Where Violet Love First Bloomed

NYU couples share the spots on campus where they first fell in love.


Katie Perrung

Co-founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement Omar Barghouti was slated to speak at NYU on Monday. Instead, he was detained by U.S. Immigration at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and will phone in to speak. (Photo by Katie Peurrung)

Ria Mittal, Staff Writer

Pull out your faux-vintage scarves and Madewell boots you got for Hanukkah because that autumn chill is coming in strong, which can only mean one thing: cuffing season is here. The time of year when romance actually seems desirable, and you can’t stop yourself from daydreaming about couples’ costumes and romantic park walks.

CAS sophomore Paul Arias and Liberal Studies sophomore Kyle McIntyre met during their first year at NYU. The two met when they realized they lived across the hall from each other at Founders Residence Hall and have been together for about ten months now. Their first date was at S’MAC, a cutesy macaroni and cheese spot in the East Village. But they also mentioned hospitals as one of their favorite getaways.

Arias recounted how hospitals kind of became their spot.

“Kyle stayed with me in the hospital once, it was cute,” Arias said. “I had like a 103 [degree] fever and it wouldn’t go down, so urgent care sent me to the hospital to put me on an IV. Then they found a throat abscess so they took me to a hospital uptown for it. Kyle rode in the ambulance with me and everything.”

Shreya Jain and Keval Choksi, both sophomores in CAS, also met at NYU. The start of college can be rough for many, but not for this duo.

“We met at NYU Welcome Week at the Casino Night, played a game together and then went to a party,” Jain said. “Three weeks later, I asked him out in Washington Square Park and he said yes. It happened on one of those little sitting areas in the corner between Weinstein and Goddard, and I think we would definitely consider it one of our spots.”

Keval mentioned their other spot in the city too.

“Pier 45 would definitely be one of our spots, too. Our favorite memory about the spot was when we both were dancing under the stars to the song ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love.’”

The couple just celebrated their one-year anniversary.

A love story grows in Brooklyn, too, between Tandon School of Engineering Juniors Kathy Ching and David Lau. They met in their General Engineering class, where they were assigned to the same design project group.

“We got to know each other from there on and after a long and crazy rollercoaster ride, we eventually started dating,” Lau said.

Between the bookshelves of Bobst and the Washington Square Park fountain, there’s plenty of places to fall in love on campus. Now get to cuffing.

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