Nicole Bell S/S 2018

Natalie Chinn, Contributing Writer

Chic, confident and sexy – designer Nicole Bell knows what bold, 21st century women want their clothes to say. Her Spring/Summer 2018 collection, inspired by a recent visit to Japan, was sharp and powerful. Vibrant colors were paired with marbled and geometric patterns, which Bell designed herself.

Bell’s digitally printed textiles stole the show. The layering and manipulation of her travel photos created whirling patterns, resembling flowers through a kaleidoscope. These prints were cut into voluminous skirts, whimsical kimonos and trendy bralettes and crop-tops, keeping the collection playful and whimsical.

However, a few patterns fell flat and were not as cohesive with the collection. The white polka dots were fun and young, but harshly contrasted the softness of Bell’s other prints. A rosy cream dress strayed from the strong sexiness of the other pieces and was bland in comparison.

While half of Bell’s designs incorporated bright reds and purples, the other half took on an edgier tone, with black garments sporting structured shoulders and low geometric necklines. A standout look was a sheer full-length mermaid skirt with a marbled pattern paired with an angular black top.

Bell showed off her versatility in this collection, all while staying true to the confident and sophisticated woman she designs for. From casual jumpsuits and shorts to gowns fit for the red carpet, each design was a head-turner.

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