Jack Frost Playing Games in NYC


Julia Saliba

With the confusing weather ahead, students find it difficult to know what to wear. Lately New York has seen some rainy and cold days and many are yet to come.

Natalie Chinn, Staff Writer

November is already here, but the summer sun is still making guest appearances in New York. Temperatures have ranged between the high 70s and low 40s in the past three weeks, leaving students frustrated by the weather’s unpredictability.

On Nov. 2, temperatures reached a toasty 72 degrees. But this week, temperatures dropped drastically, ranging from the 30s to the 50s.

CAS senior Laura Kastalio hates how inconsistent this fall has been. The weather changes have been giving her headaches.

“I feel like it wasn’t this bad last fall,” Kastalio said. “I don’t remember it being this warm for such a long time. It’s really cold one day, and hot the next.”

However, the weather hasn’t fazed CAS freshman Zach Charlton, though the wind has.

“It’s similar to what’s going on at home,” Charlton, who is from Northeastern Pennsylvania, said. “But the wind in the city is way worse.”

For most students, even those like Kastalio, who has been in New York for the past four years, the biggest challenge has been dressing for the random weather changes.

“I find it very difficult figuring out what to wear in the morning,” Kastalio said.

The cold forced CAS freshman Brynna Gross, who is from California, to trade in her flip-flops in for boots. The combination of low temperatures and harsh winds has been especially difficult for her to adjust to, and she feels unprepared for the frigid months ahead.

“I don’t have enough jackets or layers,” Gross said.

Steinhardt junior Tim Lyzen, on the other hand, is having a hard time letting go of his summer attire.

“I love shorts,” Lyzen, who has worn shorts on both the coldest and the hottest days of the past month, said.

Although the changing weather has no effect on Lyzen’s wardrobe, fall fashion is in full force. Kastalio’s advice for first-year students is to layer their clothes, which lets them to bundle up and strip down, keeping their outfit flexible for the weather.

As the cold months approach, keep warm by making sure you have proper winter gear, like a thick jacket and warm boots, and take advantage of the seasonal activities and events. From ice skating at Central Park to shopping at Bryant Park’s Winter Village, the city’s endless opportunities for fun will help you forget about the cold.

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