Gramercy Green residence hall

Clio McConnell


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Gramercy Green residence hall, sometimes called “Glamercy,” is known to most NYU students as the nicest dorm on campus. With large bathrooms, hardwood floors and touch-screen microwaves, it’s possible that the apartment-style rooms are the nicest we’ll ever be able to afford in Manhattan. Plus, the elevators talk.

Compared to other NYU upperclassman residences, Gramercy almost certainly boasts the coolest kitchens. Apart from the futuristic microwaves, it also has gas stoves and dishwashers. Though the storage space may be a bit tight for appliance-crazy cooks, there will be enough room if the drawers and cabinets are used wisely.

Despite its deluxe appliances and features, Gramercy is not in the most convenient location. True, the building is situated a mere three blocks from Madison Square Park’s Shake Shack, but Third Avenue at 23rd Street is not so posh. Though the upperclassman dorm is located in the Gramercy neighborhood, it is not the most fashionable address in the area.

Then again, there are many convenience stores nearby, and the ever trusty Pick-A-Bagel is just across the street. The walk to campus — 25 minutes — is not unpleasant, especially if one takes the route through Gramercy Park and Irving Place rather than Third Avenue.

Gramercy certainly has everything residents need, as well as some pretty luxurious extras. Although it may not be in the best location, with all the dorm has to offer, you may never want to leave the building.


— Clio McConnell