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The front facade of the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires.

NYU Buenos Aires brings Latine students closer to their heritage

Three Latina students studying at NYU Buenos Aires reflect on how their time abroad in Latin America mended their relationship with identity and culture.
Juliana Guarracino, Abroad Editor Oct 24, 2022

As the only study abroad site in Latin America, NYU Buenos Aires is a place for many Latine students to connect to their roots, learn more about their history and embrace their...

Landscape photo of Dover, England, featuring stone buildings, greenery and an ocean in the background.

Top 3 day trips for NYU London students

If you’re studying at NYU London, here are the best places to visit to make the most of your days off.
Carolyn Xue, Staff Writer Oct 14, 2022

From the bustling city to the beautiful countryside by the coast, there are plenty of unique places to take a quick day trip outside of NYU London. When abroad students think of...

An illustration of a brown leather suitcase, a yellow U-shaped pillow and an opened purple-and-red wallet against a background with a gradient of yellow, pink and red.

The NYU study abroad student guide to traveling Europe on a budget

Travel is an important part of many NYU students’ study abroad experience. Here’s how to do it without breaking the bank.
Gabrielle Trinidad Almeter, Staff Writer Oct 13, 2022

Dear abroad NYU students: I’m sure you’ve already felt some FOMO scrolling through your classmates' Instagram posts as they jet off to glamorous new destinations every weekend....

The front façade of the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires.

NYU’s smaller study abroad sites are refreshingly personal

With smaller campus sizes, sites like NYU Accra, NYU Buenos Aires and NYU Sydney offer a unique sense of community to their students.
Juliana Guarracino, Abroad Editor Oct 12, 2022

On NYU’s New York campus, which has approximately 29,700 undergraduate students, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Studying away not only offers students a chance to experience...

A collage of three runway photos. From left to right: A model dressed in a purple, green and gold patterned dress walks on the runway, a model wearing a nude top, an orange dress and a pair of silver wings walks on the runway. On the right, a model wearing a turban, veil, chains and a pair of black pants walks on the runway.

Animal print abound in Flying Solo show at Paris Fashion Week

Australian designer Ella Jackson stole Flying Solo’s second show with Catholic Guilt Clothing.
Zainab Rizvi, Staff Writer Oct 4, 2022

Unlike most brands, New York City-based fashion collective Flying Solo aims to collaborate with other designers instead of competing — a rarity in the fashion world. Just a few...

Triptic featuring three models walking down runway. Woman on left walks down runway in long red dress. Woman in middle walks down runway in long sleeve white top, black mini skirt, and black shoes. Woman on right walks down runway in cropped gray top, gray textured pants, and black shoes.

EENK brings the Wild West to Paris Fashion Week

This Western-inspired collection brings the genre into a global perspective.
Nikkala Kovacevic, Staff Writer Oct 3, 2022

Designer Hyemee Lee has moved away from her typically metaphorical collection themes, like “T for Temptation” and “U for Utopia,” and moved more into history with her take...

CEO of Nehera Ladislav Zdut poses in front of two racks of business casual clothing and a poster of a model.

Nehera prioritizes chic utilitarian comfort at Paris Fashion Week

CEO Ladislav Zdut is reviving a classic brand with a modern and practical twist.
Zainab Rizvi, Staff Writer Oct 3, 2022

In 2014, Slovak businessman Ladislav Zdut revived Nehera, an iconic brand founded in 1930s Czechoslovakia. In its first incarnation, the brand helped revolutionize the ready-to-wear...

A door lock shaped like the Eiffel Tower on a wooden door. Behind the door lies a female student sleeping on a bed in a room.

Cleaning staff at NYU Paris enter dorms unannounced

Cleaning staff have walked in on NYU Paris students without knocking, prompting safety concerns.
Nikkala Kovacevic, Staff Writer Sep 29, 2022

Riley Coughlin, a Global Liberal Studies junior, had her first interaction with the cleaning staff at NYU Paris during her first week. She heard her dorm room door open unexpectedly...

An illustration of a long-haired dachshund dog, light gray clouds, plain “fish and chips” on a white plate and plain black leather boots with a small heel.

Debunking the myth: London isn’t the NYC of Europe

Despite the surface-level similarities the United Kingdom may share with the United States, NYU London students still experience culture shock.
Shreyas Inamdar, Staff Writer Sep 29, 2022

I am one of the many NYU students who picked London as my study away destination because I thought it would be a similar experience to my life in the United States since it is...

An illustration of a map of Europe with the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy and Spain painted purple with white New York University emblems. Each country has one city labeled, which are London, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Florence and Madrid. Illustrations of New York University global sites’ buildings are included next to each country on the map.

First year away: An untraditional introduction to NYU life

Some NYU students choose to immerse themselves in a new culture instead of New York City for their first year.
Madeline Carpinelli, Staff Writer Sep 28, 2022

As one of NYU’s more unique study abroad offerings, students in Liberal Studies and the Stern School of Business have the opportunity to spend their entire first year abroad,...

Queen Elizabeth II’s burgundy red Jaguar Land Rover hearse passes by crowds. Behind the hearse’s clear glass window lies the late queen’s decorated oak coffin.

NYU London shuts down for queen’s funeral

With a day off for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, some NYU London students attended the event in person.
Avery Hendrick, Staff Writer Sep 26, 2022

Following her death on Sept. 8, Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was held in London on the morning of Sept. 19. The day was designated a national day of mourning and a bank holiday...

A crowd of protesters on the streets of Buenos Aires with the Obelisk to the left.

In Buenos Aires, NYU students drawn into a national reckoning

Discourse about the preservation of democracy and the necessity of student interventions abroad surfaced after a failed assassination attempt on the Argentine vice president.
Sade Collier, Staff Writer Sep 16, 2022

On Sept. 1, a failed assassination attempt on Argentine vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner led to the prompt declaration of a national holiday by President Alberto...