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Sarah is a junior in CAS who has changed her majors more times than she'd like to admit. In her free time, she can be seen avoiding coffee, trying (but usually failing) to contain her excitement when she sees a corgi on the street and wishing she could afford to go to the opera more often. She can quote full scenes from "Frasier" and "The Golden Girls," but she still hasn't figured out how to dress warmly enough in the winter (she's from California). She is still trying to learn the ropes on Twitter, but you can keep up with her social media inadequacies @SarahM_Jackson.

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Former Pennsylvania Republican Senator Rick Santorum speaks at NYU about civil liberties on Thursday night. (Photo by Sarah Jackson)

Rick Santorum Talks Freedom, Civil Liberties and Trump at NYU

College Republicans invited former Senator Rick Santorum to NYU to discuss civil liberties on Thursday night.
Nov 30, 2018

Former Pennsylvania Republican Senator and two-time presidential hopeful Rick Santorum spoke at NYU on Thursday night about everything from the need for intellectual diversity...

NYU consolidated the Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan with its Comprehensive plan, and now some graduate students have higher co-pays and less coverage on its insurance plans. The New York State Department of Financial Services told WSN that this was not a requirement, even though the university informed graduate students multiple times that it was. (Photo by Victor Porcelli)

Graduate Students and Employees Protest NYU Healthcare Rollbacks

The protests are centered around changes made to their healthcare plans that they say were made without notification over the summer.
Nov 29, 2018

Members of the Graduate Student Organizing Committee and the Union of Clerical, Administrative and Technical Staff gathered outside Bobst Library on Thursday afternoon to protest...

NYU Remains On Top for Number of International and Studying Abroad Students

NYU Remains On Top for Number of International and Studying Abroad Students

NYU has again clinched the number one ranking for universities with the most international students and students studying abroad.
Nov 20, 2018

For the fifth year in a row, NYU has come out on top in the ranking of universities with the most international students and students studying abroad. The 2018 Open Doors Report,...

Kylie Vincent speaking during the protest. Vincent is a resident from Thousand Oaks, CA. (Photo by Tony Wu)

Gays Against Guns Holds Rally for Thousand Oaks Shooting Victims

Dozens of people gathered in Times Square on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the lives of the 12 people killed in the mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, on Wednesday and to call for gun control reform moving forward.
Nov 12, 2018

Over 30 people gathered in Times Square on Sunday afternoon, holding up a long rainbow flag, billowing in the wind, with the words “Gays Against Guns” printed on it. No...

Thousands Nationwide Protest Country’s New Attorney General

Thousands Nationwide Protest Country’s New Attorney General

Nov 8, 2018

Approximately one thousand people poured into the streets of Times Square on Thursday evening to protest President Donald Trump’s appointment of Matt Whitaker, a critic of Special...

Conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos is scheduled to speak at a class taught by self-proclaimed “deplorable” NYU professor Michael Rectenwald on Wednesday. (Image via flickr.com; illustration by Katie Peurrung)

‘Alt-Right’ Leader Slated to Speak at NYU

The conservative pundit Milo Yiannopoulos will speak on issues like cultural appropriation in a class taught by “deplorable” professor Michael Rectenwald.
Oct 28, 2018

Milo Yiannopoulos is scheduled to speak at a class taught by self-proclaimed “deplorable” NYU professor Michael Rectenwald on Wednesday.  A former senior editor at Breitbart...

Activists protest against NYU hosting an event at Stern featuring former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. (Photo by Tony Wu)

Henry Kissinger Told to ‘Rot in Hell,’ Disrupted Four Times During Talk at Stern

Oct 16, 2018

On the 45 year anniversary of being awarded his Nobel Peace Prize, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was interrupted four times and told to “rot in hell” by protestors...

The Tisch School of the Arts hosts many majors that require in person instruction. Students at Tisch and other schools have begun to worry about the possibility of a virtual fall semester. (Photo by Alina Patrick)

Tisch Students Call for Resources for Students of Color

A petition calling for more resources for Tisch students of color has garnered over 300 signatures.
Oct 15, 2018

Tisch School of the Arts students have set the wheels in motion for a reckoning over the school’s perceived lack of support for its students of color.  Tisch sophomore Imani...

