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A junior at NYU Abu Dhabi who was born and raised in Kabul fears the effects that the Taliban regime could have on her livelihood as a student. NYU as well as NYU’s Islamic Center say they have been working to support students and faculty affected by the turmoil. (Staff Photo by Roshni Raj)

‘I’m scared for my life’: An Afghan student on the collapse of Afghanistan

An anonymous NYU Abu Dhabi junior, born a Shia Hazara Muslim in Kabul, shares her story of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.
Roshni Raj, Abroad News Editor September 8, 2021

Since her childhood, an anonymous junior at NYU Abu Dhabi born and raised in Kabul — has feared the Taliban after she watched the militant group attack schools in Afghanistan....

Most study away programs at NYU will resume this fall. But students in the NYU Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi programs face difficulties due to new immigration policies and COVID-19 restrictions. (Photos by Julia McNeill and Sam Klein, Staff Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

New immigration policies and COVID-19 safety measures complicate study away at NYU Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi

With study away resuming at most of NYU’s global network this fall, many students are facing complex immigration and arrival guidelines amid amorphous — and shifting — pandemic travel restrictions.
Andrew Califf and Kayla Hardersen August 25, 2021

TEL AVIV, Israel — NYU students across the globe are seeking a return to normalcy as they head back to campus this fall. Students studying away, however, are encountering additional...

NYU has a global study site in Florence, Italy. GLS students traditionally spend their junior year abroad at one of NYUs global study sites but are unable to do so this semester. (Photo by Sofia Bates)

Where Are the GLS Juniors Now?

NYU’s Global Liberal Studies program requires all of its juniors to spend their entire year abroad. However, because U.S. citizens are banned from entry to most of the countries NYU’s abroad sites are located in, students must find another way to navigate the year.
Dana Sun, Deputy Culture Editor September 21, 2020

Global Liberal Studies junior Madison Trpisovsky should be spending her school year in Paris. It’s a year that she should have spent living out her life as a true local Parisian....

NYU London does its best to prepare for the UK leaving the EU.  NYUL Assistant Director for Student Life Nigel Freeman talks about the plans for Brexit. (Via NYU)

NYU London Holds Its Breath as U.K. Approaches Brexit Deadline

With no formal picture of what the U.K.’s departure from the EU will look like, NYU London does its best to prepare for Brexit.
Paul Kim, Abroad Correspondent November 25, 2019

As the U.K. government extends its Brexit deadline from Oct. 31 to Jan. 31 of next year, many potential ramifications of the U.K.’s separation from the European Union remain...

NYU Florence campus. Student talks about homesickness while studying abroad. (Photo by Zixuan Gao)

A Tale of Two Cities, but One Without Dollar Pizza

As a result of being farther from home than ever before, I've learned a lot about what homesickness means.
Anna Cuciurean-Zapan, Contributing Writer November 4, 2019

Three roller bags crashing onto the cobblestone ground, my arms flailing and me, drenched in sweat: this was my arrival at NYU Florence at the start of this semester, the fall...

The London Eye. (Courtesy of ajagendorf25 via Flickr)

Spring Break at NYU London: Seas the Day! Where My Beaches At?

Study abroad students from NYU London share their sun-filled spring break plans.
Kala Herh, Contributing Writer March 15, 2019

If I had to describe London weather in one word, it would be dreary. The climate in the British capital is very much what you’d expect: rainy, cloudy and moody. As a result,...

Jamon from Mueso de Jamón, a ham shop in Madrid. (Photo by Ben Land)

The Prize Pig: Madrid’s Infatuation With Jamón

NYU Madrid students get a taste of Spanish culture through jamón.
Ben Land, Staff Writer February 27, 2019

Spain’s food culture can be described as one of tradition and loyalty to a style of eating that accommodates Iberians across the peninsula. One foodstuff commonly found in a...

The Old Town Square in Prague, one of NYUs study abroad destinations. (via NYU Tisch)

Study Abroad Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

A list of scholarships that can help make your study away dreams come true.
Paola Nagovitch, Contributing Writer February 8, 2019

Studying abroad is transformative, but it can also be financially stressful. If you are planning to go abroad for a semester or a whole year, you have probably chosen your location...

The streets of Madrid where NYU students have a chance to study abroad. (Photo by Jemima McEvoy)

NYU Madrid Students Express Early Concerns About Scheduling

Students’ thoughts on the hectic start to the semester at NYU Madrid.
Ben Land, Staff Writer February 6, 2019

All the students living in Claraval, the NYU student residence in Madrid, trudged to the newly-acquired academic building for orientation at 9 a.m. Central European Time. They...

A view of NYU Florence campus from Villa Natalia. (WSN File Photo)

Maximizing Your Study Away Experience

Elif Kesikbas, Staff Writer February 1, 2019

The words “the city is your campus” were heard over and over at the Fall 2017 Presidential Welcome. This sentiment has become both a boast and a consolation for NYU students...

Zwinger Palace in Dresden. (Photo by Orsi Liddiard)

Czeching out of Prague for the Weekend

Orsi Liddiard, Contributing Writer December 3, 2018

As the semester draws to a close and I look back on the trips I took, I’m realizing just how easy it has been to travel from Prague, as there are so many options to travel cheaply...

Natasha Roy, the writer of this article, volunteers at New Horizon Special School, a school for special needs children and adults in Accra. Students have many options when it comes to interning or volunteering with an Accra-based organization. (Photo by Natasha Roy)

What NYU Should Tell Accra-Bound Students

Natasha Roy, Staff Writer November 26, 2018

NYU Accra is this university’s best-kept secret. It’s located in one of the nicest neighborhoods in the bustling capital of one of the most beautiful countries in the world...