New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Clio McConnell

Clio McConnell, Editor-at-Large

Clio McConnell is a senior in the College of Arts and Science, studying Dramatic Literature and Classics. When she's not reading plays or casually translating Latin, she's probably lamenting the Chicago Cubs' terrible record and baking cookies to remedy the disappointment. She has been at WSN since her first semester, never straying far from the Arts desk, which is a convenient excuse to geek out about superhero movies. She counts as one of her greatest accomplishments the fact that she can quote Ferris Bueller's Day Off in its entirety.

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[UPDATED] Play aims at stigma of disabled actors

Clio McConnell, Editor-At-Large April 29, 2015
The Off-Broadway troupe Theater Breaking Through Barriers aims to advance artists with disabilities. In "The Unexpected Guest," the theater successfully integrates disabled artists with more able-bodied ones.
Jules OConner

Jules O’Connor

Clio McConnell, Editor-at-large December 11, 2014

Even after a long day of student government work, Jules O’Connor is all smiles on Dec. 4 as she leads the monthly University Committee on Student Life meeting, introducing speakers...

‘Signal Failure’ pleases as triumph of candor

‘Signal Failure’ pleases as triumph of candor

Clio McConnell, Editor-at-Large November 5, 2014
"Signal Failure" looks at missed connections and subway soulmates
Buzz follows the efforts of a pregnant woman and her playwright boyfriend to rid their apartment of the flies infesting the outside world. Funny and harrowing, its a fast-paced story of love and art in a time of global warming.

Play has audience heads buzzing

Clio McConnell, Editor-at-Large November 3, 2014
Benjamin Kunkel's new play is an irreverent exploration of how theater goes unappreciated by the masses.
The performers shine in the latest rendition of On the Town.

‘On the Town’ excites with helluva show

Clio McConnell, Editor-at-Large October 30, 2014
The latest rendition of "On the Town" shines because of its performers.

Play examines abilities of brain

Clio McConnell, Editor-at-Large September 24, 2014
"Valley of Astonishment" is a remarkable look at synesthesia

‘Man in the Moon’ lands between comedy and tragedy

Clio McConnell, Editor-at-Large September 17, 2014
"Man in the Moon's" bleak premise explores the value of life
Rachel Kaplan/WSN

Tisch School of the Arts Commencement

Clio McConnell, Arts Editor May 23, 2014
Martin Scorsese addressed the Tisch School of the Arts class of 2014.

Unpublished works spark debate

Clio McConnell and Michael Domanico April 23, 2014
Gabriel García Márquez left behind an unfinished manuscript, striking up controversy over whether the work should be published.
Arts Issue: Letter from the editor

Arts Issue: Letter from the editor

Clio McConnell April 10, 2014
This semester's Arts Issue deals with the topic of Celebrity and its importance in media.
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Ives’ ‘Heir Apparent’ succeeds beyond obvious laughs

Clio McConnell April 8, 2014
David Ives' hilarious adaptation of this 1705 French farce is pulled off by a highly capable cast.
Captain America: Winter Soldier doubles as chilling political thriller

‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ doubles as chilling political thriller

Jonathon Dornbush and Clio McConnell April 3, 2014
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is shockingly altered in this latest installment, starring Chris Evans.
Felipe De La Hoz/WSN

Up-and-Comer | Catherine Geller

Clio McConnell March 27, 2014
Geller wants to use performance to turn a mirror on the entertainment industry, and her first step was founding the Unmasked Theatre Company.
courtesy of Pearl Acting Company

Pearl Theatre Company mounts faithful production of ‘No Exit’

Clio McConnell March 11, 2014
Jean-Paul Sartre's 1944 play about Hell loses some of its existential effect in this presentation.
Debating Allen: Separating art from artist

Debating Allen: Separating art from artist

Tatiana Baez and Clio McConnell February 5, 2014
Two staff members go head to head in our debate on detaching controversial artists from their work.
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Broadway inspired by varied source material

Clio McConnell, Arts Editor February 4, 2014
Many of this season's Broadway shows have adapted existing works of film and literature.
Rachel Kaplan/WSN

NYU community mourns alumnus Philip Seymour Hoffman

Clio McConnell and Ife Olujobi February 2, 2014
Oscar-winning actor and NYU graduate Philip Seymour Hoffman died unexpectedly on Sunday, Feb. 2.

ARTS ISSUE: Creators make ‘Sleepy Hollow’ laughable, annoying

Clio McConnell December 5, 2013
The absurd number of ideas that are thrown together in "Sleepy Hollow" combine for a show that exasperates rather than entertains.
Courtesy of The Aquila Theatre

Greek tragedy Hercules adapted for modern audiences

Clio McConnell, Senior Editor April 16, 2013
Translated from Ancient Greek by NYU professor Peter Meineck, the otherwise flat performance stands as a theatrical experiment.
Courtesy of Momentum Pictures

Eran Creevy plays with film conventions in ‘Punch’

Clio McConnell, Senior Editor March 26, 2013
The normal “good versus evil” mold does not apply in the traditional sense.
Clio McConnell/WSN

Gramercy Green residence hall

Clio McConnell March 6, 2013
Gramercy Green residence hall, sometimes called “Glamercy,” is known to most NYU students as the nicest dorm on campus.

Riveting performances steal the stage in ‘Vandal’

Clio McConnell, Senior Editor February 12, 2013
Vandal presents a compelling psychological meditation on death, as well as the effectiveness of truth-telling and lying.

Digital age must not abandon pen, paper

Clio McConnell December 6, 2012
E-readers are efficient, but they can't beat the experience of reading a paper book.

‘The Heiress’ fails to ascend to royal heights

Clio McConnell November 6, 2012
Despite strong performance from Jessica Chastain and others, "Heiress" proves problematic.
Courtesy of Cort Theatre

Michael Shannon, unique staging are saving graces

Clio McConnell October 4, 2012
Despite "Grace's" weaknesses, intriguing staging and performances make for a worthy show.