Stern MBA students talk with venture startup founders at the Creative Destruction Lab during NYC Interview Day, which took place this past September.  (Courtesy of NYU Photo Lab)

Stern Opens the Country’s First Creative Destruction Lab

Stern is hoping to spur entrepreneurship with the introduction of a Creative Destruction Lab. Yes, you heard that right.
Oct 11, 2018

The Stern School of Business opened the Creative Destruction Lab-New York City, shortened to CDL-NYC, a program designed to help startups get to market, this semester. It is the...

The entrance to Vanderbilt Hall, which houses NYU School of Law. (Photo by Tony Wu)

Law Professors React to Kavanaugh’s Appointment

Oct 9, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh heard his first arguments as an associate justice in the Supreme Court on Tuesday morning. He was confirmed on Saturday with a tight 50-48 Senate vote, following...

A trunk fell on a car in the city of Guangzhou.

At NYU, Students Sheltered From Storms

Students from hurricane-ravaged regions have evaded the full brunt of the damage.
Sep 24, 2018
A report on how a recent typhoon which hit the Philippines affected NYU students, and how NYU reacted.
Dr. Anna Nolan in the courtyard of the new Science Building at NYU Langone.

9/11 First-Responders Contribute to NYU Lung Disease Research

Sep 11, 2018
An NYU study found a connection between abnormal levels of certain metabolites and the development of obstructive airway disease.
Stephanie Miner

One-Time Professor Leads Unlikely Bid for Governorship

Though Stephanie Miner is unlikely to make it to Albany, the former Mayor of Syracuse hopes to eliminate partisan gridlock.
Sep 6, 2018
Though Stephanie Miner is unlikely to make it to Albany, the former Mayor of Syracuse hopes to eliminate partisan gridlock.
Candidates in the Democratic primary include Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon.

A Guide to New York’s Midterm Elections

Sep 4, 2018
A look at the upcoming Sep. 13 gubernatorial primary election between Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon.
Rendering of the new tech hub that would sit between Palladium Hall and University Hall on 14th Street.

Union Square: Prepare to Welcome a Tech Hub

Aug 26, 2018
A new high-rise tech hub was approved by City Council to be built in Union Square.
NYUs Board of Trustees Revokes Bill Cosby’s Honorary Degree

NYU’s Board of Trustees Revokes Bill Cosby’s Honorary Degree

Jun 21, 2018
NYU's Board of Trustees announced on Thursday that they would revoke actor Bill Cosby's honorary degree, which he earned in 1997.

Giuseppe Conte Appointed Italian Prime Minister Amid Accusations He Lied About Attending NYU

May 25, 2018
Giuseppe Conte was appointed Italy’s Prime Minister despite suspicions that he might have exaggerated details about his academic credentials.
NYU administrators stand outside Tandon’s new clean room

NYU Tandon Welcomes Brooklyn’s First Cleanroom for Advancing Technology

Apr 30, 2018
The facility will be used to develop sensitive hardware and eliminates the threat of contamination.
NYU’s new Admissions Center.

College Early Admissions Practices Under Investigation

Apr 30, 2018
In conversation with NYU students who applied Early Decision, a college admissions practice under federal investigation.
A screenshot from a video of the fight breaking out in Washington Square Park.

Two Student Protestors Arrested at Rave for Israel’s 70th Birthday in WSP

Apr 27, 2018
What started as a celebration of Israel's 70th birthday in Washington Square Park ended with the arrests of two NYU students.
A student taking measurements of the way that millimeter waves travel and react in Downtown Brooklyn at Tandon.

Professors Work to Develop 5G Wireless Testbed

Apr 23, 2018
Three professors from the Tandon School of Engineering are part of a team working on a testbed of 5G wireless networks.
Hundreds Protest Gun Violence in Washington Square Park

Hundreds Protest Gun Violence in Washington Square Park

Apr 20, 2018
Hundreds of students, including survivors of mass school shootings, assembled in Washington Square Park on Friday to call for comprehensive gun control.
NYU Professor Jeff Sebo believes that chimpanzees deserve to be classified under the law as more than just “things” because of features they possess “such as conscious experience which are widely shared on the phylogenetic tree, which many non-human animals have, independently of how intelligent they happen to be or how similar to humans they happen to be.”

