2020: The Year of Fashion Risks and Hydrated Skin

Students reflect on their New Year’s resolutions for fashion and skincare.


Elaine Chen

The new year means resolutions in both beauty and style. (Photo by Elaine Chen)

Ria Mittal, Staff Writer

“New year, new me.” We see the same phrase spam our social media feeds every new year. But as we enter 2020, the stakes are so much higher. Screw “new year, new me.” This time, it’s “new decade, new me.” Now with this heightened challenge, the new year’s resolutions that follow are just as elevated. From health and fitness to professional success, New Year’s resolutions span a wide spectrum. Many NYU students, however, are focusing on style and skincare for their resolutions. 

The landmark start of a new decade is the perfect opportunity to shake things up a bit. It’s also a good time to reflect on your routines and the ways in which you express yourself. Gallatin senior Irina Erickson wants to work on changing up her day-to-day style in the new year. 

“My New Year’s resolution was to be more creative and less censored in my everyday look, which really means to dress truer to me,” Erickson said. “People say my style is playful, intentional and provocative, so I want to play up to playful, because it keeps it more interesting.” 

CAS junior Pranali Dave also expresses her desire to use makeup and fashion as a tool to push herself further out of her comfort zone. 

“With makeup, I don’t usually wear a lot, but [I] want to try to branch out and try more creative styles,” Dave says. “All in all, I definitely want to take more risks.” 

In addition to trying to improve on their existing routines, some people take this chance to acknowledge the routines they don’t already practice. Establishing and maintaining a specific skincare routine is a popular resolution among many NYU students. Skincare means different things to different people, so the range of skincare resolutions range from direct and achievable steps to general determinations of maintenance. Tandon junior Naman Chimnani has a very direct approach to his skincare resolution.

“My skin is always dry and I never properly take care of it,” Chimnani says. “So I’ll try to implement a skincare routine where I regularly use a moisturizer.” 

Many also recognize the importance of hydration and stress-management in relation to skincare, vowing to drink more water and implement themselves more self-care days with face masks and relaxation. 

Erickson also has a more comprehensive take on her resolution, connecting her style resolution to her overall resolution of being more eco-friendly. She is already taking pointed steps in order to do so.

“As for skincare and makeup, I’m trying to be less wasteful, so I’ve stopped buying new stuff,” Erickson says. “Especially makeup, and use the stuff I have until all of it is gone.” 

She even set a specific goal to curate smaller collections of makeup. For example: owning one or two blushes, instead of five. 

Everyone has different approaches to new year’s resolutions and what they hope to achieve through them. Whether you’re slapping on a little moisturizer or switching up your entire wardrobe, 2020 is a new decade for everyone — anything’s possible!

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