Ohlin/D F/W 2017

Tiffanie Hwang, Staff Writer

Ohlin/D proclaimed the librarian look as the new chic with its Fall/Winter 2017 collection. The presentation highlighted soft hemlines and a pastel palette. White silk blouses under colorful, knit vests gave the study look a new edge with the mix of stripes, plaid and houndstooth patterns in lavender, orange and pale green. In an interview with Sinead Lawlor, the designer, she shared how the librarian theme manifested in the collection.

“The sort of librarian-part character was the vibe that we were going for in the shapes,” Lawlor said.  “We love color and making it pop in knit-wear.”

The collection played with mixing different materials and patterns in a single piece, seen in silver buttons of flowing pants and bell sleeves with frill hemlines. Calf-length white socks with leather and cork scrappy sandals kept the looks grounded, yet high fashion.

One look that particularly demonstrated the meticulous blending of different textures and contrasting colors was a lace embroidered sleeveless blouse. This was paired on top of a denim wrap skirt held by a large safety pin. The bright scarlet and jade flower embroidery on the sheer top complimented the black ruffles of the collar and tied ribbon hanging mid length.

“We were into bringing it back to the blouse as a nod to our pre-fall collection,” Lawlor said.

Among the solid and blocked set of colors, was a watercolor print with a blend of greens and fluid black outlines. Lawlor collaborated with Emily Russell, an artist whose water color paintings were incorporated into the fabric and designs of the collection, as seen in the mountains of a silk bomber jacket.

Creative director Jacob Park explained how the artistic concept of scholarly women influenced even the choice of venue.

“We were calling inspiration off of librarians and the working girls in the education sphere,” Park said. “And the venue’s dark colors and wood paneling worked so well for this collection.”

The models lounging in the velvet couches and ruby carpeted floors completed Park’s desired atmosphere and gave the collection a suiting, yet playful mix.

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