Professor Thinks Chimpanzees Should Be Legally Considered People

Apr 16, 2018
An NYU professor is arguing for chimps to be considered people under the law.
Jewish Voice for Peace demonstrators protest in front of the Ziegfeld Ballroom in April 2018. Rebecca Vilkomerson, the Excecutive Director of JVP, participated in tonights panel discussion at NYU. (Photo by Sarah Jackson)

Jewish Voice for Peace Protests Gala Celebrating Pro-Israel Supporter

Apr 16, 2018
Jewish Voice for Peast members gathered in Midtown to protest Birthright and Israeli practices.
(from left to right) Carol Dysinger, Ada Ferrer,  Martha Hodes, the 2018 NYU faculty recipients of the Guggenheim Fellowship.

Professors Awarded Guggenheim Fellowships for Work in Literature, Film

Apr 12, 2018
Three NYU professors received 2018 Guggenheim Fellowships. The fellowship is awarded to experts in their fields who have demonstrated creative and productive abilities. 
Tandon School of Engineering Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Damon McCoy found that ransomware has cyber attacked thousands of users.

NYU Professor Finds $16 Million Impact of Ransomware

Apr 9, 2018
A new study conducted by an NYU professor details the pervasiveness and costliness of malware in the current digital landscape.
Akeem Muhammad, Tisch 18, speaks at a vigil for Stephon Clark. In his speech, he discussed the importance in faith and used throwing hands as an analogy for action: Throw hands in the classroom; throw hands in the voting booth; throw hands in the cities and in the suburbs; throw hands in the streets and in the subways.

Vigil Held in Remembrance of Stephon Clark

Apr 2, 2018
A vigil was held Monday night for Stephon Clark, who was shot and killed by police in California in mid-March.
Wave to the Camera: The FBI Is Watching

Wave to the Camera: The FBI Is Watching

Apr 1, 2018
George Orwell's 1984 is coming to life with theories about the FBİ watching us through our laptops.
An NYU building. (Photo by Anna Letson)

Acceptance Rate Drops to 19 Percent for the Class of 2022

Mar 30, 2018
The acceptance rate for the NYU Class of 2022 fell to a record low of 19 percent after admissions decisions were released this Thursday.
A demonstrator holds a sign calling for improved housing and criticizing luxury development.

Evicted 85 Bowery Tenants Protest Outside Department of Buildings Office

Mar 28, 2018
Tenants of 85 Bowery demonstrate outside the Department of Buildings to protest their eviction from an apartment complex in Chinatown.
Carlyle Resident Reports Ex-Boyfriend Stalking

Carlyle Resident Reports Ex-Boyfriend Stalking

Mar 26, 2018
A recap of crimes reported to Public Safety from March 16 to 20.
The Union Square Tech Hub at dusk.

Union Square Tech Hub Draws Controversy Over Rezoning

Mar 19, 2018
Plans are being made for a tech hub between Palladium Residence Hall and University Residence Hall.
Students cheering at Yankee Stadium during NYU’s 2017 Commencement.

Students and Alumni Debate Three-Year Degrees

Mar 19, 2018
The debate featured passionate and compelling arguments on both sides, and sought to reach a consensus on a topical and controversial issue.
The first slide of the presentation about protecting New Yorks environment.

Cuomo, Al Gore Reveal Offshore Wind Plans at NYU

Mar 9, 2018
Gov. Andrew Cuomo and former Vice President Al Gore spoke at NYU on Friday morning about New York’s initiatives for environmental preservation and sustainability.
Attempted Larceny at  Bookstore Thwarted

Attempted Larceny at Bookstore Thwarted

Mar 4, 2018
A list of crimes reported to Public Safety from Feb. 24 to March 4.
Exterior of the Judson Memorial Church next to Washington Square Park.

Activist Ravi Ragbir Granted Stay of Deportation Files First Amendment Lawsuit

Feb 20, 2018
Immigrant rights activist Ravi Ragbir has been granted a stay of deportation, which allows him to stay in the country at least until his next check-in with ICE on March 15. He has filed a lawsuit against the federal government, claiming ICE deports immigrants for speaking out against the agency.
University Senate meetings are held on a monthly basis in the colloquium room. Attendees include members from the Student Senators Council, the Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty Senators Council and the Full-Time Continuing Contract Faculty Senators Council, among others. (WSN File Photo)

University Senate Discusses New Freshman Housing, Sexual Misconduct

Feb 16, 2018
WSN attends the University Senate meeting that occurred on Feb. 15.
New Stern Dean Rangarajan Sundaram discusses his plans for the future of NYUs Stern School of Business.

