Jeanette Limas F/W 2017

Sarah Jackson, Contributing Writer

Jeanette Limas fashioned her first dresses from curtains in her mother’s home. The earthy tones and light, silken textures of the dresses featured in her namesake Fall/Winter 2017 collection suggest she has come a long way since then.

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Limas debuted her first collection in New York City in the fall of 2015. The shirts and dresses unveiled at her F/W 2017 fashion show comprised her third collection.

Limas’ first capsule collection of the night offered a minimalistic, yet sleek take on the classic black-and-white color scheme. Each of the models wore black heels — some platforms, some laced-up or strappy, some ankle boots — and very little face makeup, except for bold red lipstick, echoing the natural look that characterized Limas’ pieces. The variation laid in the distribution of black and white color in their long-sleeved, button-up blouses. The simplicity of these differences, such as a popped collar or the addition of black stripes on the arms of an otherwise entirely white blouse, conveyed the versatility of the looks, suitable for work and play.

Then came Limas’ thirteen dresses, collectively entitled “Devotion.” Save for some navy blue and a maroon final dress, the pieces bore rich chestnut and mellow gray tones, creating an earthy and organic look. The chic elegance of midriff and back cutouts and ruching was compromised only by the awkward length of some of the dresses, one of which ended abruptly at the ankles, while the lengthy tail of another was momentarily caught under a model’s shoes as she walked.

After the show, a radiant Limas posed with her models and warmly thanked all of her guests. She offered a parting statement about her collection.

“The female body always inspires me,” Limas said. “That is why all of my dresses hug the body, and when you wear those dresses, you feel strong.”

Limas herself was clad in a navy blue dress not unlike one from her collection. After creating the sophisticated pieces of her F/W 2017 collection, she should feel strong.

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