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Jennifer Ren

Jennifer Ren, Performing Arts Editor

Jennifer is a sophomore majoring in Drama and Journalism. She is from Beijing and loves traveling around the world! You can find her on Instagram @jiingxn. Tell your dog she said hi <3!!

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A hand holding a small, pink canister of pepper spray that shoots out liquid.

Photo: Opinion: Strike down pepper spray restrictions

Nov 29, 2022

Pepper sprays are a simple yet effective tool for self defense. (Jennifer Ren for WSN)

Are platform shoes still in style? The answer is definitely yes, and so are cargo pants and see-through knitwear. Pairing a couple of cant-go-wrong gold accessories, the cream-colored sweater achieves a vintage silhouette.

Subway stations: New Yorkers’ everyday runway

WSN photographers capture the creativity of subway passengers and their day-to-day commutes.
Nov 25, 2022

Five people sit on stage behind a black table with the text “N.Y.U. GALLATIN” written on it. Behind them is a projector screen displaying a checklist of three items: “Urban,” “Democracy” and “Lab.” The person sitting on the right holds a microphone and is speaking facing the other four people.

Photo: Union leaders from NYU and NYC look to the future of labor

Nov 16, 2022

Labor leaders talked about the future of organzing at panel hosted by NYU’s Urban Development Lab. (Jennifer Ren for WSN)

An illustration of a Black woman in a green shirt and a white woman in a yellow shirt listening to music through wired headphones. The cord of the headphones spells out “Listen to This.”

Listen to this: Singles from August

In case you missed it, here are new tracks by Kacey Musgraves, BTS and more.
Sep 2, 2021

August may have slipped away into a moment in time — and sipped away like a bottle of wine — but that doesn’t mean August releases have to! If you feel like refreshing your...

Despite not looking or behaving similarly, Asian actress students are constantly mixed up by their NYU professors. U.S. media perpetuates racial microaggressions by either having stereotypical Asian characters or having white-washed characters played by white women. (Staff Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

We are both Asian, but we look nothing alike

It’s not too late to recognize your subconscious microaggressions and how they induce anxiety and doubt.
Aug 25, 2021

It’s almost the year-and-a-half anniversary of the last time I performed for a live audience, and let me tell you: this has been the most maddening, daunting and self-doubting...

A comprehensive guide on how to alleviate those pre-show jitters and nail your Tisch Drama audition from a Tisch insider. (Photo by Sirui Wu)

An insider’s guide to Tisch Drama auditions

Don’t view your audition as a stressor. Enjoying yourself on that stage is often the best way to break a leg.
May 5, 2021

Legs trembling and hands sweating, I paced back and forth on the second floor of 721 Broadway, waiting for my turn to audition for Tisch Drama. I couldn’t hear anything else...

Taylor McBride 22 performing Here We Stay for Tisch Offstage. Tisch New Theatre will present narratives about identities that are traditionally left offstage at 8 p.m. from April 30 to May 2. (Photo by Adam Olkin, Courtesy of Tisch Offstage)

Tisch New Theatre’s ‘Offstage’ shines a spotlight on stories often left untold

"Offstage" will present narratives about identities traditionally left outside of theater, with the hopes of creating a more inclusive theater industry.
Apr 16, 2021

Whether it's auditions, interviews or classes, there are moments that ask us to tell the narratives of our lives. However, when the world is full of judgment and prejudices, certain...

Performance artists are finding innovative ways to continue connecting with their audiences during the pandemic. Marina Abramović, a New York-based Serbian performance artist, partnered with a file sharing service, WeTransfer, to release a digital work and promote rising performance artists. (Staff Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)

Making performance art possible online: Marina Abramović collaborates with WeTransfer

This summer, performance artist Marina Abramović partners with a file sharing service to release a digital work and promote rising performance artists.
Apr 12, 2021

If you missed the legendary performance art star Marina Abramović who moved many to tears through “The Artist Is Present” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2010,...

The Public Theater plans to reopen Shakespeare In The Park this summer in Central Park. This free production is returning with an adaptation of “Merry Wives of Windsor.” (Staff Photo by George Papazov)

Hark, Shakespeare fans! Shakespeare in the park plans to reopen in the summer

Public Theater’s free production in Central Park is ready to turn its lights back on with an adaption of “Merry Wives of Windsor.”
Apr 7, 2021

With the announcement of Broadway’s reopening in the fall and the approaching NY PopsUp program, many of New York City’s in-person performances are planning to return to the...

West 14th Theater Company presents Natalie Margolin’s new play, “The Party Hop.” The play ran twice in March and was written for digital performance. (Image courtesy of West 14th Theater Company)

NYU students tackle virtual theater with ‘The Party Hop’

West 14th Theater Company — an NYU student-created organization — presents Natalie Margolin’s “The Party Hop,” which couldn’t be more relevant today.
Mar 31, 2021

Throughout the pandemic, theater fans had ample time to ponder what digital performances can offer over traditional in-person theater. For many virtual performances, the experience...

Seven NYU artists collaborated and choreographed six distinct pieces in the two-hour event, Tisch Dance Works IV: Dance & Technology Concert. While managing COVID-19 restrictions, these students merged the artistry of dance and technology to create this performance. (Photo by Owen Mosher Burnham)

Tisch dancers share personal narratives through dance

Seven multidisciplinary artists choreographed six distinctive pieces in Tisch Dance Works IV: Dance & Technology concert.
Mar 25, 2021

A lone dancer on stage bounces and sways her body rhythmically, wearing a white, breezy costume. Animations are projected onto her as she dances. The moment wouldn't be out of...

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many NYU actors are completing their semester at home. NYU actors outside of the U.S. have found ways to adapt and stay positive, despite the lack of on-screen and on-stage productions. (Staff Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

NYU actors living abroad: the show must go on

On a wing and a prayer, NYU actors outside of the U.S. have found ways to stay positive.
Mar 15, 2021

Seren Jang was about to finish her first year in Tisch Drama at the Meisner Studio when COVID-19 moved her class to Zoom.  Jang flew back home to New Zealand. Due to the lack...