New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Olivia Liu

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A collage shows, from left to right: Ella Bowie, J. Yueqiao Ma and Phoebe Satterwhite sit in their respective studios and pose for photos.

Meet 3 tattoo artists shaking up NYC’s tattoo scene

These artists are pushing the envelope of tattooing, and they’re doing it on their own.
Adrita Talukder and Olivia Liu May 5, 2023

Tattoos have taken a turn for the avant-garde. Modern American tattoo culture is evolving — the predominance of the American traditional style is diminishing, and more personal...

Baker Sakura Smith holds two bagels with her right hand while holding her head with her left hand. She is wearing a green shirt and looking into the camera.

Sakura Smith is reinventing the New York City bagel

Fermented yeast from the mountains of Japan finds its way to Brooklyn through Bagel Bunny.
Olivia Liu, Beauty & Style Editor April 19, 2023

Malibu-raised baker Sakura Smith woke up at 4 a.m. today to feed her bunny. But Smith’s “bunny” is actually a bagel, and was born out of fermented vegetable yeast from a...

Samantha Harper, founder of Harper Collective, sits in her East Village apartment. She is wearing the superbloom dress in noir.

Q&A: Samantha Harper on breaking into the fashion industry

WSN spoke to designer Samantha Harper about her celebrity-loved brand Harper Collective and the challenges of running a business in a changing digital landscape.
Olivia Liu, Beauty & Style Editor April 14, 2023

Harper Collective, designer Samantha Harper’s latest venture into made-to-order garments, has made a name for itself as an “it girl” brand. Harper’s designs are lush, sexy...

Markarian manifests Old Hollywood glamour at Fashion Week

Markarian manifests Old Hollywood glamour at Fashion Week

The brand’s fourth in-person show celebrated cinematic whimsy in the West Village.
Olivia Liu, Beauty and Style Editor February 27, 2023

A full body flash photograph of a model standing backstage, wearing a light blue, velvet, bow-shaped top and long, pleated, black velvet dress.

Mark Badgley and James Mischka bring elegance to the table

Badgley Mischka debuted their new eveningwear collection at New York Fashion Week in a sea of velvet, feathers and sequins.
Olivia Liu, Beauty and Style Editor February 22, 2023

Vivienne Tams wears a red and white patterned dress. She prays with two hands enclosed in front of her mouth, standing in front of a purple backdrp.

Meta-Vivienne meets the Metaverse

Vivienne Tam transcends reality with her latest, NFT-adorned collection at New York Fashion Week.
Olivia Liu, Beauty & Style Editor February 15, 2023

Andrew Kwon poses next to a mannequin in a black dress.

Q&A: Designer Andrew Kwon on fashion and the internet

Evening and bridal wear designer Andrew Kwon spoke to WSN about his design process, his time at the Parsons School of Design and the influx of influencers in fashion.
Olivia Liu, Beauty & Style Editor November 18, 2022

Andrew Kwon oozes intimacy. The Korean American designer recently launched his newest bridal collection, Rarefied, which was held in a private suite in the Peninsula Hotel on Fifth...

The storefront of the H Mart on 39 third Avenue in Manhattan with a poster of fruits and vegetables and text “WE NOW DELIVER!” under the H Mart logo.

Culture’s cult choices: H Mart

The best items to buy at H Mart, according to the most refined taste buds at WSN.

Whether we’re on our way to the WSN office or grabbing dinner on the way home, H Mart is the go-to place for food for the culture desk. H Mart is a New York City staple grocery...

Maria Sharapova and Laura Brown sit under a parasol on a tennis court on a rooftop with a large audience in front of them. The downtown Manhattan skyline is behind them.

Glam Slam serves style at New York Fashion Week

With Glam Slam, performance wear doesn’t have to be conformance wear.
Olivia Liu, Beauty & Style Editor September 28, 2022

The intersection between fashion and tennis came to a crescendo at Glam Slam, the first joint endeavor of powerhouse agencies IMG Fashion, and Spring Studios.  IMG transformed...

Cassidy Crockett sifting through racks of colorful printed wrap dresses.

How an LS first-year scored an internship with designer brand Diane von Furstenberg

An in-person visit gave first-year Cassidy Crockett the opportunity to stand out among hundreds of applicants for an internship with the high-end luxury brand.
Olivia Liu, Contributing Writer May 4, 2022

Perhaps you first heard of the name Diane von Furstenberg being tossed around during a shopping montage on “Gossip Girl.” Perhaps you’ve perused Nordstrom only to linger...

Two people stand in a tunnel with walls lined with graffiti. The one on the left is wearing a hoodie with green splotches on it, and is holding the handlebars of a bicycle. The one on the right is wearing blue jeans and a similarly colored splotch hoodie. People can be seen walking through the tunnel in the background.

How a Tisch first-year landed an internship working with Cardi B and Offset

A chance encounter outside Ramen Takumi led to Tisch first-year Yvonne Song’s internship as a photographer’s assistant.
Olivia Liu, Contributing Writer April 11, 2022

When I first met Yvonne Song before our big plate of Olio e Più’s spaghetti carbonara, she apologized frantically for looking horrible and having no makeup on — she was wearing...

The bubblegum pink storefront of Kinky’s Dessert Bar. On either side of the door, hearts are printed on the windows in a range of pink tones. Above the door is the word “Kinky’s” in yellow letters.

Kinky’s Dessert Bar sells the dirtiest desserts in the Lower East Side

Genitalia-shaped waffles have brought fame to the bakery that opened this past Valentine’s Day. August and John DeWindt, owners of Kinky’s Dessert Bar, explain exactly why the sexual sweets sell.
Olivia Liu, Contributing Writer April 4, 2022

“I want a nipple-pierced cupcake!” my roommate and first-year Liberal Studies student, Mia Hejlsberg, said to me as she started getting ready for the day. In any other context,...

(Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Party or fashion show? Christian Juul Nielsen debuts at NYFW

Designer Christian Juul Nielsen makes his New York Fashion Week debut with Danish brand Aknvas in a beautiful flurry of bunny heads, models and disco music.
Olivia Liu, Contributing Writer February 15, 2022

A quick glance into the sunken living room at Spring Studios might have one questioning whether or not they had fallen into a 1970s conversation pit. Christian Juul Nielsen,...