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An illustration of the silhouettes of six animals, including a bat, a pig, a human, a rat, a cow and a chicken, all surrounding an illustration of a virus. The silhouettes are burgundy and are against a dark brown background.

The US may be vulnerable to zoonotic diseases, NYU, Harvard researchers say

Scholars from NYU and Harvard University argue that United States policies governing wildlife are insufficient to protect against diseases that are transmissible between animals and humans.
Ujji Bathla, Staff Writer Mar 2, 2023

Current United States biodefense laws may be insufficient to prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases, which spread between animals and humans, according to a recent editorial from...

An illustration of a soccer player wearing blue, kicking a soccer ball toward a net. A soccer player wearing an orange shirt and bright yellow gloves is guarding the net. In front of them is a man wearing a bright yellow shirt and black shorts, holding his hand to his mouth and, in his other outstretched arm, holding a document that reads “New Penalty Rules” with score charts on it.

First penalty kick wins soccer match, NYU prof finds

Researchers found that the first team to kick the ball at a penalty-kick shootout is more likely to win than the opposing team.
Ujji Bathla, Staff Writer Feb 28, 2023

The team that wins the coin toss to shoot first during a penalty-kick shootout is 22% more likely to win the game than the opposing team, according to the results of an analysis...

An illustration of white wired earphones surrounded by musical notes against a blue background.

Love at first listen: It only takes 5 seconds to like a song, NYU study finds 

NYU researchers looked into why people love and hate different music, and found that they typically know whether they like a song within seconds of listening to it.
Ujji Bathla, Staff Writer Feb 14, 2023

If you’ve ever immediately skipped a song on Spotify, or liked a new song after only a few seconds, you’re not alone, according to a recent NYU study. The study determined...