Another Ball, Another Library

For students, IRHC’s Moonlight Ball was a lavish night to remember.


Sam Klein

This year’s Moonlight Ball was hosted at the New York Public Library. (Photo by Akshay Prabhushankar)

Ria Mittal, Staff Writer

Last night, just two months after the Violet Ball at Bobst Library, NYU students had another opportunity to channel their inner “Gossip Girl” at the 21st Moonlight Ball. Every year, NYU chooses an iconic New York City institution to host the extravagant affair, and every year, the location is exciting. The ball has been held at the Metropolitan Museum and Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art in past years. This time around, it was at the New York Public Library.

The looming arches and winding staircases gave the event a fairy-tale ball vibe. But the stunning architecture of NYPL’s Astor Hall soon came alive with the violet lights, loud music and hordes of dressed-up college kids dancing it up.

“I love being here tonight,” CAS senior Rhea Sastry said. “The library is such a huge part of New York and has been made an event space for a lot of other things so I’m glad we got it.”

LS sophomore Isha Fazili echoed an appreciation for the venue.

“I wanted to dress up and have a fun night, but the beautiful venue is really what convinced me,” she said. “Compared to a museum, it has more intricate architecture and a little more of a historical vibe, which I like.”

From cute couples to even cuter groups of friends, the photo booths, snack tables and dance floor attracted a variety of attendees. CAS senior Michael Vu didn’t want to miss out on the last ball of his college career.

“I’m a senior and didn’t realize this was a thing until just this year, so I thought, ‘why not go?’ It’s my last shot,” he said. “It’s a really great time, so I’m glad we came.”

The only disappointment of the night seemed to be the food and drink, or lack thereof. For the $40 ticket price, some students expected more than the light desserts and soda that were served.

“If there was more food, the ticket would have been more worth it,” Fazili said.

Judging by the hundreds of attendees, however, it seems like students have become used to overpriced events in New York and at NYU.

One ticket to the Moonlight Ball? A steep $40. But dressing up with friends to frolic through one of the city’s most legendary buildings as the DJ blasts “thank u, next”? Priceless.

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