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A tall hospital building complex with three towers that display purple N.Y.U Langone Health logos.

AI makes MRIs 4 times faster, NYU and Meta researchers find

Researchers from NYU Langone’s radiology department created artificial intelligence that produces high-quality images in partnership with Meta AI, using just a quarter of the data needed in previous scans.
Annabelle Wang, Contributing Writer Jan 30, 2023

Artificial intelligence improves the speed and clarity of MRIs as compared with traditional scanning, according to a recent study from the radiology department at NYU Langone...

A landscape photograph of a sandy cliffside that levels off and features a group of around a dozen people at the top. The people are excavating. They have shovels with them and are wearing long sleeve shirts and pants, and some have hats.

Discovery of rare ape fossil fills evolutionary gaps, team with NYU prof. finds

Terry Harrison, a professor emeritus of anthropology at NYU, helped lead a study with significant effects on modern-day ape conservation.
Annabelle Wang, Contributing Writer Nov 16, 2022

NYU anthropology professor Terry Harrison and a team of researchers recently discovered the world’s oldest gibbon fossil, helping clarify the evolutionary timeline of apes. The...