upstein dining hall. Ria Mittal tried to eat only sandwiches from Upstein’s Daily Press for two days. (Photo by Talia Barton)

I Only Ate at Upstein’s Daily Press for Two Days

Imagine eating at Subway five meals in a row … but with fewer options.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer October 14, 2019

Sandwiches. So simple, yet so versatile. BLT, peanut butter and jelly or fried chicken — the combinations are endless, and most, if not all, are scrumptious. But last week, I...

Day 1 euphoria makeup look. (Photo by Srishti Luthra)

I Tried Euphoria Makeup for a Week

Glitter tears for days.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer September 23, 2019

My makeup skills are limited to eyeliner and maybe some lipstick, but some people really know how to knock this stuff out of the park. Euphoria, the latest HBO drama, has already...

Burger Studio before the tragedy of its closing. (Photo by Viola Mai)

Burger Studio: Gone, But Never Forgotten

Ria Mittal, Staff Writer September 16, 2019

I’m sitting in the UHall commons and everything is wrong. Walking down the stairs, I anticipated the sharp scent of ketchup, the crackle of cooking oil and that warm orange glow...

A group of NYU students pose during Welcome Week. (via NYU)

Shoot Your Platonic Shot

Students reflect on how they made friends in their first year.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer August 24, 2019

Starting your first year at college is hard enough already — you’re leaving behind all semblance of structure and delving into a new world of opinions, experimentation and...

Check out some suggestions for low-cost birthday activities. (Photo by Sam Cheng)

Cheap Birthday Celebrations in the City

Check out the best ways to celebrate your birthday in the city without going broke!
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer May 6, 2019

Let’s be honest — birthdays make for the best celebrations. They give you an opportunity to go out, have fun with your friends and appreciate the fact that you’ve managed...

Program Board hosted its annual Strawberry Fest on Friday, featuring the longest strawberry shortcake in New York City. (Photo by Chelsea Li)

Another Year, Another (Straw)berry Good Festival

Students braved the brisk weather to enjoy Program Board’s annual Strawberry Fest on Friday.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer May 3, 2019

Live music, free food, games galore and the oxymoronic “longest strawberry shortcake.” Despite the cloudy skies and light drizzle, NYU students flocked to West Third Street...

After a breakup, some NYU students find it easier to block their past flings on social media to help ease the post-breakup process. (Screenshot via Instagram)

Blocking Your Ex: Petty Move or Power Move?

Ria Mittal, Staff Writer May 3, 2019

Social media has managed to finagle its way into almost every part of our lives — business, travel, art, dating and, of course, heartbreak. When it comes to love and breakups,...

This years Moonlight Ball was hosted at the New York Public Library. (Photo by Akshay Prabhushankar)

Another Ball, Another Library

For students, IRHC’s Moonlight Ball was a lavish night to remember.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer April 26, 2019

Last night, just two months after the Violet Ball at Bobst Library, NYU students had another opportunity to channel their inner “Gossip Girl” at the 21st Moonlight Ball. Every...

Haven Spa, located at 250 Mercer Street, is one of the best places to get massages around NYU campus. (Staff Photo by Jorene He)

Destress Without Destroying Your Budget

Relaxation doesn’t have to be a luxury.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer April 15, 2019

With finals season around the corner, all of us could use a bit of stress-busting. You’re bound to be exhausted in both body and mind after all those hours of late-night cramming...

Ben and Jerrys Free Cone Day will be on Tuesday, April 9. (Staff Photo by Alina Patrick)

How to Finesse Some Free Food

You should never have to choose between going broke or being fed. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to eat in the city without breaking your wallet.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer April 8, 2019

As the weather gets warmer and students slowly begin to creep out from the shadows and into the sunlight, there are bound to be more midday trips to SoHo or Chelsea Piers to enjoy...

Ono Bowls hipster chalkboard menu, featuring an array of blended drinks and meals, including fruit, acai and pitaya bowls, oatmeal and smoothies. (  Ria Mittal)

Ono Bowls or Oh-No Bowls?

