Sally LaPointe Fall/Winter 2015

Natalia Barr, Contributing Writer

An explosion of hot and heavy hip-hop music blasted as the first of an entire collection of Sally LaPointe’s strong, “tough girl” looks made its way down the runway. A punch in the face entrance; that is, if getting punched in the face were something you wanted to experience over and over again.

At her Fall/Winter 2015 runway show at Chelsea’s Skylight Modern, designer Sally LaPointe wrote on the cover of the show’s program, “Pina Bausch had the ability to both shock and inspire. Raw, honest, and a bit crude it was an assault on all expectations.”

Although it is unclear exactly how this influential German modern dance performer and choreographer impacted this collection, the adjectives LaPointe used to describe the dancer are just as fitting to describe the looks she sent down the runway.

Minimalism and simplicity played major roles in Sally LaPointe’s collection, but the designer maintained drama throughout the show. Hair was neither polished nor smooth in low ponytails, and makeup was barely visible, apart from bold brows.  Colors were nowhere to be seen as models in black, brown, gray and cream graced the giant tan carpet in the industrial and undecorated space.

With this lack of color, Sally LaPointe portrayed statement pieces through different means with unique textures and silhouettes. LaPointe played with countless materials, from furs to sequins, to wool and leather. A standout marble embroidered fringe skirt paired with a cream cashwool sweater moved like liquid down the otherwise structured runway.

Sally LaPointe’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection successfully captured a series of looks that portray an image that is tough and strong, but still elegant and sophisticated. Wearers probably won’t punch anyone in the face, but they could if they wanted to.

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