New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Sasha DuBose

Sasha DuBose, Dining Editor

Sasha DuBose is a junior majoring in food studies and double minoring in social & public policy and politics. They're passionate about finding the best food in city and microwave cooking. When they are not writing, they enjoy working out, sharing meals with friends and making beaded jewelry. You can find them @snackwithsash on Instagram.

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A group of protesters stand in front of Bobst Library holding purple signs with the words “SWAN HAS THE POWER. WHAT KIND OF POWER? UNION POWER!”

Guest Essay: Why NYU RAs are unionizing

Emma Burstein and Sasha DuBose are members of Students Workers At NYU.
Emma Burstein and Sasha DuBose April 26, 2024

Guest essays reflect opinions from writers beyond WSN. If you’d like to submit a guest essay for consideration, please email [email protected]. Resident assistants, like...

Koda Fraga and Leo Koulish sit together on the grass in Washington Square Park with the sun shining on them. They are holding each other and smiling at the camera.

Love in a time of transphobia

Five T4T couples talk to WSN about what love looks like, what the Trans Day of Visibility means to them, and how they navigate a world that increasingly seeks their erasure.
Adrita Talukder and Sasha DuBose March 31, 2023

An image shows a bar on the left, lit in green and yellow, and a stage lit in red light in the background.

The Red Pavilion is the future of NYC nightlife

Teahouse by day, club by night. Who knew traditional Chinese medicine pairs well with Shanghai jazz?
Sasha DuBose, Dining Editor March 24, 2023

Being newly 21 means that I am a nightlife novice. I’m trying to figure out which clubs work for me and which don’t — which quickly led me to realize that being surrounded...

An illustration of a group of protesters holding signs in front of the Washington Square Arch. A rainbow reaches across the background. A purple sign in the middle reads “Black Trans Lives Matter.”

How NYU students can live up to the legacy of mutual aid in NYC

Queer activist Je'Jae Cleo Mizrahi speaks about radical and inclusive mutual aid organizations near Washington Square Park.
Sasha DuBose, Dining Editor February 1, 2023

When walking through Washington Square Park, I, like many other NYU students, tend to think only of which exit will get me to class the fastest. But the park has a rich history....

Five containers of food placed on a wooden table. From the left to right: a waffle with walnuts in a yellow paper container; two bao buns and three egg rolls in a paper box; a salad bowl with brown rice, eggplant, arugula, tomatoes and curried chickpeas; a box of fried chicken and fries; and an entire pizza with goat cheese and spinach in a pizza box.

Urbanspace puts your favorite dining hall to shame

When you don’t want Cluckstein for the third time this week, check out Urbanspace Union Square.
Sasha DuBose, Dining Editor January 25, 2023

As the semester begins, everyone is looking for the perfect spot to study and grab a quick bite — or maybe 13. Conveniently located between University Hall and Palladium on 124...

Three people sit on a red-and-white plaid picnic blanket in the middle of a meadow with trees on both sides. On the ground are a bouquet of pink, yellow and blue flowers, a pair of brown boots, a bowl of strawberries, a plate of sushi and a black tote bag. From left to right, a person with golden hair wears a pair of white glasses and a dress with blue and pink gradients. The person in the middle with long black curly hair wears a black dress. The person on the left with long black curly hair wears a pair of orange tinted glasses, an orange shirt and a blue bottom.

How to be gay during the day: Building lesbian community in the city

Read this before you go to Cubbyhole for the third time this weekend.
Sasha DuBose, Dining Editor December 1, 2022

Finding a lesbian community at NYU is simultaneously my greatest challenge and my greatest feat. At a school with a large LGBTQ+ population, you’d be surprised at the lengths...

The storefront of the H Mart on 39 third Avenue in Manhattan with a poster of fruits and vegetables and text “WE NOW DELIVER!” under the H Mart logo.

Culture’s cult choices: H Mart

The best items to buy at H Mart, according to the most refined taste buds at WSN.

Whether we’re on our way to the WSN office or grabbing dinner on the way home, H Mart is the go-to place for food for the culture desk. H Mart is a New York City staple grocery...

Many English muffin and egg sandwiches stacked in several plates on a black table with a pink sign which reads “DUFF GOLDMAN” and “Mini Egg McDuffin Sandwich,”

WhistlePig’s Sweet and Savory Brunch brings community to the table

New York City Wine and Food Festival proved that your Sunday brunch is only as good as the people you share it with.
Sasha DuBose, Dining Editor October 17, 2022

New York City Wine & Food Festival is a foodie’s Super Bowl. The four-day event is jam-packed with renowned chefs, culinary personalities and, most importantly, food from...

An illustration of two girls posing next to each other, smiling, near a gift shop.

Chinatown munchies that are Mott Street Girls approved

Chowing down in Manhattan’s Chinatown? Here are tips and tricks from the Mott Street Girls for whenever you travel south of West Fourth Street.
Sasha DuBose, Dining Editor September 29, 2022

I am a longtime secret admirer of the Mott Street Girls, a group that works to highlight the stories and small businesses of Manhattan’s Chinatown. I’ll scroll through their...

Photograph of a banner saying “NYU Farmer’s Market” on the right, and an assortment of fruits and vegetables on a table covered in a purple NYU-branded tablecloth on the left.

A love letter to Kimmel’s farmers market

You read that right. Here’s the ins and outs of the most underrated way to use your NYU meal plan.
Sasha DuBose, Dining Editor September 7, 2022

I grew up in Delaware, a state many of you probably drive through to get to more exciting places. However, for me, Delaware’s abundance of farmers markets made me the number...