How NYU students spend their weekends

Students from various backgrounds share their Friday night activities: the highlights, the lowlights and everything in between.


Natalia Palacino

(Illustration by Natalia Palacino CamargoNatalia Palacino Camargo)

Flashing lights

It’s what we prepare for all week. Friday afternoon, you can see me ready on the Palladium court playing volleyball. I break a quick sweat while I laugh with friends. By night, my friends and I are dressed up from head to toe. We gather in my room and discuss our plans for the night. We kick off the night with loudspeakers at the 18+ clubs. We dance and ignore everything other than the soon-to-be great memory. By 2 a.m., our feet are killing us and become our hint to go get pizza at Bleecker Street. We eat and say our goodbyes, counting the days until next Friday.

— Luis Ramirez, Liberal Studies ’25


Take-out, television and a late-night stroll

After getting off work, I usually begin my Friday nights by ordering in from a local restaurant with my partner. I stay pretty busy throughout the week, so this is a nice time to relax from studying and working. Once I feel recharged, I visit my friends for some fun. Sometimes we go out late to a bar or restaurant, and sometimes we stay in to catch up on our TV shows together. Typically, the night ends in late-night snacks, TV and a nice walk around the East Village before going home.

— Daniel Soto, CAS ’23


Christian club and fast food

On Friday nights, I usually attend an event called Large Group hosted by an NYU Christian club, Remnant Christian Fellowship, where we gather together as fellow believers to worship God, listen to a sermon and pray. I’m part of the worship team for both vocals and guitar, so I get there earlier to practice. After the event, we go out to eat at either McDonald’s or the Kunjip in Koreatown, the only place there that fits more than 10 people.

— Katie Yoo, Steinhardt ’22


Washington Square Park and the unexpected

My typical Friday night consists of having dinner with my friends and then usually either going to a party, seeing a movie or hanging out at home. However, there are times I have to stay in to finish schoolwork. If the weather is warm enough, then sometimes I will go to Washington Square Park, but usually it is way too cold. A positive, though, is that New York City offers so many different ways to spend a Friday night, and sometimes things just pop up unexpectedly. 

— Alex Day, Stern ’22


Favorite study spot

I have my America Reads job and a class on Fridays, so I like to keep my Friday nights relaxed. After my class ends at 4:30 p.m., I usually study at my favorite study spot, the ninth floor of Kimmel. I usually have a homemade iced matcha latte or an Ispahan Rose milk tea from Lazy Sundaes while I work. Later at night, I go out to eat or get takeout with my best friend. Sometimes we come back to Kimmel and watch Netflix while we eat dinner or dessert. After that, I take the NYU shuttle home around 9:30 p.m. or 10 p.m., watch TikToks or read a book, and then go to sleep.

— Meenal Khandaker, CAS ’22