Easy Dorm Room Decorations for the Holiday Season


Katie Peurrung

Festive tapestries are one way to decorate your dorm to celebrate Christmas.

Natalie Chinn, Staff Writer

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to bust out the cotton snow and ceramic figurines. While candles and evergreen Christmas trees are, unfortunately, fire hazards in the residence halls, the decorating possibilities are endless. Put on your favorite ugly sweater and bring some holiday cheer to your dorm room with these fun and simple decorations.

Twinkle or fairy lights can turn a dreary dorm room into a warm, inviting space. A variety of decorative lights are sold online, such as colorful LEDs or dangling icicles. Traditionally, lights plug into wall sockets, but for more flexibility, try battery-powered ones. Drape them around a window frame or across the ceiling for some added overhead sparkle.

Hanging a single tapestry can completely transform a room. Whether you choose a snowy mountain design or a reindeer print, a festive tapestry will instantly turn your room into a winter wonderland. Although tapestries are often pricey, you can easily thrift a fun printed blanket or bed sheet to hang on the wall.

USB Plug-in Decorations
Small, light-up decorations that can be plugged into your computer or any USB port are perfect for keeping on a nightstand or desk. From mini menorahs to color-changing snowmen, these are cheap and compact alternatives to more elaborate ornamentation. Plus, they travel well if you decide to bring decorations to and from an abroad site.

Wreaths and Garlands
Channel your crafty side with some DIY wreaths and garlands. Try using unconventional materials, such as paper or fabric or lights to create something whimsical to hang from your door or on the wall.

Cutout Snowflakes
Last but not least, you can never go wrong with some classic paper snowflakes. Create your own designs or copy intricate ones from online — just remember that every snowflake is unique. They’ll look great dangling from the ceiling or taped in a gradience down a wall.

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