New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A campus safety officer looks at a green wall which has posters and the words “WALL OF SHAME” on it.

Opinion: NYU needs to remove the wall at Gould Plaza

The installation of wooden boarding in front of the plaza, which was set up hours after the first Gaza Solidarity Encampment on campus was swept by police, shines a spotlight on NYU’s weak commitments to activism and meeting student demands.
Sebastian Cardena, Deputy Opinion Editor May 3, 2024

NYU claims to be a “campus without walls,” despite actively building barriers — both on campus and between students. Gould Plaza, a shared community space in front...

A collage of three people. On the left is a woman with dark hair in a ponytail wearing a black blazer over a white shirt, at the middle is a man with curly black hair wearing a green jacket and a striped shirt, on the right is a a girl with wavy dark brown hair wearing a black blazer.

Students for climate justice: The intersection between academics and activism

Three student activists shared their individual approaches to advancing public engagement about climate justice.
Polina Belova and Teresa Mo December 14, 2023

The United States has reportedly seen record-breaking climate disasters in the last year, with the National Centers for Environmental Information reporting 25 confirmed weather...

Global Fashion Collective showcases cultural couture from across the world at NYFW

Global Fashion Collective showcases cultural couture from across the world at NYFW

Global Fashion Collective’s New York Fashion Week shows spanned two days, bringing established voices in fashion from around the world to New York City.
Nikkala Kovacevic, Julia Diorio and Payton Selby September 13, 2023

Global Fashion Collective presented 17 international designers who showcased their visions of home, place, beauty and time through their New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024...

A group of attendees wearing various dresses pose for a photo in front of a sign that reads ” Rise at Forbes.”

‘I’ll remember it forever:’ Rise fashion empowers survivors and honors bodily autonomy

Rise’s third annual Survivor Fashion Show celebrated resilience. 
Juliana Guarracino, Deputy Culture Editor September 13, 2023

Rise, a nonprofit organization founded in 2014 to protect the rights of sexual assault and rape survivors, hosted its third annual survivor fashion show on Sept. 11 at Forbes on...

A big crowd of people sit on ascending tan marble steps, many of them with their heads facing down and their eyes closed.

NYU students and faculty hold vigil to mourn deaths in Sudan

Over 100 students and faculty members gathered at NYU’s Kimmel Center on Thursday, April 27, to grieve the hundreds of lives lost in the ongoing conflict in Sudan.
Alina Hollister, Staff Writer April 28, 2023

More than 100 NYU students and faculty gathered in NYU’s Kimmel Center for University Life on Thursday to mourn the hundreds of lives lost in the recent violent power struggle...

The flag of Palestine is unfurled by a group standing in a crowd in Times Square.

Hundreds protest Israeli mosque raid at Times Square

Members of NYU’s Students for Justice in Palestine joined a crowd that gathered on Saturday to protest the Israeli military’s recent raid of Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Yezen Saadah, News Editor April 11, 2023

More than 1,000 people gathered in Times Square on Saturday afternoon to protest the Israeli military’s raids of Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem last week, which were...

An illustration of a group of protesters holding signs in front of the Washington Square Arch. A rainbow reaches across the background. A purple sign in the middle reads “Black Trans Lives Matter.”

How NYU students can live up to the legacy of mutual aid in NYC

Queer activist Je'Jae Cleo Mizrahi speaks about radical and inclusive mutual aid organizations near Washington Square Park.
Sasha DuBose, Dining Editor February 1, 2023

When walking through Washington Square Park, I, like many other NYU students, tend to think only of which exit will get me to class the fastest. But the park has a rich history....

A woman stands in the middle of a crowd of protesters in Times Square. She shouts and raises her fist.

Demonstrators march across Manhattan to protest Tyre Nichols killing

New Yorkers marched through the streets after Memphis authorities released footage of Nichols being fatally beaten by police.
Adrianna Nehme, Tori Morales and Yezen Saadah January 29, 2023

Hundreds of demonstrators across New York City took part in marches protesting the death of Tyre Nichols, a Black man who died earlier this month after being brutally beaten by...

A photograph of two girls in a bathroom near the sink and mirror. One girl has curly red hair, black rimmed glasses, black clothes and is looking into the camera. The second girl is wearing black clothes, short black hair and is looking into the mirror fixing her eyelashes.

Review: ‘All the Beauty and the Bloodshed’ is a stunning portrait of Nan Goldin

Laura Poitras’ documentary about Nan Goldin chronicles her life through art and activism.
Saige Gipson, Staff Writer November 11, 2022

Laura Poitras’ striking documentary “All the Beauty and the Bloodshed” juggles many topics without losing sight of the film’s subject: photographer and activist Nan Goldin....

A New York City street in the winter. A pile of garbage covered in snow on the side of the street.

Opinion: Get involved with community service around New York City

Don’t continue romanticizing what the city offers without contributing to making it a better place to live.
Molly Koch, Contributing Writer September 12, 2022