New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

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Woman posing by leaning on a stack of books while standing in front of a shelf packed with books.

Food Studies professor wins University Distinguished Teaching Award

Steinhardt professor Amy Bentley makes the food studies department proud with achievement for outstanding student engagement in teaching.
Carina Christo, Contributing Writer May 3, 2024

The annual University Distinguished Teaching Award recognizes a few full-time faculty members for their commitment to engaging with and mentoring students in their respective fields....

Bobian Demce standing with his arms crossed, looking up in front of a wall of photos.

Dua Kafe is the heart and soul of Albanian food in the East Village

Meet Bobian Demce, the man introducing Albanian food to the East Village.
Carina Christo, Contributing Writer April 11, 2024

Growing up with Albanian roots from my dad’s side, I loved Balkan specialties like spinach byrek and savory phyllo dough pies, as they were staples in my household. Sunday services...

A woman smiles inside a silver food truck with signs on its exterior.

Corona Plaza, the melting pot of Latin American street food, returns to Queens

Boasting both local bites and global delights, Corona Plaza’s famed street vendors are back following an extended hiatus. Here are my top five picks for the most authentic Latin American eats.
Carina Christo, Contributing Writer February 22, 2024

Against the backdrop of cumbia music playing over a speaker, kids running around with Silly String, old men playing dominoes and the influx of visitors from the nighttime rush,...

The interior of I Love Paraguay Restaurant. Two people are sitting across from each other. Jaime Issac S., a server at I Love Paraguay, is talking to them. The wall behind them is painted and there are pink flowers across it, as well as across the ceiling.

Restaurants to love for Hispanic Heritage Month

Try these places to eat in New York City for an authentic experience of Hispanic cultures.
Carina Christo, Staff Writer October 6, 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates over a dozen Hispanic cultures, and not all of them get enough recognition. Knowing food is a great connector across cultures, I asked around...

A collage of two photographs. The photo on the left shows a group of people performing a ritual wearing red-and-yellow clothes, while the photo on the right shows a person dancing wearing a white robe.

NYU’s Quechua program empowers students to engage with the Andean community

From producing colorful photography projects to learning the skills to preserve a centuries-old language, Odi Gonzales’ Quechua program empowers students to reconnect with their Peruvian roots.
Carina Christo, Staff Writer October 5, 2023

Searching for her roots through her camera viewfinder, Tisch student Darinka Arones traveled to the city of Cusco in her home country of Peru this summer to document the rituals...

This photo is a tight shot of the exterior of N.Y.U. Madrid’s building. With several green twigs hanging down, the black doors are closed with the number 13 written on the center above. A gray metal sign with the N.Y.U. torch logo and the text “New York University in Madrid” is hung on the yellow wall on the left side of the image.

How to actually improve your Spanish at NYU Madrid

Can you really become fluent after one semester abroad? Here’s your guide to incorporating the city into your language learning journey.
Carina Christo, Staff Writer February 24, 2023

You showed up in Madrid for your semester abroad, and you assumed you were prepared. You nailed down the euro to dollar conversion, and you figured out when is best to FaceTime...

An illustration of a phone displaying the text “Spotify Wrapped” against a background with green and pink wave patterns. The phone stands against a solid purple background.

Spotify Wrapped: The limitations of listening 

Spotify’s recently released end-of-the-year recaps ask whether listeners can still have original taste in music.
Carina Christo, Contributing Writer December 9, 2022

I’ve taken the Amtrak to and from Massachusetts at least 18 times. Despite the practice I have with train procedures, spotty Wi-Fi leaves me with little to do for four hours,...

An exterior photograph of a Blank Street Coffee from street view.

Blank Street Coffee: Symbol of gentrification or new neighborhood staple?

What happens when you leave a Sternie, $67 million and an automated coffee machine in a room together? Blank Street Coffee.
Carina Christo, Contributing Writer October 14, 2022

Blank Street Coffee, the pistachio-green coffee shop, is the brainchild of 2015 Stern alum Vinay Menda and 2017 Columbia University alum Isaam Freiha. With 40 locations throughout...

The exterior façade of a red brick building with a Joes Pizza sign and patio cover while a customer eats at the outside table.

The best late-night and 24-hour eats around campus

The ultimate guide to the city’s nighttime eateries that aren’t just dollar slice joints or diners.
Carina Christo, Contributing Writer March 29, 2022

Eighteen mannequins display clothing by famous ’90s designers in the Museum at FIT. Unfinished wooden slats separate the exhibit into sections.

The Museum at FIT showcases the ’90s as a decade of ‘Reinvention and Restlessness’

A new must-see exhibition looks back on the themes that shaped a decade in fashion.
Carina Christo, Contributing Writer February 23, 2022

2022 is all about Y2K. Walk to class and you’ll most likely see a few pairs of low-rise jeans, cargo pants and UGGs on your way. Urban Outfitters now has a category on its website...