NYU Shruti: South Asian Students Find Community

Students reflect on their experiences with NYU Shruti, the school’s largest South Asian student association.


Members of NYU Shruti (via facebook.com)

Ria Mittal, Staff Writer

Anyone who has attended Club Fest knows the pandemonium of trying to navigate the plethora of clubs and organizations while surrounded by masses of befuddled people, sweating in a small, claustrophobic room. For South Asian students, NYU has a multitude of cultural clubs to serve as a home away from home. Finding the one that will make you feel most comfortable and exploring organizations to learn about different cultures can be challenging. NYU Shruti, well-known among the university’s South Asian community for its bar nights and dance teams, might be a good place to start.

NYU Shruti — the school’s largest South Asian student association —  focuses on organizing events around South Asia’s vibrant culture here at NYU. It has over 600 members, hosts around four major events annually and is recognized nationwide among most South Asian college organizations and charities.

The club’s main goal is to promote awareness, activism and unity in the South Asian community at NYU and to give students a space to express their cultural identity.

“Shruti holds several cultural events to help its members get in contact with their culture,” CAS junior and Shruti Vice President Noyonika Ghatak said. “Shruti has several opportunities for each member to engage in their favorite parts of their culture.”

While its events always attract crowds, the organization’s greatest success is the strong community that it builds among South Asian students.

“It’s like being in a family and finding a home away from home,” Stern sophomore Madhav Gupta said.

Shruti keeps students connected to their South Asian roots while also maintaining an inclusive environment for students of all ethnic backgrounds. 

The club hosts hugely popular events throughout the academic year, including MONSOON — an annual showcase of NYU’s South Asian dance teams and acapella groups — and Banquet — a large celebration featuring classic Indian snacks and Bollywood jams.

They hosted this year’s MONSOON last Thursday, where all of NYU’s South Asian performance teams took the stage. Attendees were treated to lively dance performances, classic jokes and all Bollywood hits. Shruti gives South Asian students the opportunity to express themselves, form friendships and make lasting memories that shape their NYU experiences.

“If you are looking to meet new people and participate in fun activities, you should join Shruti,” Stern sophomore Anant Kasliwal said. “Here, you are at liberty to express who you are.”

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