Naadam Fall/Winter 2015

Tiffanie Hwang, Contributing Writer

Using a variety of textures, colors and silhouettes, Naadam’s Fall/Winter 2015 presentation showcased cashmere in an entirely new light, successfully combining simplicity and comfort with upscale trendiness.

Dimly lit candles and sparkling chandeliers illuminated the fresh faces of the models, whose dewy skin, soft brows and tussled hair complemented the earthy undertones of the collection, which was inspired by the nomads of Mongolia. Naadam merges luxury with comfort in a collection that consisted mostly of cashmere, but was not monotonous or repetitive as one might expect. Each design played with layering, muted colors and lines, showcasing pieces from turtlenecks to floor-length cardigans, draping tunics to strappy, open-toed sandals.

Monochromatic pieces of muted and gentle colors, such as olive green, charcoal brown and light cream were mixed between many layers that displayed different lengths, draping, textures and accents of rich, burgundy wine pieces. Silver, cord-like bracelets and necklaces of bright orange, blue and yellow subtly accessorized the looks with just the right amount of striking hardness and pops of bold colors to complement the soft designs.

The men’s collection mixed and matched with different patterns and fabrics of camouflage, stripes and denim, paired with pieces like quilted blazers and canvas pants. The scarves and capes seemed to drape and flow effortlessly across the body, but even just a second glance highlighted the intricacy and delicacy of these pieces.

Naadam successfully debuted a collection that displays exquisiteness and encompasses their humble, nomadic inspiration with this beautiful presentation.

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