The acai joint doesn’t deserve the accolades.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer March 26, 2019

Bright, delicious and trendy, acai bowls are the epitome of the antioxidant aesthetic. Ono Bowls on Eighth Street, a favorite among NYU students, floods social media feeds. Apart...

Members of NYU Shruti (via

NYU Shruti: South Asian Students Find Community

Students reflect on their experiences with NYU Shruti, the school’s largest South Asian student association.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer March 11, 2019

Anyone who has attended Club Fest knows the pandemonium of trying to navigate the plethora of clubs and organizations while surrounded by masses of befuddled people, sweating in...

Inside the NYU Violet Ball. (Photo by Lauren Sens-Castet)

Violet Ball: The Only Way to Get Lit in the Library

NYU’s annual Violet Ball is always the perfect opportunity to redeem Bobst in every student’s eyes. This year was no different, and hundreds of students showed up for the fun.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer March 1, 2019

Saturday night was the only night of the year students were not begrudgingly ambling through Bobst, buried in books, generally feeling sorry for themselves or finishing mountains...

CAS Sophomore Ria Mittal drinks red bull for a week. (photo by Ria Mittal)

Crazed on Caffeine: Drinking Red Bull Every Day for a Week

I don’t drink coffee. This week, I drank multiple Red Bulls each day.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer February 20, 2019

I could physically feel my whole body buzzing with energy. My hands were trembling as I struggled to take notes in class. I looked down at my paper and saw illegible writing. After...

An array of vegan dishes at IHOP on 14th Street. (Staff Photo by Min Ji Kim)

Vegan Options Transform Fast-Casual Dining

Vegan sausages are making headlines now. Why is the growing trend of plant-based fast food causing such uproar?
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer February 3, 2019

There’s no escaping veganism these days, whether on the internet, in restaurants or, apparently, even in bakeries famous for their meat selection. The vegan community has always...


NYU Students Reflect on the Rise of Subtle Traits Groups

Recently popular Facebook groups like Subtle Asian Traits and Subtle Curry Traits are bringing together communities that often feel misunderstood.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer November 30, 2018
Recently popular Facebook groups like Subtle Asian Traits and Subtle Curry Traits are bringing together communities that often feel misunderstood.
Co-founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement Omar Barghouti was slated to speak at NYU on Monday. Instead, he was detained by U.S. Immigration at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and will phone in to speak. (Photo by Katie Peurrung)

Where Violet Love First Bloomed

NYU couples share the spots on campus where they first fell in love.
Ria Mittal, Staff Writer October 30, 2018
NYU couples share the spots on campus where they first fell in love.
McSorleys Old Ale House “allegedly haunted”, a stop on the East Village ghost tour. (Photo by Kai Kobori-Hotchkiss)

There’s Evil in the East Village, Sorta

Ria Mittal, Contributing Writer October 23, 2018

Let’s talk ghosts. More specifically, let’s talk about the ghosts whom we, as NYU students, should really be more concerned about. In order to know more about such ghosts,...

A student dorm Kitchen in Greenwich Hall.

What Would Gordon Ramsay Do?: Dorm Cooking Edition

The key to cooking in college is to ask yourself: WWGRD?
Ria Mittal, Contributing Writer September 13, 2018
The key to cooking in college is to ask yourself: What Would Gordon Ramsay Do? 
An NYU classroom. “The Science of Happiness” is one of the most popular electives that students take.

A Look into NYU’s Most Popular Elective

Ria Mittal, Contributing Writer February 15, 2018
The Science of Happiness is NYU's most popular elective. Here's what students think of it.
Reese Witherspoon was among the many women and men who wore black to the Golden Globes in support of Times Up.

#TimesUp and Gender Equality

Ria Mittal, Contributing Writer February 7, 2018
The Time's Up campaign was not as strong in the Grammys as it was at the Golden Globes. What will happen in this fight for gender equality?