New Stern Dean Seeks to Implement New Ideas

Feb 7, 2018
New Stern Dean Rangarajan Sundaram discusses his hopes and goals for his new position.
NYU Patient Hit in Arm, Police Report Filed

NYU Patient Hit in Arm, Police Report Filed

Feb 5, 2018
A recap of crimes reported to NYU Public Safety from Jan. 28 to Feb. 4.
Michael Rectenwald, also known as “The Deplorable Professor,” is suing NYU and some professors for defamation.

‘Deplorable’ NYU Professor Sues University, Colleagues for Defamation

Jan 29, 2018
Self-proclaimed "deplorable" LS professor Michael Rectenwald is suing NYU and four professors for defamation. The basis of the suit is a series of department-wide emails from last May, in which he was called a racist and sexist, among other things.
Staff Member Reports Eight Missing Wi-Fi Routers

Staff Member Reports Eight Missing Wi-Fi Routers

Jan 29, 2018
A list of crimes reported to Public Safety from Jan. 21 to Jan. 28.
NYU’s Mexican Student Association to celebrate Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead  from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2 in the lobby of Kimmel Center for University Life.

NYU MexSA Celebrates Day of the Dead with Altar

Nov 7, 2017
NYU's Mexican Students Organization shares Dia de los Muertos with the student community.
Approximately 200 people gathered to protest the shutdown of local news outlets DNAinfo and Gothamist on Nov.6 in City Hall Park.

Community Gathers to Protest Closure of DNAinfo and Gothamist

Nov 7, 2017
Protesters gathered in City Hall Park on Monday Nov. 6 to oppose CEO’s decision to shut down local news outlets DNAinfo and Gothamist one week after employees unionized.

Dominique Fishback, from the HBO show “The Deuce”, sat down with WSN to discuss her role as a sex worker in New York in the 1970s and the larger themes that her character represents.

Talking With Dominique Fishback of HBO’s ‘The Deuce’

Oct 12, 2017
Dominique Fishback of HBO's "The Deuce" recently sat down with WSN to discuss her show, knack for playwriting and playing a prostitute.
NYU’s Native American and Indigenous Student Group held a dinner to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day.

NYU Club Celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Oct 10, 2017
One NYU club is celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day instead of Columbus Day.
NYU Philosophy Professor David Chalmers responses to The New Yorker regarding whether or not humans are living in a simulation. Chalmers emphasizes that though the probability is not high, it is notable that there is no method to prove that humans arent in a simulation.

Are We Living in the Matrix? One Professor Is Considering It

Mar 27, 2017
Professor David Chalmers is no stranger to The New Yorker. However, it is the NYU philosophy professor’s most recent appearance in an article for The New Yorker that is really raising student’s consciousness about their own consciousness.
History Professor, Edward Berenson, and his book “The Statue of Liberty. A Transatlantic Story.” Berenson is one of many professors who set their own work as required reading for their course.

Hear Thy Word

Mar 22, 2017
When teachers assign books they wrote as class textbooks, it puts students in an interesting position.
DEED, an app created by 
CAS alum Deevee Kashi and Anthony Yoon, uses location services to suggest nearby organizations for volunteering opportunities.

NYU Alums Make Volunteering Easy

Mar 20, 2017
CAS alums Deevee Kashi and Anthony Yoon designed an app to help students find community service opportunities that fit into busy schedules.
Joe Charnitski performs in his one man show “Joe Charnitski’s Funeral,” as part of the 2017 FRIGID New York Festival.

NYU Alum Performs His Own Funeral

Feb 23, 2017
In his one man show "Funeral," NYU Alum Joe Charnitski reflects on life through the eulogies he's delivered for his father and grandfather.
WSN’s weekly roundup of the best classes you can take at NYU is here.

Week 3: Make the Most of Your Schedule with These Favorite Classes

Feb 15, 2017
Because looking at the schedule of classes can feel like opening Pandora's Box, hear from experienced students about what they think you should take.
The third annual “So You Think NYU Can Dance?” competition took place on Feb. 6. Junior KP Mendoza and many others competed for the $150 Visa gift card prize.

NYU Proves It Can Dance

Feb 13, 2017
With flair, fever and flavor, NYU proved that it can dance as well as the best of them at the So You Think NYU Can Dance? marquee Spring Welcome event — and trust us, the best of them turned out for the show.
Jeanette Limas F/W 2017

Jeanette Limas F/W 2017

Feb 9, 2017

Jeanette Limas fashioned her first dresses from curtains in her mother’s home. The earthy tones and light, silken textures of the dresses featured in her namesake Fall/Winter...