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The Funeral

The Funeral

Successful Dr. Nontsikelelo must travel back to her village in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and finally confront the past that she ran away from years ago in this story about tragedy, love and staying true to yourself.
Mika Chipana, Contributing Writer Dec 11, 2022

An illustration of two baskets on a blue background. The basket on the left has five Bibles and the basket on the right has chocolate Easter eggs.

Celebrating with unity and joy on one of the most sacred Christian holidays

The joys of Easter, from attending church to opening a Cadbury after an Easter egg hunt. 
Mika Chipana, Contributing Writer Apr 15, 2022

For as long as I can remember, Easter has always been the most significant Christian celebration of the year for my family. Although different denominations celebrate this holy...

An illustration divided vertically into two sections. The left side shows two men and three women in suits against a gray background. The vertical right side has the words “NYU Publishing Panel Event” and “Learn More” against a purple background.

Opinion: NYU’s publishing program needs to diversify 

Representation matters in all avenues — including the professors and guest lecturers in the classroom.
Mika Chipana, Contributing Writer Apr 14, 2022

I am sure that all NYU students feel this way, but I honestly believe that I am in the best program offered by the university. NYU’s Masters in Publishing program lets us learn...

An illustration of the back of a Black girl’s head while she sprays products into her hair in front of a mirror. On the right is a table with eight assorted hair care product containers.

The US hair care industry lags behind in accepting Black hair

Hair is an essential part of Black identity and culture in America. It’s time for hair care brands to reflect that.
Mika Chipana, Contributing Writer Mar 11, 2022

Hair matters. It is a part of our identity, our sense of self. Hair is an extension of culture, a unified experience. But my hair did not start mattering to me on a personal level...

An illustration of a cell phone showcasing on the screen a Tik Tok app video, with a sign that reads “Shein Haul”. Under this, a girl with brown hair and a yellow sweater holding 5 plastic packages.

Slow down and resist fast fashion

TikTok keeps telling me to buy more clothes. The planet is begging me to stop.
Mika Chipana, Contributing Writer Mar 3, 2022

As an infrequent user of social media, I dedicate one evening a week to a guilty pleasure: mindlessly scrolling through TikTok. Recently, a video claiming to predict spring and...