Top 5 apps to improve NYU experience

Tiffanie Hwang

From navigating the city to documenting every moment of the experience, living and studying in New York City can get a little hectic. Here are five apps that are guaranteed to help a student survive this concrete jungle, juggle workloads and make the best of the college experience.


From subways and bicycles to buses and your own two feet, there are many ways to get around the city but it is hard to navigate them all. Citymapper helps you stay on top of your game by providing everything from bike share availability to time estimates for public transportation arrivals. This app will tell you the best form of transportation to get to and from your destination. It also includes travel time, fare calculations and even the amount of calories you might burn on your trip. Free in the App Store.


It is easy to let yourself indulge a little too often or get carried away with midnight dollar pizza. That is why we love Argus, a health app that helps you stay on track in an enjoyable way. It has a built in pedometer that will track your steps, check your heart rate and calculate how many calories you burned from that walk to class –— or that sprint to the doughnut shop. “It records your water intake and your sleep cycle for you, leaving you free to take care of more important things. And you can even keep a food diary by posting pictures of your meals and displaying them in a colorful, hexagonal grid. Free in the App Store.

1 Second Everyday

Every day, record one second of your day for a year and watch your memories and moments compile into a 365-second video that captures everything from the simple to significant bites of your life. This app provides the perfect way to capture, reminisce about, and treasure your journey and reminds you not let the days just pass by. $0.99 in the App Store.


With the days becoming busier and colder by the minute, GrubHub saves you time so you can spend fewer minutes outside in the outside world. Just enter your location and the app will provide you with menus, reviews and “the option to pick up or get delivery from hundreds of nearby restaurants. Orders can be paid in cash, credit or PayPal. There is also an option to save your past favorite orders so the next time you want to dine-in, you’re only a tap away. Free in the App Store.


Never lose your recorded thoughts or fumble with which file, drive or notebook you put your lecture notes in. Evernote syncs all the notes recorded from your laptop, whether it is class notes or to-do lists.  The app syncs the documents into both your phone and computer with no hassle. Free in the App Store.

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