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The aluminum  panels that line the corridors of Bobst Library.

NYU and New York City Come Together to Give Back

Dec 6, 2017
Make giving back to your community the first item on your holiday to-do list.
As November gets colder it’s easier to do more stuff indoors or even outdoors. Flurry, the annual ice skating event for NYU student at Central Park, is scheduled on Dec. 4, don’t miss on free tickets and skates.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: How to Have Fun Indoors

Nov 17, 2017
Just because it's cold doesn't mean you can't have fun. Here are four of our favorite indoor activities this winter.
Naloxone is an antidote that can treat narcotic overdoses. The NYU Students for Sensible Drug Policy Organization has been raising awareness for drug safety by training other students how to effectively use Naloxone in times of emergency.

Student Group Prevents Opiate Overdose Deaths With Free Trainings

Apr 24, 2017
The NYU Students for Sensible Drug Policy Organization has recently worked to combat the recent increase in opiate overdose-related deaths and raise awareness for drug safety by organizing training sessions on campus to teach students how to effectively use Naloxone, an antidote to opioid overdoses.
Clay Pot was founded by Stern senior Alexander Yip, and specializes in the popular Hong Kong-style Cantonese dish of the same name.

Stern Senior Opens Clay Pot Restaurant

Apr 24, 2017
Not many can say they started and opened their own restaurant while being a full-time student. Alexander Yip, however, a senior in Stern, will be opening Claypot, a restaurant specializing and featuring a unique twist on a beloved and popular street food, a Hong Kong style Cantonese dish.
Love Actually, a CAS class created by NYU faculty, is about the neurology and psychology of various types of love.

What Is Love, Actually?

Apr 10, 2017
A CAS class called Love Actually, which allows students to explore the meaning of and science behind love, was recently featured in The Guardian.
Irina Vitjaz F/W 2017

Irina Vitjaz F/W 2017

Feb 16, 2017

With dramatic choir music ringing over the sparkle and glitter of the Irina Vitjaz Fall/Winter 2017 collection, it was clear that the designer does not stray from drama and...

Food mashups like the ramen burger and sushi nachos are great, but are they really worth it? Reviewers of the birthday cake croissant from Union Fare Gastrohall seem to think so.

Food Mashups: Looking Beyond the Trend

Feb 13, 2017
Food mashups have been growing in popularity in the New York City food scene. Although a few mashups have proven successful, some NYU students think that mashups don't always live up to the hype.
Ohlin/D Fall Winter 2017

Ohlin/D F/W 2017

Feb 9, 2017

Ohlin/D proclaimed the librarian look as the new chic with its Fall/Winter 2017 collection. The presentation highlighted soft hemlines and a pastel palette. White silk blouses...

International students face many more hardships when adjusting after winter break. (Photo by Polina Buchak)

International Students: What I Wish I Knew Before NYU

Feb 6, 2017
Hear what NYU international students wish they would've known about social norms and customs before coming to the United States.

At the Hunger Banquet, guests will randomly be classed as lower, middle and upper-class and eat according to their wealth.

TEDxNYU Simulates Inequality at Hunger Banquet

Dec 5, 2016
TEDxNYU is partnering with Oxfam, Amnesty International, Share Meals and Habitat for Humanity on Monday to host and allow NYU students to participate in the Oxfam America Hunger Banquet. This will not be the typical student organization banquet where students will enjoy a hearty meal together; instead, students will experience the meal as members of different social classes.
Foods, such as organic tomatoes found at Trader Joes, help promote sustainability.

Decode the Buzzwords on Your Food Labels

Nov 30, 2016
Trying to eat healthy or sustainable foods is an effort in and of itself, and understanding the labels and terminology that surround healthy eating are another hurdle entirely.

The idea of Americanizing food has also turned into the fusion of foods from other cultures, such as this chicken katsu sushi burrito that plays on the idea of a hand roll and burrito.

Not All Is Bad with American Fusion

Nov 28, 2016

The United States serves as a melting pot of cultures from all corners of the globe. In turn, it has a wide variety of global cuisine, and New York City is a perfect testament...

Ancolie, a new Epicurean Cantine, will open soon this month in Greenwich Village.

Stay Sustainable With Ancolie

Sep 6, 2016
Ancolie, a new restaurant opening soon in Greenwich Village, focuses on eliminating waste by serving all its meals from custom-made glass jars.
Fuku Aims to Class Up the Chick-fil-A Sandwich

Fuku Aims to Class Up the Chick-fil-A Sandwich

Jan 25, 2016
Enjoy five-star food on a budget at David Chang's fried chicken restaurant.
App uses extra meal swipes for good cause

App uses extra meal swipes for good cause

Dec 7, 2015
Get rid of your extra meal swipes before the semester is over with this NYU club.
Sophomore Brandon Warrick travels to Brooklyn to work at La Luz, an antique shop in Bushwick.

On the Job: Brandon Warrick

Dec 4, 2015
Liberal Studies sophomore Brandon Warrick talks working at an antique shop in Bushwick.
The McNally Jackson Books is one of the many bookstores hosting open mic nights this winter.

Poetry slammin’ places around New York

Nov 30, 2015
Treat yourself to a night of slam poetry and live music.
Yelp, an app NYU students commonly use to look for restaurants to grab a quick bite.

Food apps for when Yelp is no good

Nov 2, 2015
The best apps to help you find for next meal.
Arnold Byun, founder of the coffee club at NYU, spoke with WSN writer Tiffanie Hwang in a coffee shop near NYU last Thursday.

Coffee break with SPS junior Arnold Byun

Oct 26, 2015
Founder and president of Coffee Club at NYU, Arnold Byun shares the story behind the club.
Anish Patel was featured in Vogue India for Uplift Humanity Foundation.

Junior expands outreach program

Apr 30, 2015
Stern junior Anish Patel was recently featured in Vogue India for his organization, Uplift Humanity which aims to teaching fundamental skills to youth in juvenile and detention centers. The non-profit has just announced a new branch in New Delhi which is scheduled to open this summer.
NYU researchers collaborated with East China Normal University to explore the effects of urban design on obesity in China.

Health impacts of urban design analyzed

Mar 1, 2015
A recent study by researchers from NYU and East China Normal University explores the effects of urban design on obesity levels in China
Naadam Fall/Winter 2015

Naadam Fall/Winter 2015

Feb 14, 2015
A review of the Naadam Fall/Winter 2015 collection.

Top 5 apps to improve NYU experience

Feb 8, 2015
Top 5 apps for an NYU student
This Weekend: Feb. 6 to 8

This Weekend: Feb. 6 to 8

Feb 5, 2015
Don’t let the chilly weather and snowfall keep you locked up indoors this weekend.