New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A person walking in Washington Square Park is wearing a brown mini skirt, black sneakers and a black open-knit sweater over a white tank top, while carrying a yellow tote bag.

Cultivate your spring wardrobe with these 6 blooming trends

Shed the layers and bring this season’s clothing essentials to the city streets.
Isabella Jambrina, Staff Writer April 5, 2024

As the city thaws at the dawn of a new season, warmer weather and sunny days bring New Yorkers out of their apartment hibernation. The start of spring is the perfect opportunity...

A colorful illustration of six different handbags: a blue laptop bag, a brown designer bag, a pink Jansport backpack, a black designer tote bag, a cream fabric tote bag, and a brown vintage messenger bag.

Ranked: School bags

We deserve to be stylish and free from back pain!
Sneha Tripathy, Contributing Writer September 22, 2023

With how much we carry around campus each day, a good school bag is a necessity. A bag can be anything you want it to be — a fashionable handbag to match your bougie outfit,...

A model wearing a baggy, red V-neck overshirt with two purple stripes on each sleeve and a purple letter W on the center walks on a runway. The model is wearing a long-sleeved purple shirt under the overshirt, and baggy, red leather-like pants. The model wears two stud earrings, and black shoes. A model wearing a floor-length, denim button-up overcoat with only the top two buttons closed and jeans with the fly unbuttoned walks on a runway. The model is pregnant, with the open coat revealing a pregnant stomach. The model wears brown lace-up boots, with thumbs hooked in the pants’ pockets. A model wearing a black, seemingly leather, crop top, closed in the front by two buttons, walks on a runway. The model wears a white beanie and baggy, purple pans with big pockets on both legs. The model’s boxers are slightly visible above the pants. The model wears small, gold-colored hoop earrings, and brown lace-up boots.

WHENSMOKECLEARS brings ‘Uptown Couture’ to the runway

WHENSMOKECLEARS exemplifies New York City fashion at Spring/Summer 2024 New York Fashion Week.
Manasa Gudavalli, Editor-in-Chief September 15, 2023

Are platform shoes still in style? The answer is definitely yes, and so are cargo pants and see-through knitwear. Pairing a couple of cant-go-wrong gold accessories, the cream-colored sweater achieves a vintage silhouette.

Subway stations: New Yorkers’ everyday runway

WSN photographers capture the creativity of subway passengers and their day-to-day commutes.
Jennifer Ren, Contributing Photographer November 25, 2022

An illustration of clothing items against a gray background. Items include a pink and maroon dress, a green shirt, black heels, a black-wrap top, a jean skirt and purple heeled boots.

Opinion: Why Gen Z actually consumes fast fashion

Until we address the motivation behind Gen-Z’s impact on fast fashion, we cannot successfully change their shopping habits.
Ayisat Bisiriyu, Contributing Writer September 16, 2022

Fast fashion and its contribution to environmental waste have been a popular topic in the news for years now. Companies such as Zara and H&M were called out for harmful global...

The White House will display Steinhardt graduate student Maegan Jenkins’ digital fashion exhibit, which highlights historically underrepresented women to explore labor and identity through fashion. (Image courtesy of Maegan Jenkins)

White House will feature NYU student’s mixed-media collection

This spring, Steinhardt graduate student Maegan Jenkins will display a digital fashion exhibit highlighting historically underrepresented women at a White House virtual exhibition.
Tori Morales, Contributing Writer February 2, 2022

The work of Maegan Jenkins, a first-year graduate student in the Steinhardt costume studies master's program, will be showcased in a digital collaboration between the White House...

Mini-Fringe 2021

Beauty & Style Editor Sam Brinton and videographer Shaina Ahmed took to Washington Square Park to get a sense of NYU students’ spring style in this year’s mini-edition of Fringe.
Sam Brinton, Beauty & Style Editor May 7, 2021

The weather’s getting warmer, vaccination numbers are climbing and Washington Square Park is more bustling than ever. Students have emerged from their bedrooms and shed their...

A shopper who is aware of the environmental impacts of fast fashion chooses between two more sustainable options. As fast fashion companies are all about keeping up with the latest styles, they strive to generate products as fast as possible, leading to unethical practices and poor quality clothing. (Illustration by Li-Chun Pan)

Cheap Clothes Have a High Price Tag — and It’s Impacting Everyone

What are students doing to combat their fast fashion consumption?
Marielle Marlys, Staff Writer February 28, 2020

Though the price of fast fashion is appealing to many consumers, the industry faces irreversible consequences with regard to the global economy and climate patterns. Online clothing...

Is it the end of the sneakers as we know it? (Photo by Edelawit Hussien)

Hot Takes by Chad: Collaboration Overload to the Future of Footwear

Chad Evans talks the worst of 2020 fashion, including Houdini chic and logo x logo collaborations.
Chad Evans, Staff Writer February 6, 2020

The transition from January to February is a critical time for followers of fashion. Currently, we are in the midst of couture and men’s fashion weeks, and the women’s ready-to-wear...

Autumn Samuels, steinhardt senior, who is the president of Fashion Business Association. She reflects on her style evolution from first year to senior year. (Via Instagram @itsautsams)

Fashion Business Association President Reflects on Her Style Evolution

A senior reflects on how her college experiences influenced her style since coming to NYU.
Tatiana Velasco, Staff Writer November 25, 2019

We’ve all been there: first-years carrying over their high school wardrobe into college. But could your wardrobe at 18 still reflect your style by the time you graduate? Throughout...

Wearing loud shades of green and pink, students showcase the new neon style trend. (Alana Beyer)

NYU Trend Report: Colors and Textiles Edition

What are the most fashionable students in the most fashionable city in the U.S. wearing?
Carol Lee, Beauty & Style Editor April 29, 2019

NYU students are notorious for their refusal to ascribe to the stereotypical college uniform of sweats and a Jansport. Here are some color and textile trends students are either...

An NYU student carries a clear handbag from Urban Outfitters.

Out With the Old, In With the Clear

Thomas Chou, Beauty & Style Editor April 23, 2018
Want to get your hands on the hottest accessory for this spring? Well, look no further than your kitchen.