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The Arts Issue

The Arts Issue

Mar 11, 2022
The spring 2022 Arts Issue presents five New York City arts collectives — from jazz to skateboarding to magazines, we explore how art brings people together.
A portrait of Olivia Hughart in Tompkins Square Park. She is wearing a navy blue three-quarter sleeve blouse with a ruffle hem at the elbow. She is holding a saxophone in her hands.

Key of She is redefining gender in jazz

Founded by NYU jazz performance student Olivia Hughart, Key of She is an expansive organization fostering a supportive community for girls in jazz — and it’s only just getting started.
Isabella Armus, Deputy Arts Editor Mar 11, 2022

Even in its infancy, jazz was not a genre that stuck to the status quo. Developed by Black Americans in the early 20th century, jazz was marked by its amorphousness, as musicians...

A group studio portrait of six singers from the music collective MICHELLE in front of a white seamless backdrop. Two members sit on the ground, while the other four sit on stools of alternating height.

MICHELLE is a creative powerhouse

The New York City-based collective may be known for their music, but they’re just as skilled in the art and dance departments.
Yas Akdag, Music Editor Mar 11, 2022

“Kick-ass bangers.” In three words, that’s how Julian Kaufman of New York City-based band MICHELLE would describe their music, which blurs the lines between pop, R&B,...

A collage of layered photographs. One image features the neck and torso of a woman. Another features a teal blue sky, and the last features multicolored textiles.

Their Art Club: Giving a voice to artists outside the art world

CAS senior Ivy Lee’s club seeks to create a space for student artists outside of NYU’s arts programs.
Shreya Wankhade, Contributing Writer Mar 11, 2022

During quarantine, everybody took up a hobby or interest they wouldn’t have normally had the time for. Some people stuck with it; others quickly lost interest. For CAS senior...

A portrait of Natalia Palacino and Susan Behrends Valenzuela reading a zine. Palacino is wearing a black leather coat while Behrends Valenzuela wears a mint-green long-sleeve shirt and a black skirt.

Art + Type Magazine stresses care in collectivism

Melding collective and community, the art magazine founded by two Steinhardt art majors emphasizes diversity, collaboration and family.
Nico Pedrero-Setzer, Arts Editor Mar 11, 2022

Collectives are often born on paper. When like-minded artists come together and put their shared ideas on the page, they sign their names to a mission that will drive their ambitions...

A black-and-white group portrait shot on film of six skateboarders on a rooftop. Two members of the group are sitting on the wall, white the rest stand against it. A few members of the group hold cigarettes or bottles.

222’s democratic vision for skateboard culture

222, a skateboarding collective comprised of artistically-minded NYU students, values community over trendiness.
Mar 11, 2022

Influentials 2021

Influentials 2021

Dec 10, 2021

Josephine Lieberman: I believe the best way to address fear, hatred, and lack of understanding towards progress in sex and body positivity is by showing female and LGBTQ pleasure and sexuality through the medium of art as a way to normalize otherwise taboo topics and give people the opportunity to have open conversations about such things. (Photo by Josephine Lieberman)

Aneesa Julmice’s colorful surrealist world of food, fashion and feminism

Tisch sophomore challenges sexualization and overconsumption with digital art
Elle Liu, Contributing Writer Dec 10, 2021

Aneesa Julmice stands inside a dimly-lit art gallery on the Lower East Side. Her hair is slicked back in an updo and her graphic blue eyeliner matches her blue dress. She smiles...

Julian Hammond Santander: Thinking about capturing sexuality with Ian, it’s very important to focus on the power of selectiveness in showing. The idea that you’re only seeing as much as Ian—or I—want you to. Maybe it’s half a snarling mouth or the faint line down his abdomen, the outline of a face or an exposed chest presented proudly with pout. (Staff Photo by Julian Hammond Santander)

Ian Partman on revolution, abolition and activist scholarship

Gallatin sophomore is changing the world, one movement at a time.
Kevin Kurian, Opinion Editor Dec 10, 2021

Ian Partman strode into the headquarters of WSN, his steps imbued with purpose. The first thing I noticed when I saw him wasn’t the headphones dangling around his neck or the...