Stay Sustainable With Ancolie



Ancolie, a new Epicurean Cantine, will open soon this month in Greenwich Village.

Tiffanie Hwang, Staff Writer

In New York City, it isn’t hard to find healthy dining among the plethora of pizza and bagels. But environmentally friendly and waste-mindful movements have had less of a noteworthy presence in the food scene. This September, Ancolie will bring an eco-friendly wave to fresh and wholesome dining in Greenwich Village.

Ancolie is a new epicurean cantine that focuses on eliminating waste by serving all its meals from custom-made glass jars designed to control portions and make eating on-the-go delicious and sustainable, all while being waste and plastic free.

CAS sophomore Evelyn Hall believes that Ancolie’s unique concept will make it popular among the student body.

“It’s a brave idea that I think would definitely cater to a hip, clean-cut, progressive aesthetic,” Hall said. “I think that the initiative they are taking is thoughtful and I think most students will appreciate the effort toward sustainability this restaurant is making.”

Ancolie will serve made and ready to-go meals, snacks and desserts inspired by traditional French and international flavors brought by owner and Chef Chloe Vichot. Vichot was inspired to create an efficient yet welcoming lunch spot after being disappointed with her lunch options while working in the finance industry.

Ancolie will offer a variety of warm entrees — from layered omelettes to shepherd’s pies — in addition to cold dishes including chia pudding and soba noodles that will be available for immediate pick up. In addition, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options will also be available, all within the restaurant’s projected price range of $6 to $14.

After eating at Ancolie, diners will have the option to keep their glass jar to reuse at home or they can return their jar to Ancolie and earn a complimentary meal after returning 10 jars.

Unlike Hall, LS sophomore Sabrina Guervil isn’t confident that Ancolie will be a hit, but is eager to give it a try.

“I probably wouldn’t eat here often enough to get the discount, but this does seem like an ‘instagrammable’ lunch spot,” Guervil said. “I’m very interested in trying it out. I’m a big fan of recycling and clean eating and this idea seems to be in favor of that as well.”

Its convenient location at the northwest corner of Washington Square Park, respect for those with busy schedules, and focus on affordability will make it easy for NYU students to dig in between busy class schedules or long-hour Bobst affairs while staying on campus.

With over 100 million pieces of lunchtime trash that get thrown out daily, their glass jar approach to mealtime supports their platform that the best way to reduce garbage is simply to not create it.

Ancolie is expected to open later this month and will be located at 58 W 8th St.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Sept. 6 print edition. Email Tiffanie Hwang [email protected].