New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A blue package that reads: Plan B One-Step.

New vending machines to provide emergency contraceptives on campus

Students can now access emergency contraceptives at vending machines for $15 at five locations on campus.
Bruna Horvath, Deputy News Editor September 5, 2023

Emergency contraceptives will now be easier to access for NYU students, thanks to five vending machines stocked with the medication installed prior to the start of the semester. The...

The façade of Judson Memorial Church, which has columns made of red bricks, stained windows and a cross at the top.

Greenwich Village church that supported abortion access in the ’60s continues activism

Judson Memorial Church, which has historically provided women with reproductive health care referrals, remains vocal in a post-Roe v. Wade world.
Clara Scholl, Arts Editor April 18, 2023

Judson Memorial Church is a little-known historic landmark nestled among NYU’s cluster of buildings around Washington Square. Founded by Edward Judson in 1890, the Baptist church’s...

Two speakers sit behind a white table and in front of a television, holding a forum about abortion inside a university classroom. In front of them is a group of people.

Student gov. sets abortion pills, reproductive health as next priorities

Students gathered at a reproductive rights forum hosted by the student government on Tuesday, Feb. 21 to voice concerns about the availability of abortions and emergency contraception on campus.
Graylin Lucas, Contributing Writer February 23, 2023

Students voiced their concerns about reproductive justice and sexual health on campus at a abortion access forum on Tuesday, Feb. 21. The event was hosted by the health and wellness...

A box of emergency contraceptive pills on a white tabletop. The box reads “Plan B. One-Step.”

Opinion: What if you could get Plan B from a vending machine on campus?

Universities across the country have installed vending machines that sell round-the-clock, contact-free emergency contraception on their campuses. NYU needs to follow suit.
Aksha Mittapalli, Staff Writer February 16, 2023

The George Washington University installed a first-of-its-kind vending machine on its campus last month. Instead of dispensing snacks, energy drinks, or other late-night study...

Four people hold a large, green banner reading “legal abortion nationwide” in front of a white building. A group is gathered in front of the banner holding signs. One protester shouts into a megaphone and another holds a white poster board reading “this is what a feminist looks like” decorated with pink hearts.

As Roe v. Wade turns 50, protesters march against the loss of abortion rights

A group of abortion rights activists marched down Broadway in support of nationwide abortion access on Sunday, Jan. 22, joining thousands of demonstrators throughout the country.
Carmo Moniz, News Editor January 24, 2023

Hundreds of people marched from Washington Square Park to the Financial District on Sunday, calling for national abortion rights on what would have been the 50th anniversary of...

A group of protesters poses in front of the Washington Square Arch for a photo. In the middle is a banner that reads “ABORTION ACCESS DAY OF ACTION”.

At NYU, 70 walk out of class in support of reproductive rights

Members of NYU YDSA and the NYU Reproductive Health Action Network called on the university to fully cover abortions at a walkout held in Washington Square Park on Thursday, Oct. 6.
Mia Madonna, Contributing Writer October 7, 2022

Around 70 NYU students walked out of their classes in support of abortion rights in a protest organized as part of the Day of Student Action for Reproductive Justice, which involved...

Rewind: Protests around NYU after Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

Thousands of abortion rights supporters protest in NYC after Roe v. Wade was struck down.
Edward Franco, Video Director September 2, 2022

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24, thousands of protesters took to the streets across New York City to oppose the decision. Large gatherings were held in...

What you missed around NYU this summer

Roe v. Wade protests, the adjunct faculty union contract extension, pride celebrations and everything else you need to know from over the break.
Carmo Moniz and Edward Franco September 1, 2022

As thousands of NYU students return to campus for the fall 2022 semester, here are the top stories that WSN followed this summer. Adjunct faculty union contract extended for 30...

People hold signs at an abortion rights protest at Barclays Center. Signs read Codify Roe v. Wade, Fuck this, and Its not just abortion: Right to privacy equals gay marriage, gay sex, contraception and interracial marriage.

Opinion: Community abortion funds need your help right now, not Planned Parenthood

Small abortion funds and community-based reproductive organizations are in urgent need of financial support as reproductive rights are under attack. To help those most in need, donate to local funds instead of Planned Parenthood.
Srishti Bungle, Opinion Editor May 6, 2022

An initial draft majority opinion overturning Roe v. Wade (1973) and Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) written by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was leaked to Politico on...

People hold signs at an abortion rights protest in Washington Square Park. Signs include Legalize abortion once and for all, We will not go back, and My body my choice.

Thousands rally for abortion rights across NYC in wake of leaked Roe ruling

New Yorkers, including elected officials and celebrities, took to Foley Square, Washington Square Park and the Barclays Center to protest a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.
Kayla Hardersen and Nicole Lu May 5, 2022

Thousands of New Yorkers gathered at Foley Square on Tuesday to advocate for abortion rights and protest against the Supreme Court draft opinion leaked by Politico on Monday....

A monochromatic headshot of Molly Neuman.

Q&A: Molly Neuman, from Bratmobile drummer to Riot grrrl legend & music business innovator

WSN spoke with Molly Neuman about Bratmobile, “riot grrrl” fanzine, diversity in the music scene and the current state of reproductive rights in America.
Clara Scholl, Contributing Writer May 4, 2022

The story of riot grrrl would be incomplete without Molly Neuman and Bratmobile, an American punk band active in the ’90s. Not only did they pioneer the movement, but also...

Roe v. Wade’s Shaky Legal Reasoning

Roe v. Wade’s Shaky Legal Reasoning

Part of the reason for the string of recent pushes by state legislatures and lower courts to get abortion on the Supreme Court docket is to overturn the constitutionally uncertain Roe v. Wade.
Emily Dai, Deputy Opinion Editor March 10, 2020

Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard the first major abortion case of the Trump era. The case, June Medical Services v. Russo, concerns a Louisiana law that required abortion...