First-Years and Seniors Compare College Experiences

First-year and senior NYU students answered a set of the same questions. Hear how the answers differ between the two years.

Who you are when you start college is usually a completely different person than the one who graduates. As a first-year, going to school in the Big Apple is your first taste of the real world and independence — the lights, the sights and the violent jolt of the city dizzy you as you figure out how to navigate this new life.

For upperclassmen, it’s funny to look back on their first year in college and remember how naive and starry-eyed they once were. Times Square used to be your favorite place in New York City? That’s cute.

In order to get a sense of how much changes over four years of college, WSN asked a handful of first-years and seniors the same set of questions to see how their answers differed. The topics of our questions ranged from nightlife to favorite place to study.

Watch the video to see how their answers compared.

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