Videmus Omnia S/S 2018

Natalie Chinn, Contributing Writer

Yun Qu unveiled her dark side with her debut collection. Qu, the creator of the new label, Videmus Omnia, found inspiration in gothic romanticism, which she used to develop her elegantly dark Spring/Summer 2018 pieces.   

Instead of having a runway show, Qu decided to display her collection like artwork. By doing so, she took the viewers into an all-consuming experience.

In the corner of the room, a pianist played a soundtrack inspired purely by Qu’s aesthetic. The deep, pulsating music was entrancing, and made the space of Gallery One Twenty Eight seem small and intimate. The gallery was dressed entirely in black, from the walls to the paper flower decor.

Qu’s garments hung from intertwining black branches in draped shapes, like looming trees in an enchanted forest. Laced daintily along the branches and textured background were silver necklaces featuring crystal pendants.

Amongst her collection were several leather pieces, ruffled fabrics, and long, draping ribbons. Many of Qu’s pieces were embellished with silver rings. She played with flattering and edgy necklines, and experimented with jacket construction and aspects of movement.

Despite the dark and heavy aspects of Qu’s collection, her quirkiness shined through. Amongst the garments and jewelry were teardrop glasses, hanging from the ceiling, each filled with sugary pastries. This sweet addition to the presentation garnered instant smiles.

Qu enjoyed creating a complex collection inspired by different emotions and elements. Music drove the creation of her pieces – as she listened, she let her imagination run wild.

“When I designed, I didn’t have any sketches,” Qu said. “I kind of just closed my eyes and draped directly on the form.”

This is how she began the first two pieces, which she said guided her towards the rest of her collection. The first was a deconstructed leather jacket, featuring panels of fabric in different lengths, and the other was a dress of several distressed fabrics, like the feathers of a raven.

Qu’s collection was not just about her avant-garde looks, but the overall environment she created with her presentation. To bring together the gallery, she collaborated with Miranda Cohen, the jewelry designer, and Stanislav Fridman, the composer. Together, her vision of dark romanticism was brought to life.

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