Style Fashion Week Charity: Water Fall/Winter 2015

Tiffanie Hwang, Contributing Writer

From muted neutrals to hard-edged metallics, the Style Fashion Week Charity: Water Fall/Winter 2015 show was filled with a wide array of styles, colors, and themes from the featured designers. Every year, Style Fashion features designers and collections from all around the world, showcasing a diverse array of cultures and trends. This year, Style Fashion partnered with the non-profit organization, Charity: Water, which provides clean water to those in need in developing nations, to carry out a show that was filled with harmonious to electrifying energy.

One of the highlights of the show was the collection by Ophelia Song, whose looks were characterized by flowing white silks and delicate silhouettes. Although many of the looks featured a cream or white color of the same silk-like material, this commonality was contrasted with bronzed, glowing skin, slicked back hair, and nude heels that emphasized the fresh and polished simplicity of the collection. Each look also had distinct and geometric cutouts, or what looked like blue watercolor accents, that brought out the femininity and refinement of the designs.

The show was not all softs and neutrals though, as the collection of Daiki Shimizu showcased monochromatic grays and intricate textures of fringe and geometric ruffles. However, the collection that ended the show with the biggest presence was Heterophobia.  Checkered fabric covered the faces of the female models, who wore either simple all-black pieces, or a rough, black and white checkered design. Most of the male models strutted down the runway in nothing but underwear, a mesh tank top, goggles and a satchel filled with bright, rosy flowers. Each look was completed with shoes that seemed to be fragments of black trash bags tied around the feet, or with nothing but bare soles.

From subtle to loud, the Style Fashion Week Charity: Water show did not disappoint with their wide range of designers, who showcased everything from soft artistry to non-conventional aesthetics.

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