New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

The exterior of N.Y.U. Langone’s Tisch Hospital and the Helen L. and Martin S. Kimmel Pavilion.

NYU to help create center for diabetes research with $13 million grant

The center, which will focus on diabetes research tailored toward marginalized communities, will begin its programs this coming fall.
Maisie Zipfel, Deputy News Editor February 7, 2024

NYU Langone Health received a $13 million grant to create a national center for Type 2 diabetes research alongside two other institutions, which will be “the first of its kind.”...

Ten men and women in suits and dresses stand in front of a purple background that says “New York Digital Vision Forum”.

NYU launches new AI initiative with South Korean research university

The university will collaborate with the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology to advance its artificial intelligence research efforts.
Graylin Lucas, Staff Writer October 3, 2023

NYU recently launched an initiative alongside the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, a national research university in South Korea, to expand its research on...

Graphs of varying color on a computer screen.

NYU researchers partner with Brooklyn-based tech startup

The university recently partnered with Qunnect, a Brooklyn tech startup, to develop a communication network using quantum technology.
Alyona Uvarova, Staff Writer October 2, 2023

NYU recently partnered with Brooklyn-based tech startup Qunnect to establish a secure communication network for transmitting data between the company’s headquarters and the university’s...

An illustration of a girl wearing a green t-shirt drinking from a plastic cup filled with purple liquids with a white straw.

‘Totally unpredictable’: NYU class discovers new fluid flow laws

A simple mathematics exercise turned into a three-year-long study as researchers discovered limitations in the laws of fluid dynamics.
Ania Keenan, Features Editor April 4, 2023

The act of sipping through a straw may defy long-standing laws of fluid dynamics — the study of the flow of liquids and gases — according to a recent NYU study. Researchers...

An illustration of entangled black and white lines in a circular shape against a background of large blue dots.

Two NYU studies face off at STAT Madness

The science competition will feature two NYU studies competing against each other in the bracket-style tournament.
Nikki Mirala, Staff Writer March 29, 2023

Put down the basketball and pick up a beaker — it’s time for STAT Madness. This year, two NYU research studies focusing on gum disease and cancer, respectively, have been entered...

A person wearing a white T-shirt and holding a baby. There is a black-and-white geometric logo superimposed in the top right corner of the frame.

Babies and AI go head to head in new NYU study

A recent NYU study compares the ability of infants and machines to understand human behavior.
Graylin Lucas, Contributing Writer March 9, 2023

Babies may know a lot more than we think. A recent NYU study shows that compared to artificial intelligence, infants are better at detecting the motivation behind human decisions.  Moira...

A man with brown hair is wearing black glasses, a gray jacket, a white shirt and a silver tie.

NYU prof. gets $75,000 for work on quantum physics

Dries Sels, a professor in the university’s physics department, has been awarded the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship for his work on quantum physics and machine learning.
Clara Spray, Staff Writer March 1, 2023

Dries Sels, an assistant professor of physics at NYU, was recently awarded a Sloan Research Fellowship for his work on quantum dynamics and machine learning. The fellowship, granted...

The entrance to N.Y.U’s College of Dentistry under scaffolding. A sign for twenty-fifth street is seen to the right of the building, and a clock is mounted on a pole on the sidewalk.

NYU dental study shows promising results for alternative cavity treatment

Researchers at the NYU College of Dentistry found that a one-time medical treatment prevents 80% of cavities.
Hope Pisoni, Staff Writer March 1, 2023

A new study from NYU College of Dentistry faculty found that silver diamine fluoride was effective in treating over 50% of dental cavities in children, and preventing 80%. The...

An illustration of a soccer player wearing blue, kicking a soccer ball toward a net. A soccer player wearing an orange shirt and bright yellow gloves is guarding the net. In front of them is a man wearing a bright yellow shirt and black shorts, holding his hand to his mouth and, in his other outstretched arm, holding a document that reads “New Penalty Rules” with score charts on it.

First penalty kick wins soccer match, NYU prof finds

Researchers found that the first team to kick the ball at a penalty-kick shootout is more likely to win than the opposing team.
Ujji Bathla, Staff Writer February 28, 2023

The team that wins the coin toss to shoot first during a penalty-kick shootout is 22% more likely to win the game than the opposing team, according to the results of an analysis...

An illustration of white wired earphones surrounded by musical notes against a blue background.

Love at first listen: It only takes 5 seconds to like a song, NYU study finds 

NYU researchers looked into why people love and hate different music, and found that they typically know whether they like a song within seconds of listening to it.
Ujji Bathla, Staff Writer February 14, 2023

If you’ve ever immediately skipped a song on Spotify, or liked a new song after only a few seconds, you’re not alone, according to a recent NYU study. The study determined...

A screenshot of the Congressional District Health Dashboard rests against a light purple background. It shows a map of the United States, with Congressional district boundaries highlighted next to the text “Explore the Health Snapshot for Your Congressional District.”

Get to know your district with NYU Grossman’s new data tool

NYU’s Grossman School of Medicine launched a new online tool that displays key health data for all 435 U.S. congressional districts. 
Jenny Seo, Staff Writer February 7, 2023

Researchers at NYU’s Grossman School of Medicine have launched an online dashboard that they hope politicians will use to help guide health policy decisions. The dashboard tracks...

A tall hospital building complex with three towers that display purple N.Y.U Langone Health logos.

AI makes MRIs 4 times faster, NYU and Meta researchers find

Researchers from NYU Langone’s radiology department created artificial intelligence that produces high-quality images in partnership with Meta AI, using just a quarter of the data needed in previous scans.
Annabelle Wang, Contributing Writer January 30, 2023

Artificial intelligence improves the speed and clarity of MRIs as compared with traditional scanning, according to a recent study from the radiology department at NYU Langone...

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